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PostPosted: Sat May 15, 2021 12:17 pm 

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End of season 32 (October 2014)

Well, another season ends, with a return to power of Isleworth. Isleworth last won the league seven seasons ago. They have now won it eleven times! It was tight though, with Joe’s PC allegedly playing up, Chris was chasing him down, with Athlone and Kirkdale. Even our own forumites were trying hard, Marc’s Longfield and Chris’s Belton trying their best to keep in touch. Down at the bottom, Poole were struggling for most of the season, but when their long-standing manager, Dave Legg left, the writing was on the wall. He had been with them for must have been 12 seasons! After 11 games FC Donny were in sixth place – they only won one more game and have fallen from the top division! Stanford Rivers were also relegated, like Poole, they had a poor start. Special mention to Lakeland Jags, unmanaged, how on earth you only score 11 goals in a season is beyond me, yet alone win 7 games in the process! Only FC Tayside dream of that double figure standard. Mind you, Lakeland also let in a miserly seventeen, the best in the NSA this season.

Division 1:
This division seem to have set itself out after to first dozen games of the season. Veterans and Buckley at the top, having a battle royale, with Sleeper and Bisons at the bottom. The Vale turned around a poor start; they were a few points clear of safety and ended up a comfortable nine points clear. Let’s not get distracted from the great battle at the top though. Vale Veterans have been amazing – cup finalists (again), three consecutive promotions, and looking ready to take on the Premiership. T64 to premiership champions? Buckley Vale have nearly done the same, promoted quickly from the third – will they have enough to stay in the topflight or be a top six team? Loco ran out of steam this season, with 13 loses in the last 19 games. Poor Dave, Loco never seemingly rich enough to buy the top players, selling future stars before they have found their goal scoring touch, perhaps this will be the season that everything gels, and he goes to top spot and a quick return.

Division 2:
This has been a close division all season with a number of teams vying for promotion. Over time, Inter fell away, and West Craig’s had to go to the last day of the season, but in the end it was Real who came out 4 points clear at the top. Allestree, reunited with their manager, pushed into the promotion places to get to Division 1 for the first time for a substantial number of seasons. Badger miss out on returning at the first time of asking – 4th place (in the Div 2). At the bottom, well, Mearns, Rockwell and Creswell have been down there all season – Mearns being the most surprising under Dave’s tutorage, but his squad isn’t very strong, and they just seemed to struggle to score.

Division 3:
T64 was never in doubt, FC Tayside are a strong team, holding the rest up. However, there is excitement in the air, with new management. Mytchett, similarly have the wizardry of a master at the helm, and it could be an interesting battle as they strive for T62 and T63… with Dundee my new tip for next season’s T64. Really, we should be talking about the great assistant manager at Riverside (as Carl is always away). Top scorers of the NSA (63 goals), top scorer (Dvorak, 20 goals) and clear champions (15 clear of fourth place!). Park Juniors are back in to the third tier too, they were alongside Riverside most of the season. The main movement has been for third place. Anfield fell away, so did Bury, and that left Baseball to go up, thanks to goal difference, from Victoria and Riverway. This is Baseball’s lowest ever finish (as they hadn’t been in the third division before), so it is an immediate return to Division two.

Kirkdale are the victors this year, the first Premiership winner for a number of seasons. Well done to Chris – the hopes of the double, so rare - dashed in the last couple of league results.

Youth cup:
Vale Fledglings take their usual position – but watch out for high scoring Longfield, their academy produced Haydeniho, I wonder who else is coming through the ranks? And control team, St Agnes, are my outside tip for promotion from the bottom tier, their squad is strong, and more good youths coming through, means that they will be hard team to beat?

Good luck next season.

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PostPosted: Sat May 15, 2021 12:20 pm 

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End of season 33 (May 2015)

Congratulations to Olympic Sheffield on their second title. It only needed 58 points this season to win it, as it was so competitive. Athlone improved on last year’s third to come runners up. Chris MacKenzie getting in the top ten goal scorer charts for the eighth time in ten seasons! Isleworth came third, but top score in the Premiership with three players entering the charts. Their dominance of the NSA continues as they remain the only team to have always been in the topflight. Newly promoted Vale Veterans achieved a surprising 5th, keeping some of the regular also-rans at bay, like Belton and Longfield. Buckley and Cork also coped well with the new division coming 9th and 10th. Two very lucky teams were Toothill Tigers and Dark Alliance. Toothill were bottom for ages and were the worst performing team in the NSA, until Alan rediscovered his secret, to be safe by 5 points. Dark on the other hand nosed dived after their two early wins and looked relegated until 7 points from the last three games saved them on goal difference! A 5-1 win on the last day making the difference. Staffordshire Rovers, Lakeland and Academy get relegated. Lakeland, unmanaged, wasn’t a surprise, but the other two were 6th and 7th last year. Strong teams, though, who should challenge to return quickly.

Division One:
Alan’s Frog FC (the only other team in the NSA who have never changed their name alongside Isleworth) are champions! Mighty Greek goal scorer, Costalopolos, gets double-figures again and will savour the chance to help Frog stay in the Premiership this time. He was with them ten seasons ago when they went up and straight back down again. Real Academy are celebrating their first ever taste of Premiership football. Double promotion and a good squad mean these guys could pressure the top 6; with Edmare improving each season (22 goals this year!) they stand a chance. FC Roquetas also go up – after coming fourth last year, Chris was hopeful. They are not high scorers though and haven’t had a top ten scorer for 9 seasons. Having never been higher than 7th in the Premiership, they could have a long season of adjustment. Partizan improve to fourth. Relegated Stanford come fifth. Two other promoted teams, Allestree and West Craigs adjust well coming 8th and 7th. Relegated FC Donny steady the ship coming 12th, although it is their lowest every NSA finish. Unmanaged Kings Park (who changed from Poole Town Panthers) continued to fall; no manager and a culled team, they could only manage 14 points. Unmanaged Clachnacuddin also leave the division. Mac Utd are the remaining team to fall – with new manager, but heavy culling and a bit of poor luck as unmanaged Round Hill scrape enough points together, means Ben’s rebuilding will have to continue in Division Two.

Division Two:
We have a record-breaking champion, in Paul’s Northern Utd. The best ever Division Two points total of 73 points (which matches the best ever NSA total, held by Inter Academy when they got promoted from Division Three). They only lost three games all season and scored a massive 69 goals. Torpedo Belper bounced straight back to Division One (renamed from Brighton Bisons) thanks to the expert guidance of Razor. Sleepers also return immediately, guided for most of the season by Matt, who unfortunately had to leave NSA management. Hopefully he will return to scupper their fortunes at some point in the future. The other relegated team, Loco, didn’t bounce back so well, but a steady 8th position is a start. Inter Academy miss out again and will be highly rated for next season, and Badger slipped to 7th this time. Belvoir improved on 6th to 5th (two more seasons to go then Mark!). Promoted teams: Riverside (11th), Park Juniors (9th) and Baseball (12th) will be pleased to have found their feet, although they may have dreamed of loftier heights. Fetteresso, Brechin and Dynamo Saints all drop out of the division (last year were 11th, 12th and 10th). Fetteresso and Dynamo have NEVER been in the lowest division, so this is a sad day for them, as more records get re-written.

Division Three:
Holyhead United are champions again. Although they are undergoing a minor re-branding and will be known as Holyhead Town next season, we will be expecting great things from them next season. Whilst the promoted teams didn’t do brilliantly last season, these guys must surely be an exception? Unmanaged Bury St Peter’s surprise (and embarrass?) a few managers by claiming second and Forest Row, under Dave’s tutorage, try to rekindle the fortunes of a once-great club. The relegated teams did well this year, although not quite good enough. Mearns (6th), Rockwell (4th) and Creswell (7th) shows that they have the potential to challenge again. This season has all been about the bottom clubs though. FC Tayside are no longer the whipping boys, under Steve’s control. It is a long-term game for him, and a simple top half finish will be a fine achievement even next season (13th place). Dundee Madrid are being restructured by the safe hands of Dorrie. They stayed second bottom with the same points total as last year but have a lot of rebuilding to do. Victoria Park, unmanaged, came third from bottom – last season they missed out on promotion on GD. Stone Warriors (were Pickering) improve by one place to 12th but have really tightened up the defence by half!

