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PostPosted: Mon Nov 28, 2005 5:56 pm 
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Bidding on own players - Whilst there have been strong feelings on both sides as to the validity of managers bidding on their own players once on the AM by a third party team they own this is allowed by Glynn and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Managers are NOT ALLOWED to bid with the selling team on their own player.

No one can bid on a player listed by another of their clubs until the final week of bidding. Reasons for this are that a genuine attempt to win a player would never be advertised so early by a manager as it leaves it there to be seen by all and easily beaten so when a manager does it with their own players at other teams it just looks like they are either a) guaranteeing not losing money on the market if others don't bid (a risk that we all take when listing anyone) or b) they are attempting to artificially bump bids up by getting the bid up to levels that may be borderline in terms of true worth.

Likewise advertising your own bid on the forum is not allowed as that implies you don't really want to win him and that you have only bid to try to up the price. A genuine attempt to win a player would never involve telling everyone your bid.

Punishment for bidding early is losing the player and any funds he generates at the end of the sale

Bidding on players in the same league on the day of sale - There are 3 different ways that teams can qualify for bidding but it is randomized so you will rarely know if you qualify on a week to bid on a player who sells at the same time as your turn.

1 - Team code

2 - Alternative team code (as used to work out director's injection)

3 - League position (namely higher than the selling team in any division the week before the listing ends

So number 1 is self explanatory, lower number than the seller can qualify (eg wpl2 maybe gets a bid in on wpl3 whereas wpl7 doesn't).

Number 2 works the same as number 1 except using the codes for director's injection (namely look up week 1's fixtures and the top fixture in the premier division is team 1 v team 2, next is team 3 v team 4 all the way to team 32 and then the whole thing starts again for divisions 2 through 3)

The last one is a higher league position the week before a sale from any of the four divisions. For example the selling team is fourth in Division One the week before the sale so any team in the top 3 of the four divisions can bid.

One of the above 3 scenarios is randomly chosen for each bid on the league a player sells on so you can have a 1 in 3, 2 in 3 or guaranteed bid depending on how many of the above you pass successfully.

Choosing which to Receive - The transfer market sections have two parameters. Firstly, the position of players you wish to view followed by a value range or special category.

The positions must be set at 'Goalkeepers', 'Defenders', 'Midfielders', 'Attackers' or 'Random' (a random positional set will be shown each week).

The value/special categories are :-

Players worth over £1,000,000
Players worth between £750,000 and £1,000,000
Players worth between £500,000 and £750,000
Players worth between £250,000 and £500,000
Players worth below £250,000
Players nearing retirement (33 or older)
Youth players
Players in your own league only
So, for example, you could set the transfer market to view all defenders worth over £1,000,000, or all attackers worth below £250,000, or all youth midfielders, or all goalkeepers nearing retirement. To change the section viewed each week, write it on your orders sheet


Players will ALL age once when they are put onto the AM but will not age again until after they arrive at their buying club. This applies whether the players selling club goes into a new season during the sale or not.
Therefore, the age you see on the AM is the age a player will be when you receive him. If a player arrives at your team for your week 31 turns (ie he is in your squad on week 31) then he will age along with everyone else in your squad.
If your player arrives after your week 31 turns arrive and before you receive your week 1 turns then he will not age.

Failed Bids - There are three messages possible that can be received from your directors for a bid being unsuccessful. The most obvious is being outbid by another team. The other two are unreasonable or excessive bid. An excessive bid is when a team tries to bid more money than they have in their bank account. An unreasonable bid is one where the team has tried to bid over the maximum (secretly) allowed for a player of that value. All bids are based on the bank balance BEFORE the weeks incoming and outgoing Cash and a bid will fail even if the money will be there by the end of the turn.

Foreign players on the AM

These players are added throughout the week as leagues are received. However, all are sold at the end of Tuesday's turns (ie after the Opal league's orders are received and sent). This date is rotated at the beginning of each April with the end of Wednesday being 2022 etc.

Injury column – This is a display issue. Ignore the claimed injuries, they do not exist.

Last chance to bid - If the team you are bidding with is looking at a market then you need to bid on the turns after it says 2 weeks to go on a player. If you wait a further week until it says 1 week to go and THEN bid then clearly by the time your orders are received a week later there are actually zero weeks to go, namely the player has sold and you are too late.

The last chance to bid on a player is based on the selling team's league (or in the case of foreign players at the end of a Monday - see foreign player listing) so for example a player being sold by an RH side will have his last bids that are guaranteed (in theory bidding on the same league at the death is possible but it isn't guaranteed and therefore not worth the risk) in the preceding league, the ELZ. To work out the last chance to bid simply look at the selling team and the number of weeks to go and then compare that to your team's league and the order they are received (the list is in the general faq's but the simplest way is to look at the order of the leagues on this forum as the leagues are in running order from the first, WPL to the last, the MOA).

Listing by number of weeks to go – Although possible it is not considered a big enough priority at present to change to this view.

Selling Team's Week Listing
- The number of weeks to go for a player on the auction market is wrong for the selling team on their turns on the written comments before the auction market itself. When it should say a player has 1 week to go it actually states the player has been sold. This should be ignored. When it states the player has been sold the following week this information is correct (please note that it normally takes a further week for the money to arrive at the selling club).

Position - You cannot change a player's position the same week as you list him. If you do the change of position will not be made as it is an order that is actioned after the listing by which time it is too late.

Weight Loss Bug - When a player is placed on the auction market his strength rating from his previous club is lost and a random one is allocated when he joins a new team.


As with the transfers section the posts in here have been given basic guides to help managers find what they are looking for. All managers need to use the following wording at the front of their post titles to help managers navigate quickly to the topics that interest them.

"Ad - " Advert to promote player(s) you have placed on the AM to boost bidding. No comments can be made on an opinion post prior to the player's sale completed that could be seen as negative or could put anyone off of posting. Any comment will be removed and the manager may be warned depending on the level of intent.

"Opinion - " Advice regarding whether people think a player or players are worth putting on the AM/asking how much people think a player may go for. Managers are being asked their view so they can be critical/negative about a player on Opinion posts ONLY as by asking for opinions a manager has invited the potential for criticism.

"Status - " Enquiring into the latest bidding info on a player to see who has the highest bid (not allowed on Foreign players created by the program ie sold by the SLFA).

Many thanks.


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