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PostPosted: Wed May 17, 2006 3:57 pm 
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As a few managers have requested an idiot's guide to using the extra time program here it is -

This guide starts from the moment you open the program to create a team lineup. Those aspects that only apply to internationals/multiple teams (multiple teams is when a competition is run where a manager can pick players from any of their teams joined together, such as last year's SS Master) used for one selection will be notated at the start of each point.

1 - Initial screen is open in front of you. Click on the second entry "Create a team for a new match".

2 - Enter your team ID code - Type your team code with no spaces in this box eg WPL1 (lower or uppercase). If International just type the league code eg WPL (lower or uppercase). Hit the enter key on your keyboard.

3 - Enter your full name - Enter your name. Some competitions will require a code after your name in brackets to help glynn keep matches in the right file eg The SS Open had my initials so as an example it would have said Rich Grove (rdg). Hit the enter key on your keyboard.

4 - Enter your opponents ID code - Type your opponent's team code with no spaces in this box eg WPL2 (lower or uppercase). If International just type the league code eg GE (lower or uppercase). Hit the enter key on your keyboard.

5 - Are you at home or away - Type H for home or A for away (this feature doesn't actually work properly so don't be too concerned if you make an error). Hit the enter key on your keyboard.

6 - Should the match go to extra time and penalties (Y or N) - Some competitions will be knockout so type Y for Yes to guarantee a winner. For those competitions/friendlies where drsaws are allowed type N for No. Hit enter key on your keyboard.

7 - Input your Team - Now you are at the team selection page. In front of you are free columns :

Column One - This is the player's position. If you are playing a player in his natural position then you do not need to touch this area. However, if you wish to play a player in a different position from the one he plays in for his own club then just left click in the column next to the player and each click will move the player's position along by one. Firstly making the player into a goalkeeper, then defender, midfielder and the attacker. If you go past the option by accident then just continue to left click as after attackers it will go back to goalkeepers and start all over again.

Column Two - This is where you input the Player's ID CODE. Do not put the player's name. ONLY his ID code. Just click in the box and type the player's ID code. In a game involving single teams you cannot pick players who are only on loan to your team. You can however, pick players you own that you currently have loaned out.

Column Three - This is the code of the team the player belongs to. When playing a normal game between your own team and another manager you will not need to touch this column as it will take the team id code from your earlier entry at point 2 above. For internationals however it will need to be edited so that each player you select has their own team's id code in this column. For example, the wpl would have just wpl in the third column. If the first player was at charscot then you would just click in the third column and type wpl1. Repeat this process for all players typing in their own team's codes in the third column. If a player is on loan to a club you must ensure that the team code in column 3 is that of the club that owns him.

Substitutes - You can pick as many or as few as you wish (according to whatever rules the organiser of a competition states beforehand) with a maximum number of 9 substitutes.

8 - Click save and exit - When you are happy you have finished selecting your team and any subs then click on the large green button at the bottom with the words "Save and Exit" on it.

10 - Press Tab to return to main screen - Your file has now been saved. You now need to send the file (it is very small) via e-mail to the organiser of the competition you are taking part in. Your file will be saved with your name and team code as it's title eg Rich Grove_wpl1.txt and you can find it on your C drive on your computer in a folder called Soccer Star (this folder is created automatically by the program when you first install it on your computer).

11 - If you now hit the Tab key on your keyboard (next to the letter Q on the left) you will return to the main opening screen. To exit the program AT ANY TIME just hit the Esc key (top left hand corner of the keyboard).


Once a match has been played on Glynn's computer (all files are sent by the organiser to Glynn or directly to Glynn if Glynn is running the compoetition) Glynn will send a match file (another small text file) to the organiser of the competition (or directly back to you if Glynn is running the competition). The text file will be named after the two managers and their team codes eg : ge6 Judd Burden v wpl1 Rich Grove.

When you receive this file back you MUST put it into the folder Soccer Star on the C drive as described in point 10 above.

Once this file is put in the folder open the program and do the following :

1 - Initial screen is in front of you - Click on View a Match

2 - On the next screen you will see a list of all match files you have in the Soccer Star folder on the C drive. Click on whichever match you wish to watch.

3 - The program will automatically start showing you the match on the next screen. This screen contains the full lineups of both teams with each lineup stating the player's name followed by their age in brackets (handy if you are running an age specific competition) and the team they play for. The position of each player is listed in the centre of the screen.

The current score is constantly updated at the top of the screen between the codes of the two teams or leagues taking part.

At the bottom of the screen are the main highlights as they happen through the game - no players names are mentioned so you need your imagination so it will say things like wpl1 saves, wpl1 shoots etc.

If you want to just get to your result (as the ticker takes a couple of minutes to run through the full game) then click the Tab button on your keyboard to skip straight through to see the final result.

Once finished you hit the enter key on your keyboard to return to the main screen. If you have multiple matches to view then just repeat from number 1 above until you have watched all matches you wish to watch.

Again, just click the Esc key on your keyboard at anytime to exit the program.


CHARSCOT WANDERERS......WPL1 ImageImageImageImageImage
DEP EL CELTICO.....................WPL37
WASCISCO RED SOX..............WPL43
ZIASTE NEQUENO..................WPL24 Image
NEW TOWN A.F.C...................WPL26
REVELSTONE............................RH15 ImageImageImage
CASTLE ROCK FURIES.............ELZ56.....211T
(Click badges to see my other teams)Image

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