Isleworth Utd win again – for the fifth time – but the first time in 19 seasons! They have only lost once in the final, so even though the romantics thought that Inter Academy could lift the cup from Division Two, it wasn’t to be. 3-0; pretty conclusive.

Youth league:
Vale Fledglings, again. This time they weren’t able to let a single goal in, whilst scoring 294 at the other end – nearly 10 a game. Mearns and Staffs came next, both scoring over 200 goals.

Good luck next season.

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PostPosted: Sat May 15, 2021 12:27 pm 

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End of Season 34 (December 2015)

This season the report is going to have a small focus on each and every team. Enjoy!


Athlone (2nd) 1st. Champions again, and what an exciting year! Highest points total for the Premiership, fewest goals conceded for NSA59 (as well as most games won and fewest draws). This is their fourth title, and they are looking to be a constant thorn in the side of Isleworth who have dominated this league for so many seasons. Chris Mackenzie (the player) gets into the top 10 scorers for the sixth season running – Nike and Modeste being regulars, too. Can this be sustained?

Isleworth Utd. (3rd) 2nd. Would have smashed points total for the Premiership by 4 points only for Athlone to get even more. Lowest number of goals conceded (12) in the Premiership, since records began.

Kirkdale Rovers (4th) 3rd. The fans are very happy this year, even if their quest for the title still eludes them. Club records for games won, points scored, and fewest goals conceded show just how stunning the top three teams performed. More of the same, probably!

Longfield Rangers (8th) 4th. Back in the top five (6th time in 8 seasons) normally leading the chasing pack to the non-forumite top three! Less reliance on top scorers Sytchev and Haydeniho this year as the goals were spread around the team.

Cork City (10th) 5th. Simeon’s second season in the Premiership and after securing the division last season, this season was all about pushing on – which they did very well indeed. A top six finish isn’t easy in this league, with so many large, consistent teams. A great journey from division three! They have a good history of producing goal scorers, so maybe they can push even higher next season?

Vale Veterans (5th) 6th. Another great season, cup winners and a second top 6 finish. Could they seriously challenge the top 3 next season and ultimately be the first NSA team to be T64 to champions? Just shows what you can do in 6 or 7 seasons!

Toothill Tigers (12th) 7th. A fine improvement this season for Alan’s team. More focused on defending and winning those games by the odd goal – that was enough for one of the NSA’s most valuable and highly skilled teams. Highly fancied for a top 6 finish this time around.

Belton Raiders (7th) 8th. One place lower for this successful NSA team but it has now been ten seasons since a top 3 finish; without a consistent goal scorer they seem to be a safe Mid table bet.

Dark Alliance (13th) 9th. A solid improvement on last year. They desperately need a top scorer, while Nequest has a quiet few seasons. Sort that and they can try and match their best ever finish of 5th.

FC Roquetas (promoted in 3rd) 10th. Easily missed with CJ not being on the forum much, but a fine season for this team; their third best finish in the NSA! Terrible scoring record though, but if they can sort that, they should be a safe bet next year. If they don’t, well, they could be struggling.

Buckley Vale (9th) 11th. A great season of survival – it is always hard to keep in any division with a culled team, but Mark patched up a couple of players and sold them the dream. Having now completed only their second ever season in the topflight, the dream is already being dreamt! Woeful scoring (the worst in their history) but their defence was the tightest for many seasons. It will be interesting how they will perform next year under their new team’s name of Merthyr Tydfil.

Frog FC (promoted in 1st) 12th. Relief for Alan. Last time they were in the Premiership they got relegated immediately. But it wasn’t a great season. Costalopolos didn’t take his goalscoring ability into the Premiership and has been placed on the auction market, ending his long successful reign with the club. The last time they lost 18 or more games was when they only just survived being T64near the bottom of the third division in season 10. That was also the only season they’ve scored less goals. Could well be favourites to get relegated, unless there is a new striker waiting to take his chance?

Shawood FC (11th) 13th. Another season of struggle in the Premiership. Lowest points total since their relegation six seasons ago. Not had a top 10 scorer since Shawood joined the NSA in season 24 and need to address this if they are going to stop making up the numbers.

Olympic Sheffield (1st) 14th – relegation. 10 seasons in the Premiership come to an end. Last time they got relegated it took them three seasons to go back up. Don’t score many goals!

Real Academy (promoted in 2nd) 15th relegated. A bittersweet season for Real who parted company with their long-term manager, Lee Fearnhough, in their first ever Premiership season. And N. Edmare gets culled, their super ‘club 20’ striker. However, they have new hands at the helm, Simon, and he has worked swiftly in tough times. So, the club post a new highest finish for NSA62 (and also the fewest goals they’ve ever scored) and the fans are optimistic for the future.

Sinjuns (6th) 16th – relegation. It is a sweet and sour season for Sinjuns. After 22 seasons of Premiership football, they bow out. However, the fans know that the turmoil and manager-less times are over, and a new manager is in place. He has already brought in a small squad of players that they are desperately looking at for a candidate as their next hero. Intent has been clearly shown in their brave cup run, but survival in division one still has to be the top priority.

Division One

Staffordshire Rovers (relegated in 14th) 1st – promoted. As expected by many, this was a quick recovery to the Premiership for this excellent team. Both Bobic and Adams scored well, as they have done previously (although not in the Premiership) with Bobic setting a new club record with 20 goals. They only lost four league games. Although much fancied, their highest position ever is 6th, so will need to re-establish themselves as a credible Premiership outfit.

Tottenham Vale (10th) 2nd. Alan has had to be patient with this team, having been stuck in this division for 8 seasons. At last, they have their chance after a superb season. A record-breaking number of goals for them and only 4 games lost; they will be a tough team to beat at the highest level.

Northern Utd (promoted in 1st) 3rd – promotion. Double promotion for Paul’s Northern team. A few less goals and points than last season, but they adapted quickly and showed the NSA they mean business! NSA31 have only ever been in the Premiership for one season (ending up 16th with only 18 points) so Paul can sense another new club record! Easily the most successful manager they have ever had.

Torpedo Belper (promoted in 2nd) 4th. Paul has made a real difference on his return to his old club – falling two points short of a double promotion. Some retirees might just prove a stumbling block in their Premiership aspirations.

The Vale (11th) 5th. First top half finish for 15 seasons (season 19) when they came third in the Premiership. They also matched their highest point’s total (49) from that same season. 44 goals is their second highest total.

Allestree Allstars (8th) 6th. A good season with a few more goals at the correct end and a few less at the other! Flirted with a promotion challenge, but never really had the bottle. Two retirees will hurt their campaign to do the same again, but they are so desperate for their first ever taste of Premiership football. Now over 500 goals scored under John’s watchful eye.

FC Donny Toros (12th) 7th. A better season thanks to high scorer, Masa… but this will now be the first time NSA9 have been out of the Premiership for more than two seasons. Must challenge next year?

Kingseat Utd (9th) 8th. One place better for this unmanaged team who rely heavily on Steven Mpenza for their goals.

Glenfield Colts (6th) 9th. Unmanaged, but still hanging on firmly to division one status since their drop from the Premiership four seasons ago.

Partizan (4th) 10th. Tipped for promotion after last season’s 4th place, only to disappoint the manager and the fans. The goals dried up with their worst return for over ten seasons. Rattenberg and Olson are missed.

West Craig Wanderers (7th) 11th. Not such a strong season for Dorrie’s team this year, getting dragged down into the relegation also-rans. No-one really expected them to go down, but it just shows what happens when Jason Parker doesn’t blast in double figures. The lad needs a word in his ear and then they can be back on track again.

Academy FC (relegated in 16th) 12th. A new manager and a new era from Academy (soon to be renamed). Heavy culling and almost certain relegation attracted Ben to the helm. He saved them from double relegation and now faces a tough year to consolidate division one status.

Stanford (5th) 13th. A poor season for Alan’s team, only a point off a surprise relegation. They haven’t had a positive goal difference for four seasons, despite finding a regular scorer in Craigne Le Jeune.

Eastwood Town (promoted in 3rd) 14th – relegation. Promoted, but then culled for new management – the return of Chris Hinchley! He couldn’t save them with so much to do but hopefully will have prepared them well for division 2.

Lakeland Jags (relegated in 15th) 15th – relegation. Double relegation wasn’t unexpected as they were unmanaged for much of the season and then culled when Mike returned to the helm. They’ve made some great signings as they prepare for a season in Division 2. Terrible scoring in the last two seasons as they miss Lubinski’s goals.

