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Author:  Charscot [ Sat Jan 03, 2009 5:22 pm ]
Post subject:  Wish List

As per Glynn's request can managers put any wish list requests for additions to the game on here.

Please first check the faq's rather than just asking for stuff that isn't possible.

I will then add any that survive discussion in this initial post here removing all excess comments once an idea has been fully debated/agreed upon.

WISHLIST REQUESTS - No particular order

1...More youth control (pick team, tactics via new client)

2...More Tables and more in-depth league tables. Split of Home and Away, Recent form etc

3...More detailed match reports, assists, penalty misses, reason for penalty award etc

4...Top 50 instead of top 20 for own league's best players (with keeper list updated to work better)

5...Top list for own league's youth players

6...Full details on fixtures page of who played, % of game, scoreres, times etc

7...More top lists for appearances, goals, assists etc (once the program correctly picks up loan and sub appearances and goals scored and conceded whilst out on loan).

8...Next week's fixtures

9...Show all miscellaneous records each week instead of rotating them over a 3 week period

10..Club followings reset to the divisional average when a team becomes vacant

11..More variations on tv revenue to cover more lower league clubs

12..Man of the Match for both sides (with more emphasis on player abilities rather than just picking the first listed 10 out of 10).

13..Rewrite disciplinary tables

14..Split of youth tables to match first team league tables

15..Auction Market - reduce to 3 weeks from 4 weeks

16..Transfer history in and out for each team individually

17..More hyperlinks at the top of turns - to AM, Player Status etc

18..Clearer descriptions on player scout reports (ie replace repeated descriptions)

19..Ability to scout another game (ie get full report from another game each week)

20..Clear description of own team's attack on defence and setpiece/corner rating without having to scout yourself Eg Good, very good etc

21..All Auction markets sent with turns.

22..Tactics from last match being default for following week

23..Android and I-phone app to run the ss client so orders can be done on mobiles.

24..Goalkeepers to have a real effect in match situations.

25..Each team to know their own following (ie potential fanbase) at all times, not just those listed in the top 20 of a league.

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