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Foreign Players - Area Rules
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Author:  Charscot [ Tue Dec 08, 2009 12:31 pm ]
Post subject:  Foreign Players - Area Rules

Ok, I have created a new forum as too many managers were finding it too hard to work out which area each type of post should go.

Consequently we now have this one area for ALL opinions on foreign players, be it their estimated value, whether they are worth signing for the club that finds them or whether a player is better off being sold for max or listed on the AM.

Also anyone finding a foreign player with their international scout can also just show off in here ;-)

DO NOT use this area for finding out the status of foreign players on the AM. Requesting the status of unsold foreign players from the SLFA is not allowed under any circumstances and anyone wishing to know how a foreign player being sold by an actual manager on the AM is going can request in the AM area (where all status updates etc belong). The same applies to any foreign player who has been sold. These requests must still be placed in the AM area.

Basically there are two types of posts and their titles should begin as follows -

"Opinion -" When asking for the opinion on whether a player is worth signing, be it to make a Cash profit and/or their value when signed. Please note though that estimates from managers can (and frankly often are) wildly wrong when it comes to value so don't use those estimates as the deciding factor. One manager can estimate the signed value of an FP and he never will on here or privately.

"Boast -" Where you just want to show off your find, be they young, good value for money or both.

Posts cannot have both titles at the same time. If you aren't sure if a player is worth signing then clearly you have nothing to boast about. Ergo, if you have a find you want to boast about then clearly his signing is guaranteed.

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