Round Hill (13th) 16th – relegation. Unmanaged Round Hill only just missed out on relegation last season but didn’t disappoint this season! In need of a new manager if they are ever going to recover.

Division Two

The Rising Sun (relegated in 14th) 1st – promotion. An immediate return for Ben’s team – what an apt rebranding! Peter Hartley was outstanding, getting into the elite group of 20+ goal scorers. Consequently, they set a new club record by scoring 59 goals. Will they carry on rising?

Riverside Athletic (11th) 2nd. First time in division one for fourteen seasons. Well done, Carl, great work; they look set up for another good season at the higher level.

Inter Academy (4th) 3rd. They’ve done it! For the first time in their history, they’ve got into division one. They were favourites to do so after 3 near misses, but to do so without their manager, Lee, surprised many at the close of the season. Ansell and Lively do their usual – but without a leader, surely, they’ll come back down again? A super prospect for anyone wanting a new team though.

Badger County (7th) 4th. Many tipped them for promotion, but Paul’s team just couldn’t get those final few points needed to get back into division one. A much tighter defensive record this year, but the goals were spread around the team a bit more. Just a few more goals and maybe this year will be the one. Two retirees may hurt their chances though.

Holyhead Utd (promoted in 1st) 5th. A great team that Silky has built; there was confidence that they would do well. 5th place is a job well done, but there is little doubt that they will be pushing even harder to get promotion next season.

Locomotiv Leigh (8th) 6th. A better season for Dave with many of last season’s loses turned in draws…a few more wins next year, and they should be pushing for promotion back to Div. 1. The tightest defensive display since season 7.

Baseball FC (12th) 7th. A solid division two team, with regular top 10 scorers, just don’t seem to be able to push on, without a manager.

Sheffield City (10th) 8th. Steady improvement for this unmanaged team, mainly helped by the incredible 19 goals from Lee Nolan. He’s scored a few for them now, but this is a new club record. Always a very entertaining team with loads of goals at either end - 102 this season beating the 98 in the season when they were team 64 (75 conceded!).

Vale Fledglings (6th) 9th. Another season stuck in division two, for Alan’s team – the most valuable in Soccer Star. One of these seasons they are going to start firing on all cylinders. Were once T64 back in season 7 – I wonder if Alan knew back then what a monstrous team, he would be able to build?

Forest Row (promoted in 3rd) 10th. A good season for Dave Curtis’s team as he aims to take them back to Premiership stardom that they held so many years ago (cup and league double). Fewer goals this year, but address that and they could be an outside bet for the top three - the dark horse!

Sinjuns Too (13th) 11th. Two places better this year for the unmanaged giant – but great news – a new manager in the super experienced Chris G. A swift rename to ‘Otters’ for the coming season and everyone is optimistic. Another entertaining team with 110 goals scored – this is the sixth time this club have broken the 100 total goals barrier – no wonder they have such a good following!

Poole Town Panthers (relegated in 16th) 12th. A return of the mighty Dave Legg and a return of the familiar Poole branding was great news for the supporters. Alas, the culling couldn’t stop them posting a new lowest ever position, but they are hopefully for a quick improvement. Very attacking football saw an amazing 95 goals in their 30 league games.

Belvoir Vale (5th) 13th. Mark lost patience with this team and moved to a calmer challenge of lowly Victoria Park – and they suffered as a consequence. They didn’t have the usual good return of goals from the usual suspects and will probably be relegated without a manager. Famed for getting promoted from bottom to top in consecutive seasons, only to be famed for going all the way back down again! Entertaining is one word…

Clachnacuddin (relegated in 15th) 14th – relegation. Double relegation for this unmanaged team who are the most entertaining in all the NSA. 112 goals last season, but too many in their own net. Elvis Fenner tried to keep them up with 12 goals, but it wasn’t enough. Were T64 many many seasons ago and could be heading that way again?

Bury St Peter’s (promoted in 2nd) 15th – relegation. Unmanaged and unloved. Very tight defence (fifth best in the division!) but didn’t score enough like the season before. Will struggle next season.

Park Juniors (9th) 16th – relegated. After only two seasons in division two, back they go to the third. They’ve never scored so few goals or let in so many – even in the season they were T64! Dave is going to have to wave his magic wand to get this bunch of lads up to the standard he expects!

Division Three

Rockwell Rangers (4th) 1st. At last, after such a near miss last year, Rockwell are champions of the 3rd! Their highest points total and tightest defensive performance of their club’s history. Next stop – double promotion?

Hammerton Jetz (10th) 2nd. What a surprise performance this season. Their tightest ever defensive performance and their highest points total, too. Now under new management, with Alan, and they will have to be watched, as they aim to return to the Premiership!

Brechin Vale (relegated in 15th) 3rd – promoted. After relegation, it could have been doom and gloom for this unmanaged side. However, a little caretaker management and then the arrival of a full-time manager in Richard were just want the supporters needed. This was their tightest defensive record of any season. Will be great to see what will happen this season.

Victoria Park (14th) 4th. Tightest defensive display ever in their history, only 18 conceded.

Stone Warriors (12th) 5th. A huge improvement this year; just a shame that Steve isn’t able to enjoy the fruits of his labour. Three top 10 goal scorers and their best GD for over ten seasons. Unmanaged – but could be so much more.

Warriors (11th) 6th. A decent improvement for this unmanaged team, whose side seem to have changed a bit – where they managed for a short time? A tempting proposition for someone, who fancies a team who have never been in the Premiership and have also twice been team 64. This is the first season they’ve been in the top half of the table for ten seasons!

Mearns Utd. (6th) 7th. Another average season for Dave Curtis’s team; they are hard to beat but just don’t score enough. With teams improving rapidly around them, it will be hard to push on from this point.

Dynamo Saints (relegated 16th). 8th. Like Lakeland, they suffered while unmanaged and Mike has done the best he can to secure the squad for the future. 8th was a good result for this season although it is a new low for the club. Anything better than that, and hopefully a promotion challenge will be a good first full season back in charge.

Anfield (5th) 9th. A disappointing season for Wayne’s team – too many draws limited their chances; a strong team, who need a good season soon to push on to higher challenges.

Fetteresso Rovers (relegated in 14th) 10th. Their first ever season in division 3 and they didn’t adapt well. Although the defence was their tightest performance for at least a dozen seasons, their goals scored was reminiscent of earlier relegation seasons.

Mytchett Masters (9th) 11th. Having been unmanaged for ages, not much was expected of Mytchett, but now that they have a new manager, Chris G, no one knows what to expect next! Will be called Zebrahead next season.

Dundee Madrid (15th) 12th. Under the guidance of Dorrie, the team have tightened their defence and picked up the most points for 5 seasons. 27pts might not sound many, but the heady height of 12th is a great achievement after being 63rd three seasons running!

FC Tayside (13th) 13th. This season has been about squad building, whilst maintaining performance on the pitch. The fans will be happy enough (all 50 of them) but will hope that next season brings a push towards the top 10, in an ever-increasingly challenging bottom tier.

Riverway Warriors (8th) 14th. Oh, dear. Unmanaged and a new club record for their lowest ever finish – and it could get worse from here. Another club record of only 16 goals scored and it looks pretty dire for all concerned.

St Agnes Aces (T64-16th) 15th. The long slow return to higher level football has begun with the return of a long-term NSA manager. Double the goals scored from last year and a few more points. Top half finish next season is the aim, but it will be tough for this ex-Premiership runner’s up.

Creswell Village (7th) 16th – Team 64. It is a new low for Creswell. Still unmanaged, they have struggled in the lower divisions for most of their NSA time. Only 11 goals scored this season, and it will be another bleak season ahead.

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End of Season 35 (July 2016)

As last season, I will try and report for each team.


Athlone FC (1st) 1st
Back-to-back titles again for Chris helped by plenty of goals from the usual crew – Gabby Nike has been in the top ten for 8 of the last 9 seasons! So consistent that they will probably be favourites again next year.

Isleworth Utd (2nd) 2nd
Probably classed as a disappointing season for these regular champions… but they haven’t won for three seasons now; I’m not sure I’d dare bet against them. Three top ten scorers (regular household names now). They’ve won the Premiership four times before with 59 points or less – but Athlone are just too good, it would seem!

Vale Veterans (6th) 3rd
A new club record – 3rd in the Premiership! 9 seasons ago they had just completed their third consecutive Team64 finish! Great seasons – the TV crews couldn’t keep away!

