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Selling Team's Week Listing -The number of weeks to go for a player on the auction market is wrong for the selling team on their turns on the written comments before the auction market itself. When it should say a player has 1 week to go it actually states the player has been sold. This should be ignored. When it states thep layer has been sold the following week this information is correct (please note that it normally takes a further week for the money to arrive at the selling club).

Weight Loss Bug- When a player is placed on the auction market his strength rating from his previous club is lost and a random one is allocated when he joins a new team.


Whilst to some teams it may appear that cards are few and far between they are not as rare as appears and the number of cards is directly linked to the tactics and skills of the two teams playing each other. So whilst one manager may not see many if any cards another may suffer half a dozen red cards a season. Consequently no change will be made as it will just make the gap between the sides larger and potentially ruin the morale of the manager whose side constantly sees red (or yellow).


These do not work properly and should not be taken seriously by any manager. They will more than likely be replaced at some point in the future by a new system that will take into account a “rolling” discipline record to truly reflect the players and teams within the current season.


There is a bug that means that the gate receipts are incorrectly written on weeks where teams play two matches (weeks 17,20,24,29 and 31) and the full receipts are not received. It is not likely that this will be fixed any time soon as Glynn has looked deeply into this issue and been unable to pinpoint the cause.


There is both a display bug that generates the wrong figures on cup weeks and also you will not receive the correct income on those weeks if you play in both league and cup. Any gain or loss is typically between £10-20k. Glynn has looked into this issue but not managed to get to the root issue but as it has very little effect do not expect a fix.


Goals scored in the cup final are not counting towards the main top scorers list, although they are recorded within the relevant team's squad.


Whilst more injuries are possibly more realistic not all aspects of the game are meant to be more realistic and Glynn feels the potential downside of managers losing expensive trainees/stars for long periods of time through no fault of the manager's is not acceptable as that can lead to managers leaving the game. Therefore the frequency of injuries will not be increased.


When working out the financial breakdown each week you will notice that the money doesn’t quite tally. The figure that it is out by is normally in the range of £800 to £1,000. This is most likely due to an error with the steward’s payment or the police payment. This will not be fixed soon.


When it lists a trainer as working on -------- it means that the player is no longer at the club. All training is completed before transfers, auctions etc so a trainer will quite often work on someone only for them to leave the club.


If a game goes to extra time all penalty shoot outs go the full 5 penalties each no matter whether the result is confirmed or not so a 5-0/5-1/5-2 penalty win is possible.


There is a known issue with players changing positions without the manager being aware. Please send the sent text file with details to Glynn as he is still trying to find the cause of this.


The rulebook has an incorrect figure for executive boxes for the larger stands listed. When building 7,500 seats within one plot they come with 15 executive boxes and not the 10 listed.


Within leagues where the majority of players are all bril’s (specifically goalkeepers) the program picks the players up as it runs through the fixtures so consequently the top 20 goalkeepers will invariably be made up of lower division players as they are the last fixtures played.


When a youth player is promoted at the end of a season his wages will be at £50 when he first arrives in the first team squad. As long as his wages are corrected by the manager as soon as he is in the first team there will be no long term affect to his morale or hidden happiness levels. This can be avoided by promoting players on any other week of the season rather than waiting for the computer to do it.



Bidding on players - Whilst there have been strong feelings on both sides as to the validity of managers bidding on their own players once on the AM either by their own selling team or via a third party team they own this is allowed by Glynn and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. The only request is that managers try not to exploit this system, although with the forum managers being so alert now any attempts to get around the system will be spotted immediately.

Ebay Style bidding system - A change to an incremental bidding system for the AM will not happen as the work is far too extensive for little to no reward in Glynn's opinion as any perceived bias in terms of being outbid applies to all teams equally and as such makes the system fair and to take on so much work will only be an option when Glynn feels something is working badly rather than equally for all.

Failed Bids - There are three messages possible that can be received from your directors for a bid being unsuccessful. The most obvious is being outbid by another team. The other two are unreasonable or excessive bid. An excessive bid is when a team tries to bid more money than they have in their bank account. An unreasonable bid is one where the team has tried to bid over the maximum (secretly) allowed for a player of that value. All bids are based on the bank balance BEFORE the weeks incoming and outgoing Cash and a bid will fail even if the money will be there by the end of the turn. IMPORTANT - Bids already outstanding on the auction market are added into the calculation of your bank balance. So if you have £10 million in your bank, but already have a bid on the auction market for a player, standing at £5 million, then the directors consider that you only have £5 million left for extra bids.

Listing by number of weeks to go – Although possible it is not considered a big enough priority at present to change to this view.


This will happen at some point in the future so as to get around the irritation of players ageing twice in quick succession quite often when completing inter-league transfers. This is quite high on glynn’s list of things to do and will see the leagues within SS become more in line with each other.


There will be a point in 2009 after the game is 100% e-mail when injuries will be tweaked to balance them out more as very few happen in match conditions and the vast bulk happen in training. The number of injuries overall will not increase, just the manner of how they happen will.


This idea has been put forward many times but will not be happening. Glynn has stated that he doesn't want the finely balanced financial aspects of SS affected unduly and any awarding of prize money to any teams for their final position would have an adverse affect on the balance and Glynn is not prepared to allow that to happen.


There is likely at some point to be more goal descriptions added to the match highlights as well as the reporting on missed penalties.


Some managers have requested that certain attributes (mainly speed) should drop as player’s get older to reflect (allegedly) real life. Glynn has decided against this as many managers are opposed to see ratings they have spent years working on drop. This is unlikely to be reversed as it is not a big enough contributory factor within the game.


It is hoped that at some point in the future it will be possible to scout a team or player from another league on a turn. However, at present it is only possible to scout a team or player within the same league.


At present the limit of 30,000 shares means there is little to be gained by having them on a financial level. Glynn does want to make them more useful in the future and is looking into ways of doing that without distorting the financial balance within the game but he doesn't want any more money coming into the game so any improvement is looking unlikely at present.


Whilst most managers would like more substitutes and greater flexibility in the circumstances of when they come on / who for etc it is highly unlikely that this would happen on the current version of SS due to the program that the game has been written on.


Some managers have suggested being able to see a future or current opponent’s tactics (full team plus individual orders) to make the game more open. This idea has been rejected as the majority of managers are very protective of their tactics and the likelihood of manager withdrawals and copycat playing makes this a non starter.


These have been tweaked so that attack on defence and setpiece and corner team ratings are now slightly more flexible. Although it will still take considerable training to move them up a level they will drop much quicker if not trained on regularly.


It will not become possible for managers to specify which players the trainers go to each week as this will just result in players improving too quickly and distorting the finances of the game so it is pot luck.


Probably all managers would like to see the number increased up from the current 5 per week but this will not happen as it will make it too easy for teams to improve their whole squads which has a knock on effect to the value of the squad and the money coming into the game.


Will not happen ever due to the ramifications on training etc. The youngest players will always be 16 as either training would have to be banned for younger players (meaning there would be no point to having them anyway) or else players would be too highly skilled by 18, something Glynn doesn't want as he tries to reduce the skills across the game, and in turn the values of players.


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