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PostPosted: Tue May 25, 2010 7:58 pm 
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Can managers please make sure they only make claims regarding ageing in deals that they are sure of as it has become an increasing problem with managers getting the ageing process wrong and making false claims as to when a player will age or how long they have to complete a deal.

How players age is explained here -

and is pretty much self explanatory. If anyone has any doubts when about to advertise a player then ask myself, do not just guess.

Bear in mind that false advertising is considered a serious issue by Glynn and can have serious repercussions and the excuse of "I thought..." isn't going to be accepted as the ageing process for inter-league deals has been around since I'L deals were brought into the game and there really is no reason anyone wouldn't know by now how they work (particularly as it is the established managers that seem to get it wrong rather than the newer managers).

I don't read every transfer post and if not pointed out before sales then the seller will suffer so it is really in the best interests of all managers to be aware of how it works and if at all unsure to just ask myself as I am always happy to help. :)

Lecture over ;-)


Please be aware that when advertising a player to be sold that you MUST mention the potential double ageing of a player when nearing the end of the season. Common sense says the last 8 days of the month MUST have it mentioned and ideally you will mention the possibility in the days before this deadline.
You must assume that a manager reading the thread will have no idea when a player will double age (as many frankly still don't grasp the timings even after years playing) and state specifically the date needed to complete a deal by and the fact the player will double age. Basically assume the manager reading your post is a newbie who neds an explanation.
This rule is actually in place to protect the seller as if it isn't mentioned and a buyer complains the buyer will be fine as the player will have their age adjusted, the seller however will lose all monies from a sale so if you are reminded of this rule by myself do not take it as anything other than my attempt to protect you against issues later on.
If any manager is repeatedly warned their posts will simply be removed as that seems to be the one punishment that gets the message home.


Following requests, in future if any managers post misleading headings in the transfer forum they will be edited accordingly to be more realistic.

This is not meant to be a punishment but merely a way to help all managers sell their players quicker and easier as this area is the busiest and the quicker a manager can identify the posts that are of interest to them the better for both parties.

Also, with the transfer forum becoming clogged up with posts at the moment all managers are requested to make sure the title of the post begins with the type of sale involved. So, the first word will be Cash or Swap or Cash/Swap (or Swap/Cash) if open to offers. Therefore a selling off of youth players for max Cash may read as : Cash - Youths for sale. For buying it will be "Cash - Want". Never use the plural for Swap as by definition Swap already covers both singular and plural in this context.

Following a few comments the past few days can all managers please make sure they only make Cash offers in the transfer market area for players they actually want.

It seems in an attempt to be "humourous" that some managers are upping bids on players only to then pull out.

This is unfair on other managers bidding on the player and more importantly it is unfair on the seller.

No recriminations or slights on anyone on the forum but please can all managers just be sure they want a player before saying they will pay x amount for them.

Many thanks


This replaces the current sticky which will be edited accordingly.

As there are continual complaints that managers are attempting to bid for Cash signings only to find that the player has already been sold within their own league area from now on there will be NO duplicate ad posts.

Managers are free to post their players available for Cash in either this transfer area or in their own league area BUT NOT IN BOTH.

This also prevents the possibility of managers biddings on players in different areas in the same minute and causing issues.

This will stop any more complaints and managers wasting their time trying to buy already sold players.

Managers are free to advertise Swap deals in both areas but ONLY Swap DEALS - No, Swap but may go for Cash posts can be duplicated before managers try to get around the rule that way.

Please avoid breaking this rule as any duplicate posts in future will result in both posts being removed.

Thanks for your help with this and hopefully now a number of managers won't feel their time is being wasted on Cash bids.


It is considered cheating to fail to make clear on any transfer post (Cash or Swap) that the player for sale is a goalkeeper. If a player is found not to have been described as a goalkeeper then Glynn will remve the player from the buyer's squad, refund the buyer their money and/or players (if a Swap) and remove any gained funds/players from the selling side.


If a player is injured it must be clearly state in any advert. Failure to do so will be considered cheating and Glynn may choose to take further action.


I have been getting complaints from managers about managers claiming x player is due to go up on y skill etc based on nothing more than the fact that the manager has given some training on the skill.

Bearing in mind that it takes more than a couple of week's training to get a skill up and that with the exception of myself and Glynn no one else seems to actually KNOW approximately when a skill is due to go up can I please ask that all managers cease these claims that they can't back up as it is basically false advertising to try and get deals and a few managers have bought players based on these "promises" only to find the player(s) in question haven't jumped even after continued training for some months.

Also, please do not claim a player has potential once he is out of the youth team. There is no such thing as "potential" for anyone aged 18 or over so it is false advertising, which is not allowed.

To be honest there shouldn't be any need for these claims anyway as any manager can just look at a player and decide for themselves if they want a player based on what he is and what he could be.

Also claiming a person to be a star etc when clearly not is not allowed. Just because an experienced manager can see a claim is not as it is doesn't mean a newbie will and the exploitation of newbie managers with claims of "ideal this, great that" are not allowed thanks.


ALL loan deals are to be posted in the league area that that player's club plays in. Any loan deals posted in the transfer area will be deleted as loan posts are of no interest to anyone outside that league.


Please make sure that when describing the position of a player that you specify the position that player is best skilled to play. This is not necessarily the position a player is currently in.

By all means mention that say a defender is in midfield right now for purposes of a higher value for sale, but do not claim a player is a midfielder if for example his skills make him a better attacker (weak tackling and/or decent shooting in advance of other skills) or a better defender (weak shooting compared to the four other main skills). Managers do not want to waste time in their pursuit of say a midfielder looking at posts that on closer inspection are selling a defender who just happens to be in midfield in your squad.

This consideration will be appreciated by all and if an advert is deemed to be false the title will be adjusted accordingly and in extreme cases (ie a manager blatantly ignoring this consideration of others and wasting manager's time too often) removed.

Thanks in advance.


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