Kirkdale Rovers (3rd) 4th
5 seasons of finishing in the top 4; more goals from Rangel; will they ever actually win the Premiership?

Toothill Tigers (7th) 5th
They may not score many, but Toothill are very steady and hard to beat. This is their best performance for 6 seasons, but they’ll need a top goal scorer to try and make a realistic claim to a third title.

Belton Raiders (8th) 6th
Two places better this year for Chris’s team and a few more goals. If he can find a true goal scorer, like the Belton names of the past, then they should push on to their regular top 4 place… alas, it has now been ten seasons since they were.

Frog FC (12th) 7th
A new record highest finish for Alan’s team – pretty good considering he sold his 100+ striker two seasons ago.

Longfield Rangers (4th) 8th
Haydeniho joint top scores in the Premiership with 14 goals taking his tally to 32 in 90! A disappointing season for Marc having top scored in the Prem with 50 goals – they just let too many in and end up losing 11 games. Still, these ex-champs have now been top half for 9 consecutive seasons. Same again next year?

FC Roquetas (10th) 9th
One place better, but 15 more points thanks to plenty of goals. A new club record for points gained in the Prem. A good safe season and their second highest finish in the NSA.

Dark Alliance (9th) 10th
One place worse but the fans are quite happy. Looks like the young forwards are starting to mature. The focus next year is to secure Mid table and stop leaking so many goals!

Tottenham Vale (promoted 2nd) 11th.
One of the best teams outside of the Premiership, until last year’s promotion, but they adapted quickly helped by goals from A. Vingt. I think survival is again the order of the day, but Alan may be targeting their best ever finish of 3rd.

Cork City (5th) 12th
Simeon might be disappointed after last year’s great season, but it wasn’t so long ago they were in Div. 3 – so three seasons in the topflight is a fine achievement. They let a lot of goals in this year though, which is a concern.

Merthyr Tydfil (11th) 13th
Two places lower, but a point more than last season and over double the goals scored. This season was all about survival and Mark’s done it. But how high will his aspirations be for next season?

Shawood CF (13th) 14th Couldn’t save themselves this season, having fought against relegation for four seasons. A new club record of 18 loses and another weak goal scoring total means they will need to adapt quickly to division one. Took them three seasons to escape last time.

Northern Utd (promoted 3rd) relegated 15th Straight back down for Paul, but the fans are celebrating the clubs highest ever finish. They are also ‘celebrating’ their lowest total points (11), the joint fewest goals (15) and the joint most conceded (55). Another record-breaking season!

Staffs Rovers (promoted 1st) relegated 16th A bizarre performance this year with the team looking neglected and unmanaged. Now playing a number of youth players as if they were in big debt and had to sell their first team! Fewest goals scored (8), most conceded (61), fewest points (9) = disaster!


Torpedo Belper (4th) 1st
Having missed out last year, Paul made no mistake this time round. Clear winners of Div. 1. They set a new club record for the tightest defence, only 22 conceded. Have they got the depth of squad to survive in the Prem?

Partizan (10th) 2nd
After ten seasons in Div. 1, Simeon’s got them promoted in the Premiership for the first time in NSA39’s history! They have some well-known names in their front line and could surprise a few folks next year.

Real Academy (relegated 15th) 3rd
Simon has done it! Many thought the damage of culling and relegation would be too much but an instant return to the Premiership. They’ve only been there once before so the target is more than 15th (24 points) ;-). Simon is targeting survival!

Olympic Sheffield (relegated in 14th) 4th.
Missed out on a quick return, as I said in last year’s report, last time they were in division one it took them three seasons to get out. They never seem to have two consecutive good seasons – ever!

West Craigs Wanderers (11th) 5th
Last year was a blip for this steadily improving side and challenged well for promotion. Helped massively by the best defensive performance for 20 seasons! Not far to go for this patient team – they’ve only had one season ever in the topflight (when they finished bottom in s23). Sounds a couple of seasons behind Paul’s Northern team!

Riverside Athletic (promoted in 2nd) 6th.
Highest finish for 18 seasons – getting closer to that Premiership target!

The Vale (5th) 7th
Mister Bo is back, 13 seasons after he first scored double figures for the club, with 12. 4 points and 2 places worse than last season, after a promising start.

Academy FC (12th) 8th
After Ben’s fine efforts to save this team last year, he should now be proud of a stable year of improvement. Their tightest defensive record for 6 seasons. The Academy FC name is proving to be the best in NSA24’s history.

The Rising Sun (promoted 1st) 9th.
A season of consolidation for Ben. If Peter Hartley can get firing next year, promotion is on the cards.

FC Donny Toros (7th) 10th
Their lowest ever finish for a team who just can’t get into the Premiership where they spent most of their life. Desperate for a goalscoring hero.

Stanford Rivers (13th) 11th
A small improvement on last year for one of the most consistently boring division one teams around. I’d almost be tempted to say I’ll write this again next year!

Allestree Allstars (6th) 12th
A poor season with too many draws, perhaps suffering from a couple of retirements. Things look a bit better for next year as they try and get into the Premiership for the first time.

Kingseat Utd (8th) 13th
Managed again by Dave Curtis and he fought bravely to save them from likely relegation. The fans are hoping they can secure this division and then go back to the good times of the topflight when they were known as Storemarken.

Glenfield Colts (9th) relegated 14th
Unmanaged and relegated – seems fair enough to me. Only won 4 games – last two times they were that bad was when they were ‘team 64’.

Inter Academy (promotion 3rd) relegation 15th Unmanaged. After Baz led them to their first ever season in Div.1 they go straight back down. Hey, at least they set a new record for their highest finish.

Sinjuns (relegated 16th) relegated 16th
Double relegated for Simon, but it was on the cards, and he knew the challenge. They are a much stronger team now. They’ve only been in division two once before – they emerged as champions! Are they ready, Simon? The giants will rise again!


Holyhead Utd (5th) 1st
Many expected Leigh to get them promoted last year, but he made sure this season with a club record of 60 points! Other new records: most games won (19), fewest goals conceded (18) and fewest games lost (5)!

Poole T Panthers (12th) 2nd
After their lowest finish ever last year (with Dave being away from the team) he has had an instant impact in his full season in charge. It will be tough in Div. 1, but he only has eyes for the Premiership! Already has a top striker up his sleeve!

Rockwell Rangers (promoted 1st) Promoted 3rd.
Double promotion! And they are good enough to do the same next year. Jordy Brouwer gets in the top ten scorers for the fourth time in five seasons (only 15 goals this time…).

Vale Fledglings (9th) 4th
So nearly back in Div. 1 for the most valuable team in Soccer Star. Maybe next year…

Ruislip FC (promoted 3rd) 5th.
Richard rebranded from Brechin name of the past and has showed real intent by challenging for a second promotion. Seemed to be all or nothing with very few draws – the fans just weren’t sure which team was turning up.

Baseball FC (7th) 6th
One place better than last year for their highest finish in seven seasons, but they just let in too many goals – one of three clubs to have never let in less than 25 goals a season!

Locomotiv Leigh (6th) 7th
Dropped one place, but a good season for Dave. Certainly, a lot more goals than they normally score. Looking to push on next year now a couple of big teams have moved out of Div. 2.

Belvoir Vale (13th) 8th
Dave Curtis is trying to save these guys too – many have tried in the past! The Belvoir name is well known in the NSA for three consecutive promotions to the Prem. – where they were renamed Angus Utd. and had three consecutive relegations! Looks like Dave is steadying the ship.

Hammerton Jetz (promoted 2nd) 9th.
got them promoted, Alan dropped them, so are awaiting a new manager.

Badger County (4th) 10th
A season of two halves; ended up well clear of relegation but posted their worst finish for 16 seasons – from a team tipped for promotion!

Eastwood Town (relegated 14th) 11th
A season of consolidation for Chris, which he has done. The team is now ready to be rebranded with the Madchester name and the dreams of higher divisions is in the mind of every supporter. Very leaky defence this year.

Lakeland Jags (relegated 15th) 12th
Mike’s old team – mainly unmanaged over the last couple of seasons – survived a triple relegation (just). Without a manager they will be one of the favourites to go down.

Otters (11th) 13th
Another Chris G venture, but this one will take some time. They’ve been stuck in the bottom half of Div. 2 for seven seasons without getting relegated!

