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ET - Do not send in selections for other people's teams
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Author:  Glynn [ Tue Sep 04, 2007 1:48 am ]
Post subject:  ET - Do not send in selections for other people's teams

I was supposed to put this thread up a few days ago but I forgot. I don't know if Rich has done a similar one already, so feel free to delete this Rich if you did. Having said that, it's probably best that I point out what's allowed and what isn't.

So, please be aware that it will be considered cheating and generally 'wrong' to send in a selection for another person's teams using the ET program, for WHATEVER reason. The only time I will accept this is if BOTH managers email me to say so (e.g one is on holiday and he asks a mate to send his selection in). In other words, don't go to somebody's webpage and use their ID's from there to generate a squad.

Since this doesn't really affect much as the ET program can't affect ratings etc, there will be no punishment for this except withdrawal from ET competitions and I may refuse to accept ET selections from you in the future.

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