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Author:  Charscot [ Thu Aug 13, 2015 2:12 pm ]
Post subject:  Offers for Players

Can managers please try to avoid just making offers by saying yes, yep or similar without specifying the team the player is to go to.

Whilst there are occasions when you want to be first to make an offer for a Cash player and a quick reply is needed that isn't then an excuse to wait hours, or sometimes days before actually saying where to. If putting in a "marker" offer to get in first there is no reason why you shouldn't be able to say where to after a quick look at your turns/finances and certainly no excuse for waiting sometimes days to actually say where to.

This is unfair on the sellers, who are becoming increasingly frustrated at sometimes having to wait days to get confirmation of who is actually buying a player and whilst not against any rule (yet) it certainly isn't in the spirit of being helpful and friendly to all.

As mentioned, I know that managers have to rush in a max Cash offer but please try to then come back with the team name in a minute or two rather than just leaving it for hours or days safe in the knowledge you have the player.

With seller complaints on the increase if any seller feels they can't or don't want to wait they will be able to ask myself (or the league area mod if applicable) to remove the offer to allow others to bid so "marker" posts whilst understandable will not have an extended shelf life allowing managers to keep others waiting.

As things stand "marker" posts will be automatically removed by the system after 30 minutes if no team is stated as there are simply too many complaints of this happening and too many managers being left waiting.

Thanks to all for helping as best you can.

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