Round Hill (relegated 16th) relegated 14th
Double relegation for this unmanaged team, but John has taken them on and has high hopes for leading them back up the divisions.

Sheffield City (8th) relegated 15th
Relegation was expected having been unmanaged most of the season but will be rebranded Ropery Rovers next season and will be looking for a swift return. The last time they let in more goals was as ‘team 64’. Always entertaining but only 91 goals this year!

Forest Row (10th) 16th
It has been a hard season for this ex-Premiership giant, but Dave Curtis knew what he was taking on when he took them on. It’s hard to survive after culling. He will be aiming for a top six finish, or they will post a new lowest finish.


Mearns Utd (7th) 1st
I think Dave took everyone by surprise with Mearns with Bobby Street again providing plenty of goals. They could do well next season.

Dundee Madrid (12th) promotion 2nd
What a turn-around! This team have struggled for years but Dorrie has got them playing some nice attacking football – most goals for 15 seasons and a couple of new goal-scoring heroes for the fans to cheer about. The future is bright.

Zebrahead (11th) 3rd
A new name and instant impact; Chris G has got everything right. They’ve languished in the bottom division for over ten seasons. His next challenge is: can they get to Div. 1? Their best finish is 4th in Div.2 back in s15.

FC Tayside (13th) 4th
Steve will be devastated that they didn’t go up, having shocked so many by being in the top three most of the season, so soon after taking on this struggling team. However, this was the highest finish for 18 seasons. They’ve only been in the top 7 once in the last 25 seasons! Fewest goals conceded since s7, most points since s10. Priority is to find a solid goal scorer. A great season from the five-time team64 club.

Stone Warriors (5th) 5th
Dave lost a player or two to culling when taking these guys on, but a solid performance this year. They could have enough to push into the top three next year.

Victoria Park (4th) 6th
Dropped two places but a solid season. They seem destined to stay in the bottom tier.

Dynamo Saints (8th) 7th
New manager (Brian) and an improvement by one place from last season’s lowest ever finish. Will be good candidates for the top six, but has Brian had enough time to go for promotion? Joint fewest loses for 13 seasons since they were in the Premiership.

St Agnes Aces (15th) 8th
Well, that was quick work, Dave; a top half finish already, from the recent team-64 team. The best defensive display for many seasons from the club that used to regularly spar with Isleworth in the top division.

Anfield (9th) 9th
No improvement this year, hopefully Wayne will be back soon to steer them onwards and upwards. Mpenza is still helping them out with plenty of goals.

Warriors (6th) 10th
Unmanaged and a safe mid-table also-ran team. They hold the record of scoring no goals at all in s29 when they ended up as ‘team 64’.

Bury St Peters (relegated 15th) 11th.
Worst finish for 13 seasons; no manager; now Glynn’s control team… think next year will be tough.

Fetteresso Rovers (10th) 12th
Dave’s team lose him, but then he’s back – the team drop two places in the turmoil.

Creswell Villas (team 64) 13th
An immediate impact from Chris Hinckley (and a bit of work by Chris Cook, prior) as past season’s bottom team have a frenzy of managerial activity. Chris will have his eyes set on a top 10 finish next year, already, under the name Brinsley Magpies.

Riverway Warriors (14th) 14th
A few weeks of a caretaker manager and now a permanent arrangement with Richard means this club can start looking upwards again. 14th is their joint worst finish and they’ll be hoping for a top half finish to show their intent.

Park Juniors (relegated 16th) 15th
Dave likes a challenge, and he has one with this team. Never out of division two and it’ll take a while to even get that high. Will need a bit of Curtis magic.

Clachnacuddin (relegated 14th) 16th “Team 64”
The naming of this team, back in s18, signified the start of the journey recovering the team from the ‘team 64’ label, over many years, to Div. 1. Alas, without a manager they return to claim that dubious title for a second time. They have a new manager though and it is going to be another long hard journey upwards – good luck! Fewest games won (2). Joint fewest goals scored (17).

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Dark Alliance nsa10
Duffield Dynamos opal39
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Season 36 – March 2017


Athlone FC (1st) 1st
Triple champions from the new giant of the NSA. Nike is still pumping the goals in, and manager namesake MacKenzie continues his dominance too with his highest tally for 6 seasons. But… it was their lowest points total for 4 seasons and they are not unbeatable. Can they make it four in a row?

Kirkdale Rovers (4th) 2nd
I’ll edit what I wrote last season: 6 seasons of finishing in the top 4; more goals from Hilton and Sigporsson; will they ever actually win the Premiership?
This time they lost the title on goal difference – but won a fantastic SLFA cup for the second time; soooo close to the historic double. Last time they won the cup (4 seasons back) they came second in the league missing the double by three points. At least they were closer this time!

Belton Raiders (6th) 3rd
The first top three finish for 12 seasons, a club record for fewest defeats (4) and now into their 22nd consecutive Premiership season! Still need a top goal-scorer to turn those draws into title-winning wins.

Vale Veterans (3rd) 4th
Most popular team on TV, again, and another unbelievable finish. These guys are a real success story – surely, they’re likely to be the first team to go from T64 to champions in NSA history? However, the chink in the armour is goal scoring: 30 was their lowest return for 8 seasons; has the bubble burst?

Longfield Rangers (8th) 5th
An improvement on last season but another mini slump ruins the dreams of what might have been. Nevertheless, a cup final appearance and a tenth consecutive top half finish is stuff that most managers aspire to. I said it last year, and I’ll say it again: “probably the same again next season?”

Toothill Tigers (5th) 6th
Steady, boring, but it gets results! Lagosse finds form again after a few quiet seasons which is exactly what they need to have higher hopes.

Cork City (12th) 7th
Right back into the mix this season but they have a worrying good season/bad season pattern. They still let a lot of goals in (same as last year – the worst for 13 seasons) but boy did they bury some at the other end! Which team will turn up next year?

Partizan (Promoted 2nd) 8th.
A fantastic first season in the Premiership (like Torpedo, below). Not many draws, beating the weaker teams but can they start challenging the best to push higher?

Torpedo Belper (Promoted 1st) 9th.
Survival was quite easy in the end – they got some good early points on the board and looked pretty good all season. Helped by goals from Hrdina and Mendez, the club have the recipe for being a solid Premiership team for a few years. Fans are concerned about how the older players will be replaced though.

Isleworth Utd (2nd) 10th
A terrible season, by Joe’s standards. It was 15 seasons ago that they were out of the top 6, ending up 12th. Mind you, they went on a revenge run of winning four consecutive titles after that! No top ten scorer though is a concern. Surely, it will be business as usual next season?

FC Roquetas (9th) 11th
Another solid mid-table performance. A top-ten hero in Darko (one of the Milardovic brothers) has got the fans excited – they are aiming to match (or beat) their highest ever finish of 7th. Some fear that they could be candidates for relegation though, as the Premiership gets stronger and stronger.

Frog FC (7th) 12th
Back to 12th again and far too many losses. Alan will have a lot of work to do to keep these guys in the Premiership unless he has a secret striker up his sleeve.

Tottenham Vale (11th) 13th
Adapting to the pace of the Premiership is tough and this NSA giant is no different. Survived this year, but only just. They lost 15 games, the worst for 13 seasons.

Dark Alliance (10th) 14th
Well, the goals carried on being let in with the forwards proving to be a one-season wonder. Relegation wasn’t the plan. Hopefully Peter Nequest will remember how much he enjoyed the lower division when he managed 20+ goals (three times!) A quick return is hoped for, but it’ll be tough in this division.

Merthyr Tydfil (13th) Relegated 15th
Two more places dropped for the third consecutive season, and it is relegation. The post-cull effect is just too hard to halt sometimes, when the weaker teams drop out and strong ones replace them. Are they strong enough to return swiftly? Joint highest number of games lost in a season (17)

Real Academy (promoted 3rd) relegated 16th.
As before, Real’s stay in the Premiership is short and they couldn’t beat their best finish/points total… but still, better to have played with the best than lingered in division one. Hopefully they will learn from the experience and yo-yo back (after five consecutive promotions/relegations). Club record for fewest goals (14). Don’t worry Simon, your lowest team points record is still safe at 8 (s12) so 15 was quite heady!


