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Purpose and Rules of this section.
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Author:  Glynn [ Mon Feb 23, 2015 3:06 am ]
Post subject:  Purpose and Rules of this section.

PURPOSE - This section is entirely for me to post musings, ramblings and technical info about the game - how it works, why certain things work the way they do and other details about the game which may not be entirely known or understood.

The idea for this came about through discussions between myself and Rich and occasionally other managers. We'd be discussing the game in more detail and it occurred to me that it would be useful and/or interesting to write this stuff down in the forum for everybody to read. I'm not planning to post anything that could be massively useful to managers, but if I do, then at least it's public knowledge.

RULES - Only I can open topics in this section. Managers are welcome to reply and ask for more information or details, but please don't open a topic here (it will probably just be deleted). If you want to discuss a topic, then ask me by email and I'll consider opening one here. Topics will probably stay up forever and may be added to over time.

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