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PostPosted: Wed Sep 03, 2008 12:07 pm 

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Players to be 21 or under.

Up to Five Subs.

The game will be played on a league basis.

There will not be extra time or penalties.

If teams are level on points GD will decide.

The only thing all managers have to remember is that to take part they must use the Extra Time program. This is a small program that you download onto your computer and you pick your team on it. You then send the completed entry to myself. Once returned to myself from Glynn you will receive a text file from myself which contains your game which you can then play on the extra time program.

There are no exceptions to this basic rule. All entries have to be made using the program so if you are unable to run the program (it will run on all computers but those with only work access to the internet may find their employers do not allow programs to be downloaded) please do not enter. If you have questions about the program you should find the answers you need in the FAQ section of extra time.


All entries have to be sent to myself at and NOT to glynn.

Upon receipt of entries I will confirm that they are in my possession.

Please avoid sending in your orders from a hotmail account. Hotmail for some reason hates text files

When putting your own name into the program please follow this with (MT) exactly as written ie with the brackets to differentiate between any other tournaments that may be running at the same time so in the case of myself with Opal I would type in Opal and then on the next screen I would type Mike Taylor(MT). Remember it is the league initials i.e WPL or MOA.

You only NEED you to send me a single squad file. I will continue to use that file for the entire tournament UNLESS you send me a replacement. If you send me a replacement at any point, I will use the new file and delete the old one. So if you intend to change your formation/squad after match 1, just wait until you receive your first result, and then send me the replacement as soon as possible. Since there will always be at least a day or two between your matches, you should have plenty of time to get the replacement file to me.




Round 1

WPL v ELZ 0-1
KR v Opal 1-1
MOA v NSA 1-2
RH v WS 0-2

Round 2

ELZ v Opal 1-0
KR v WPL 2-0
NSA v RH 4-1
WS v MOA 0-0

Round 3

WPL v NSA 1-0
Opal v WS 3-1
MOA v KR 0-1
RH v ELZ 1-3

Round 4

WS v WPL 1-2
NSA v Opal 0-0
ELZ v MOA 3-0
KR v RH 1-0

Round 5

Opal v WPL 0-1
MOA v RH 4-3
ELZ v KR 3-2
NSA v WS 0-2

Round 6

WPL v MOA 6-1
RH v Opal 1-1
KR v NSA 1-4
WS v ELZ 2-2

Round 7

Opal v MOA 0-1
WPL v RH 1-0
KR v WS 1-1
NSA v ELZ 1-2

Long Eaton Archers WPL 7 Shaolin WPL 39
Istra Pula Opal 46 Abysmal Aftermath Opal 50
FC Abertawe Opal 1 Riverplate Opal 36
Dell Diamonds Opal 54 Norfolk FC Opal 37
Death Valley Wanderers Opal 35 Bayern FC Opal 45
Moles Rangers NSA30 Lakeland Jags NSA38
Celyn Coyotes WS 35 White Zombies WS4 FC Storm Chasers WS54
Romford Dogs MOA25 Lochar Thistle MOA 32

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Forum locked This topic is locked, you cannot edit posts or make further replies.  [ 1 post ] 

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