Olympic Sheffield (4th) Promoted in 1st.
Record breaking Olympic return to the Premiership with a bang! It was a shock to see them relegate two seasons ago when they were defending their title! Top points in Division One (by 7 points!), top points in the NSA (by 4 points!), joint fewest games lost (1), tied club record of fewest conceded (17), club most wins (24), club highest GD (+44) … and probably some other records too! 4th time of winning Division One. In the last three times they got promoted, they got relegated immediately (twice) and finished 5th on the other occasion.

Allestree Allstars (12th) Promoted 2nd.
They’ve done it! Premiership football for the first time in their history. It has been a slow journey from Division Three. Berbatov fires into action (11) and midfielder O’Laris adds 9 more as the club’s current highest scorer – developed from a 16yo. They are aiming for 13th place!

Holyhead Utd (Promoted 1st) promoted 3rd.
Three promotions in four seasons! Well done, Leigh! They were up there most of the season and their strong squad are well suited to the highest division. Can they adapt to the faster pace quick enough? It is 10 seasons since they were last in the Premiership. They have celebrated with a new team name: Navenby FC.

Poole T Panthers (Promoted 2nd) 4th.
Close to a double promotion, this season was a great step back towards the Premiership hunting ground that we’d associated with Dave’s Poole TP. Goals, goals goals – the most for 14 seasons, helped by Lawrence and new-signing, speed-demon, Tommy Zoom. Watch out Division One!

Northern Utd (Relegated 15th) 5th
Paul has immediately steadied the ship and posted a satisfactory top 6 finish after last year’s disappointment. Cameron could be the ticket out of the division, bagging 12 goals this time around.

Stanford Rivers (11th) 6th
Another season of improvement for Alan’s Stanford but they look like they are stuck in this division for a while. Too good to go down; too poor defensively to go up (for the last 20 season they’ve let in a between 32 and 46 goals – I can’t find a team more consistently average!)

Academy FC (8th) 7th
One more place improved, with goals more evenly spread in the team, this is a fine example of how to run a steady ship. Insiders have doubts if they’ve got enough in the tank to push on – rumours are rife that the manager is more afraid of the drop!

Shawood CF (relegated in 14th) 8th.
Chris may well be happy with mid-table after four years of struggle towards the bottom of the Premiership. History says they’ll need another season to get the ship in order before they push for promotion again. Goal-scoring was much improved: the only time they’ve bettered it in the last ten seasons was when they won this division.

Riverside Athletic (6th) 9th
Slipped back this year after losing Carl. Now being nurtured by Brian. The culling will have been harsh, and they will do well to survive a tough division.

The Vale (7th) 10th
Another promising start thrown away; another season stuck in division one. Hard to know if this will be the season when they kickback to the Premiership or whether they might slip into relegation trouble.

Rockwell Rangers (promoted 3rd) 11th.
The hopes of a triple promotion were a step too far for Baz’s team. Mind you, 11th isn’t a bad result considering the strength of several ex-Premiership teams in this division. It seemed to be all or nothing – the fans didn’t know which team would turn up; they just knew that a draw was unlikely!

West Craigs Wanderers (5th) 12th
Still stuck in Division One but a poor showing this year. Some thought they might be pushing on to higher things but as the competition increases some now think they will struggle to maintain their place. They don’t score many goals – the fans fondly remember the days of Falkenberg and Parker.

The Rising Sun (9th) 13th
This was a rather surprising season to many of us, who had higher expectations of the team that likes to rise through the divisions. Alas, it was a season of survival and was a damn good lesson to some of the players! Dag Overli was the only ray of sunshine for Ben with 9 goals.

FC Donny Toros (10th) 14th
Oh, dear; the decline continues, still without a recognised goal-scorer, these ex-Premiership champs are now in Division Two for the first time in their history. They are much fancied for a quick promotion though.

Staffs Rovers (Relegated 16th) Relegated 15th
Like some other big teams in recent seasons, this sinking stone will take a long time to halt. However, they’ve improved on last year in all departments. Steve is going to need a lot of patience with this lot – it may get worse before it gets better. Some think stable-mates FC Tayside are likely to Swap places with them.

Kingseat Utd (13th) Relegated 16th
David showed the magic last season but not this one. The team are weak and may find themselves in trouble again with so many strong teams in Division Two. They let in a club record 57 goals!


Sinjuns (relegated 16th) Promoted 1st.
Last year I wrote: “They’ve only been in division two once before – they emerged as champions! Are they ready, Simon? The giants will rise again!” and how right that was! He waited until the last game of the season but was so consistent. Most goals scored (54) since s11 (ironically when they won this division last time). Fewest goals conceded for 20 seasons and most team points in a similar timeframe. Most games won in their history. Are they on their way back to the Premiership? Division One is very competitive…

Madchester Utd FC (11th) Promoted 2nd.
Who cares about a leaky defence when you can score as many as these guys can? Goals spread nicely around the team and a new club record (51). Equalled most team points, too (58). Will the goals continue in Division One? Good luck, Chris.

Locomotiv Leigh (7th) 3rd
Dave made the most of his experience in the division to secure promotion. A tighter defence and plenty of goals; Blackamore is one to keep an eye on. A new club record for the most games won (18).

Vale Fledglings (4th) 4th
Same points and same position as last year. So nearly back in Div. 1. They’ve had a big sale though and are no-longer the most valuable team in Soccer Star. Is this a fresh approach to bring glory to the Fledglings at last?

Badger County (10th) 5th
That’s better! A strong season on the fringes of promotion with plenty of goals (and plenty conceded). Could well be a challenger again next season.

Mearns Utd (Promoted 1st) 6th.
A fantastic return to Division Two, this time helped by goals from Tom Wilson (13). This is a team that is on the way up! Despite finishing 6th, they did let in a lot of goals (worst from 13 seasons) and lost 13 games. Club record for fewest draws in a season (3)

Baseball FC (6th) 7th
Third year of finishing 6th or 7th – very consistent. As I said last year, they just let in too many goals – one of three clubs to have never let in less than 25 goals a season! More of the same next season, I expect.

Dundee Madrid (promotion 2nd) 8th
After last season’s great promotion, I think Dorrie will be pleased with a top-half finish – although he clearly has high aspirations for his Scottish dream team. Dale Oxborrow scored even more this season (14) and is one to watch, but Paula da Silva… she is – sorry, I mean he is - turning a few heads as well (with her – his - goal scoring, of course).

Lakeland Jags (12th) 9th
Mike is back! A steady improvement to mid-table and the most team points for 7 seasons. Would probably be happy to secure the division again next season while the team develops further.

Ruislip FC (5th) 10th
Not such a confident season this time around, from Richard’s Ruislip. They may fare a bit better this year as the squad is improving and there are a couple of culled teams around. A bit of defensive training is on the agenda!

Zebrahead (Promoted 3rd) 11th.
A good performance for this promoted team and their highest finish for over 20 seasons! Survival first and then targets those higher aspirations. Chris will need to watch the defence though because the conceded column is the worst for 8 seasons.

Otters (13th) 12th
Chris G has his work cut out with this team. He’s tightened the defence and found a goal scorer (Whitehead), but they continue in their tradition of low mid-table finishes. For the last 8 seasons in division two they’ve finished 11th, 11th, 9th, 13th, 13th, 11th, 13th, 12th!

Hammerton Jetz (9th) 13th
Managerless right up to the end of the season, only for Matt to come in and get them the last few points they needed for survival. Now he has high aspirations for the Jetz, despite the doubts of some fellow managers. Can he really build and survive at the same time in this tough division?

Inter Academy (relegation 15th) Relegation 14th.
Danny ‘NSA’ Smith has returned! He has got a big job with this team. Unmanaged for over a season which meant double relegation – back to the bottom division where they’ve spent most of their life!

Glenfield Colts (relegated 14th) relegated 15th
Double relegation but Rob is back with the impossible task of getting these lads to play well. Culled and culled again, there was no chance of being saved in the last few weeks of the season. They leaked a huge number of goals, almost as many as when they were ‘team 64’ 15 seasons ago… can Rob repair the squad and get some quick points on the board?

Montrose Lynxx (8th) relegated 16th
A new name but a familiar sinking feeling for poor Montrose. Don’t worry, they’ve had worse seasons than this. Dave will get them back on track.


Dynamo Saints (7th) 1st
I thought they were top 6 candidates last year, but Brian had a bigger vision: title winners! New club record for highest points total (62) and most wins (19). They could take Division Two by storm.

