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 Post subject: Transfers - FAQ's
PostPosted: Fri Mar 18, 2005 10:05 pm 
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All players will age one year when being transferred outside of their own league. This does not apply to players bought on the Auction Market who will arrive at your club at the age stated on the market.

All players age automatically by one year as soon as a season has finished. The program ages everyone as soon as the turns have been sent/printed. If you are selling a player and the deal hasn't been COMPLETED on your week 31 turns then he will age twice, once for the season ending and once for changing leagues. This applies even if the player being transferred completes his movement between week 31 and week 1.

For example - John Smith aged 18 leaves team A on week 31 on a tuesday. John arrives at team B on thursday before week 1 in Team A's league commences the following tuesday. However, he will have already have aged on tuesday in the program to 19 and ages again when arriving at team B and is now aged 20.

If a team is changing seasons and a player arrives between week 31 and week 1 he will only age 1 season as before the deal can be completed the program will already have decreed that the team has started a new season so the player will only age 1 year for changing leagues.


How much to charge ?

The safest way of guaranteeing a loan deal will go through is to charge 0.5% of the actual value of a player PER WEEK and as long as both manager’s confirm it should go through. For example, a player worth £1,000,000 would cost £5,000 per week to loan in or out.

You can add up to a maximum of 50% to this figure (or at the other end of the scale you can go to 75% of the original figure ie £ 3,750 in the example above).

Bear in mind the maximum amount for a loan is £30k per week. Above this figure the loan will go through but the team loaning the player out will not receive any money.

When loaning out youth players it is based on wage, not value so £250 p/w is the norm. However, there is a glitch that affects some youth deals so it is advised if it doesn't go through at £ 250 to then try putting it through at the value that the player would go through at usually if a first team player.

Wages whilst on loan

The club loaning a player out NEVER needs to increase a player’s wage whilst he is out on loan. However, if a player has gone up considerably in value whilst away it is worth increasing the wage as you recall them to avoid the player returning and complaining on his arrival of being underpaid.
The club that has received the player on loan should always increase the player’s wage if he complains as his morale, and in turn form, will be adversely affected. This adjustment of wages will not be reflected on the loaning club’s turns and will not be implemented when the player returns to his club at the end of the loan.

Skill Improvements

Whilst out on loan a player will often improve on one or more of the basic skills. These improvements are automatically copied to the original version of the player, including any sub-levels.

Loans and Contracts

A player cannot be loaned out if his contract has expired. If a player is out on loan and his contract is due to expire the loaning club will automatically recall him. It is however possible to give a contract extension to a player out on loan avoiding the automatic recall procedure.

Form and Morale

When a player is sent out on loan the club he goes to will receive him on average morale and form (or within a level or two either way depending upon the team’s result on the week of arrival) irrespective of his form at the club he originates from.
After his arrival his morale and form will go up or down in the same ways as any squad member. His morale and form with his original club will not reflect any increases or decreases that he has with his new club and will work independently of his “mirror image”.
When a player returns to his original club his morale and form will be as reflected on the e-mail program.

Transferring a loaned player

A player out on loan cannot be transferred permanently to ANY club, even the club he is on loan to, until he has been recalled. As soon as it is stated that a player is being recalled on the player status part of the turn then he can be sold. This will occur on the week after you send in the order to return him.
Either club can obviously cancel the loan at any time.

Beginning and End of season

A player cannot be out on loan at the end of a season. If a player has not been recalled before the end of a season it has been known for the player to then disappear from both teams never to be seen again within the program. Ultimately it is the loaning club’s responsibility to recall a player in sufficient time (recommended that the player be recalled when sending the week 30 orders at latest to ensure his safe return).
A player can be loaned to a club when sending the end of season orders so that he arrives on week 1 at his new club. However, he will not be available to play for the team until week 2 as the program will not recognise his existence at his new club until the loan agreement has been completed on the orders for week 1.

Loan Bug

A bug has become apparent involving loan deals that Glynn has no fix for. If you are loaning out a player that is being trained you MUST remove him from the training BEFORE he is loaned out. If not it will result in the client not recognising anyone being in that training spot whilst the html turns will list the now out on loan player as being trained. This cannot be fixed short of recalling the player out on loan so rather than lose a training spot for the duration of the loan it is imperative that all training of loaned players is stopped in advance of their being loaned out.

Loaning out already injured players

The loan fix for players (that means skills are copied to the last sub-level point so nothing is lost when a player is out on loan) has created a bug unintentionally.

The bug's effect means that if a team loans out an already injured player the player's injury length gets stuck and will not reduce at the original side.

As many managers try to make the best of an injury by loaning out a player (where roughly half the time the injury does not carry across) clearly this change will make sending an already injured player out on loan pointless as the player will still have to complete the full recovery once he is recalled.

Glynn is looking into this bug BUT as he doesn't think injured players should be able to play out on loan anyway (which is fair enough and entirely logical) if he finds a fix to the new bug it will only be implemented when he has a fix to the original bug that allowed injured players to play in the first place.

So in other words, do not loan out an already injured player in future unless you are fully prepared to have the injury not reduce until the player is recalled.


The TOTAL number of deals by a team on a turn that can be completed is 10 with a maximum of 5 within the same league and 5 inter-league deals.

Loan deals count as league deals and would make up part of their number so for example a manager could do 3 transfers within their league, 2 loan deals and 5 deals with teams from another league in the same week.


The maximum number of players in an inter-league transfer is 3. At most 3 players can be sold on each side of one deal with one side paying Cash as well if need be. Also, 3 players can be sold for Cash in one deal at most or obviously any variant up to the 3 maximum.


If changing a teams name and completing a transfer deal is happening on the same week Glynn advises both parties to write the deal down with both the old and new team name (as well as team code for inter-league deals) to avoid any failed deal through confusion over team names.


From Glynn :

Officially, I think we should ban jokey comments about other people's players in this particular forum.


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