St Agnes Aces (8th) Promoted 2nd.
From ‘team64’ to promotion in three seasons – that’s how you do it! Several ‘best’ records for well over 10 seasons (games won, goals scored, team points) – the fans idolise you, Dave.

Park Juniors (15th) 3rd
“Will need a bit of Curtis magic.” And so, it was delivered! Well done, Dave. Promotion is a fabulous achievement with this team. Have they got enough to secure Division Two? 9th place is their highest ever finish – that is my target for you. :)

Bury St Peters (11th) 4th.
Chris Cook is the saviour of Bury! Having posted their worst finish for ages, they have been dragged to promotion challengers! Was it a one-off or do they have what it takes to challenge again? They’ve discovered a new hero in 10-goal Paul Lowrie, who could be their ticket to Division Two.

Ropery Rovers (relegated 15th) 5th
Steven has worked hard on the defence this year and calmed down the crazy ‘goals at either end’ approach, that the previous team were known for. A respectable challenger for promotion and the best GD for 5 seasons. Will be interesting to see how well they start next year.

AFC United (5th) 6th
A rebranding to AFC Utd and a now routine top 6 finish. Goals come easy to these guys, and they could be a surprise push for the top 3.

Victoria Park (6th) 7th
Great news for VP – they have a new manager. Gareth is trying to steady the ship and guide them out of Division 3. A solid 7th place this time around but for a time looked like they might sneak into the top three. They even had a dream run in the cup, which has helped them to get noticed. 9 seasons stuck in the bottom tier though. This season they scored the most goals in that time, helped again by Askwith and Hartree. Askwith sets a new club record with 16 goals.

Eastcote FC (14th) 8th
Richard’s first full season with the club and the target of a top half finish is well-founded. It might be too early for them to go higher but the aspiration is there – and the fans love it!

Forest Row (Relegated 16th) 9th
They lost their manager during the season, although he found his way back again (could have been inclement Scottish weather?) but his savoured return wasn’t enough to stop these ex-Premiership and SLFA cup double-winners, from posting their lowest ever finish. That will spur them on to a promotion challenging season, unless the cull damaged them too much.

Round Hill (relegated 14th) 10th
A very satisfactory season with a threadbare squad. Scored the most goals and points for 8 seasons when they got promoted to the Premiership – oh, how times changed being managerless. John seems to have juggled his workload to keep them on, so he clearly thinks they have potential.

Clachnacuddin (16th “Team 64”) 11th
An instant impact from new manager, Brian, sees more points, goals and wins, and a realistic 11th place. The team will be rebranded “Barely Football” next season, but the fans are patient and recognise that those young guns will develop over time and lead them onwards. They are also pleased they can now pronounce their team’s name!

Fetteresso Rovers (12th) 12th
Same as last year for Dave. A couple more win, a few more loses… not much to report!

FC Tayside (4th) 13th
A bit of a surprise after excelling last season but the task is great and long-term, made harder by the fact teams are getting stronger each season. Steve needs to keep that defence tight, or it’ll be hard to push into the top half.

Warriors (10th) 14th
Dave Curtis is going to see what he can do with this terrible team! He can’t do worse that 8 seasons ago when they didn’t score a single goal and therefore didn’t win any games! Oh, for the goal scoring days of Curtis Montrose when Chelsea Warriors were surging towards Division One. I don’t think those days will reappear quickly!

Anfield (9th) 15th
Mpenza is gone and control team status means these guys are likely to be in the bottom three next season. They let in 57 goals and should be cannon-fodder for all those managed teams down there.

Brinsley Magpies (13th) Team 64
Back to T64, I’m afraid. Just too many loses, in a tough division. Chris is working hard behind the scenes though, but the budget doesn’t go far when the inherited team was so poor. Could be another long season fighting to keep out of the bottom three.

Good luck for the new season - try to prove me wrong. :-)

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Season 37 – October 2017


Belton Raiders (3rd) 1st
“Need a top goal-scorer to turn those draws into title-winning wins” – how about 11 from N’Kufo and 10 from Adu? 5 draws turned to wins and the title was indeed theirs! Not many expected it, given the stranglehold of Athlone, Isleworth and Kirkdale, but Chris has done it. Belton won the Premiership 5 times in 6 seasons around 20 seasons ago.

Isleworth Utd (10th) 2nd
Yes, business as usual and a third 2nd place finish in four seasons. Reggae is back scoring. I wonder if the old magic is still there to stop Athlone – who are now arguable the best team in the NSA. They’ve only won the title once in the last 12 seasons.

Athlone FC (1st) 3rd
An identical WDL record to last year’s title, but this time it only gets 3rd place. The new NSA giants lost 6 games, showing that they can be beaten. Another 10 goals from Modeste.

Torpedo Belper (9th) 4th
More goals from Hrdina and great progress in only their second season in the Prem. They were in the title race until the last week or two and were very tough to beat. Good work, Paul. I’m not sure whether they have enough to push into the top 3 though – yet.

Kirkdale Rovers (2nd) 5th
The worst season for 7 years. Only 30 goals, only 42 points, only 5th place in the very difficult Premiership! Gimenez (11) and Hilton (10) score two thirds of the team goals. Will they ever push on to the title?

Cork City (7th) 6th
Cork have stopped the pattern of good/bad season and improved another place. A bit tighter on the goals (at both ends) but will need to do a lot more to push higher. Mid-table could be all they expect next year.

Vale Veterans (4th) 7th
The Veterans have found a top goal scorer in LL Young, but few others chipped in. Mind you, it is a fifth consecutive top 8 finish and a super model to anyone wanting to take a struggling team on from the bottom of Div. 3! Watch that defence though Alan: the worst record for 10 seasons (since they were Team 64).

Partizan (8th) 8th
A very consistent season from Simeon. A top half finish but not able to turn games into wins like they did previously. I wonder if they have got a bit more in the tank. They need to find a top scorer again, like they have throughout their history.

Longfield Rangers (5th) 9th
The end of an era: Marc has left Longfield; Wayne is rebranding them to Caratonions and the only way is down. In Marc’s frustration, lots of new players have come in, but I guess many will have been culled. 9th is the lowest finish for over ten seasons, but that wasn’t enough for the ex-manager of these ex-champions.

FC Roquetas (11th) 10th
Well, the scaremongering of possible relegation was misplaced – another repetitive low midtable finish! But fewer points, more conceded and a -11 GD are not signs of success in the near future. Mid table again next year?

Navenby (Promoted 3rd) 11th.
A new name and a decent first season in the Premiership. The goal scoring has dried up a bit, as the players get used to the higher pace and skill level, but their team look strong and confident of securing another mid-table finish next season.

Olympic Sheffield (Promoted in 1st) 12th.
Olympic managed to stop their curse of getting relegated immediately after promotion, but it was close. They got the result they needed on the last week and finished 12th. Joint lowest number of games won in a season (7).

Tottenham Vale (13th) 13th
One point improvement on last season, but the same skin-of-the-teeth 13th place. Much harder to beat, but they need to score more, or they’ll be favourites for going down.

Allestree Allstars (Promoted 2nd) Relegated 14th.
They may well have aimed for 13th, but no such luck. A short-lived Premiership stay, but they enjoyed every minute. Paul O’Laris added another 10 goals to his tally but needed more support from his colleagues. The team isn’t changing much, so should be a good bet for a top 6 finish, but that’s easy to say….

Toothill Tigers (6th) Relegated 15th
27 consecutive seasons in the Premiership are over! Shocking for one of the giants of the NSA. Fewest games won, fewest points and their first EVER relegation (since records began).

Frog FC (12th) Relegated 16th
And it went horribly wrong. One of the favourites to go down, and they did. Not without a fight though. 28 points is normally enough to not be propping up the table. They need Costalopolos to come out of retirement or Division 1 could be very difficult for them.


Dark Alliance (relegated 14th) promoted 1st.
DA got the quick return that they hoped for, but it was hard work because they didn’t score that many. Nequest and R’Akad were a good partnership though. Last time they got promoted they were able to get a safe mid-table, but it soon deteriorated. Can they secure themselves as a mid-table force?

Poole T Panthers (4th) Promoted 2nd.
As expected, PTP are back in the Prem. More goals from Zoom (who was silly enough to sell him?) and another high scoring season. The last three times they’ve reached the Premiership, they’ve hung around for a couple of seasons – history says they’ll finish 12th next season.

Locomotiv Leigh (Promoted 3rd) Promoted 3rd.
Dave does it again! Consecutive promotions and he’s in the Premiership for the first time in 16 seasons. They lasted for two seasons last time, with an impressive 7th as the club record. Goals from Salsa were vital, if Blackmore and Jaime keep shooting them in, they’ll be a good mid-table team.

Stanford Rivers (6th) 4th
Alan must have heard me as Stanford significantly stop the goals going in for their lowest ever GC (22) but only 30 scored leaves them tantalisingly close to the Premiership. One more season of improvement and they’ll be there.

Shawood CF (8th) 5th
As I said last year, “History says they’ll need another season to get the ship in order before they push for promotion again.” A solid improvement and could be one of the top teams for promotion next year. Even tighter at the back – best performance for over 25 seasons. Come on, Chris, a few more goals scored, and you’ll be there.

Real Academy (relegated 16th) 6th
Back to winning is a great feeling and a top 6 finish is a fine result after the relegation in the previous year. A few more goals, shared around the team, but they miss the days of Edmare and Maclean.

The Rising Sun (13th) 7th
Back on track and in no small part to Peter Hartley (as well as Ben). A positive goal difference and plenty of wins. History says this is the last season they’ll have in Division 1, but will they go up… or down?

Korova Milk (7th) 8th
Steady eddy – a third mid-table finish… I predict 8 goals from Costa, 7th or 8th finish with 42/43 points! In reality, the team is developing well, and they could be an outside bet for a top 3 finish.

Merthyr Tydfil (Relegated 15th) 9th
It’s been a tough season for Merthyr: they have had to get used to a lower division and have been shocked by how competitive it is since they were last there. Their fifth season with a negative goal difference and a bottom half finish are the keys to why the supporters are getting frustrated after the previous seasons of success. Baz has a plan though: take them into the Zakrese chain! Watch this space.

Sinjuns (Promoted 1st) 10th.
I think Simon will be happy enough with the team performance this year. Div. 1 was painful for them last time and it is very competitive. They only lost 8 games (the same as when they got promoted as champions last season!) but drew 14. Now, if those draws became wins… then next season could be a good one. A few may fancy Sinjuns for a top 6 finish.

The Vale (10th) 11th
A pretty much ‘nothing’ season, again. Never in trouble, never exciting the fans with the chance of promotion. They have been stuck here for 12 seasons, the longest in the history of Division One! There is a bright point: 26 goals matches their club record for the fewest goals conceded in a season.

Madchester Utd FC (Promoted 2nd) 12th.
The goals dried up a bit, but there was enough firepower to settle the nerves and secure Div. 1 status. Chris originally took this team from Div. 3 to the Prem (Newcastle Utd.) and he’d dearly like to return them there. A fully managed NSA means that isn’t as easy as it seems. They have to find a top scorer.

Rockwell Rangers (11th) 13th
The goals have dried up and hopes of pushing on to the Premiership (30 seasons since they were there) are vanishing too. Lots of quality but a few older players who may not hang around long enough. That said, they didn’t concede many and if those draws had gone the other way, there would have been nothing to worry about. I’m sure Baz will have a trick or two up his sleeve.

Northern Utd (5th) Relegated 14th
A massive drying up of goals, a few retirements and Paul was unable to stop the rot: a second relegation in three seasons. Having ripped the lower divisions apart to get the Premiership they are back in Division Two. Mind you, this happened over 20 seasons ago… and they responded by winning the division! I like setting you a challenge, Paul!

West Craigs Wanderers (12th) Relegated 15th
The doubts that were creeping into the mind of a section of the fans were justified – WCW are down. It took them 8 seasons to get out of Div. 2 so they will be hoping for a much quicker return this time. Cracking little team though, so many are tipping them to go straight back up.

Riverside Athletic (9th) Relegated 16th
It was always going to be a tough ask for Brian to keep these guys up after the culling. It was their worst performance since they were ‘team 64’ ten seasons ago. Hopefully they have been rebuilding and will find their feet in Division Two.


Jetz (13th) Promoted 1st.
“Now he has high aspirations for the Jetz, despite the doubts of some fellow managers. Can he really build and survive at the same time in this tough division?” Er, yes, it would seem! Matt smashes his way into Division 1 for the first time in 11 seasons. They don’t score a huge amount but have discovered a new star in Felix Tropjeune, who scored 13. They’ve only been in division 1 twice, the first time they got promoted and the second time they were just passing through… I wonder what they’ll do this time.

Vale Fledglings (4th) Promoted 2nd.
The big sell-off may have helped as the massive Vale Fledglings get promoted at last! They actually got the same number of points as last year but secured 2nd place. It’s been about 15 seasons since they were last in division 1 (last time they only lasted one season). Have they got the focus to push to the Premiership where you might expect them to be?

FC Donny Toros (14th) Promoted 3rd.
Just one season in Division Two was enough to kickstart Chris’s team. Lots of goals (good to see Riera back in the game) and their best performance for a number of seasons. I think they will adapt quickly to Division One and be very hard to beat.

Baseball FC (7th) 4th
A little more consistency this year and a more concerted effort at promotion. Regular goals from Hardy and, this time, Oldham, gave them their highest goals scored for over 20 seasons. Have they got enough to get promoted though?

St Agnes Aces (Promoted 2nd) 5th.
The rapid improvement in fortunes for this club continues: they were solid contenders all season and achieved a very creditable 5th place. A new top scorer in A. Connell (10) could be just what they need to go for promotion this season.

Dundee Madrid (8th) 6th
Loaaads more goals thanks to Hooper (16 – a club record) and more from Oxborrow (13) so that sets a new club record of goals scored (57). A shame they lost so many games – it seemed all or nothing, but the fans loved the 106 goals at either end! Next up: division one, Dorrie?

Ruislip FC (10th) 7th
Well, that’s better, Richard. More goals, more points and a top ten scorer in P. Aguero (10). If some of those draws turn to wins then you’ve got a promotion challenging team… of course, that works both ways…

Mearns Utd (6th) 8th
On the surface it wouldn’t seem a great season, dropping two places, but they let in 20 fewer goals and only lost 10 games. If Bobby Street can start scoring again, I think they could progress.

Zebrahead (11th) 9th
Another season of steady improvement – up to 9th now. If Chris can keep this up, they could reach the promised land of Division 1 – never before has this happened for NSA40. I just feel they don’t score enough…

Dynamo Saints (Promoted 1st) 10th.
After the great promotion season last time around, I did think that Dynamo would push on quickly through Division 2. However, it is just as hard to escape as Div. 3! 10th place is a sound start but too many draws stopped it from being a great season.

Badger County (5th) 11th
Having challenged for promotion at some point for most of the last 7 sevens, they fall to a lowly 11th AND lose their manager. Paul has left to create his own 5 a-side team, but Richard quickly steps into his shoes. Severe culling and a bad start to the season and Richard could be preparing for the ultimate challenge of Div. 3 to Prem!

Otters (12th) 12th
Not again! 9 seasons of finishing 9-13th in this division. Same points total but much harder to beat, a few more goals too. These guys need a spark if they are to move onwards and upwards.

Park Juniors (Promoted 3rd) 13th.
I know it looks like survival, but this is a good finish for Park Juniors. They are one of the worst performing teams in the NSA and were only 4 places off a highest finish! Plenty of goals at both ends kept the fans excited. I’m not sure how much more they can give next season though. EDIT: They are now going to be rebranded for next season as Bootle Boys, thanks for Wayne. A new era, perhaps?

Staffs Rovers (Relegated 15th) Relegated 14th
Yes, it is hard to stop a culled team from dropping – and it is a triple relegation for these guys. Steve is playing a very patient game and he can see the potential. As last season, they are getting better. More goals, fewer conceded etc. I’m sure they will be challenging in division three now the squad is more secure.

Lakeland Jags (9th) Relegated 15th
Relegation is not what was expected but the sheer number of goals let in at the back (60) contributed to only 4 wins. Alas, this is the first time Lakeland have ever been in the top division.

Kingseat Utd (Relegated 16th) Relegated 16th)
Oh dear. Double relegation and the loss of their manager. Now to be rebranded at Blackburn Olympic by Mark. They set another record – they improved their worst ever goals conceded (set last year) from 57 to 70! Ouch. Good luck with them, Mark.


Bury St Peters (4th) Promoted 1st.
“Paul Lowrie…could be their ticket to Division Two.” And he was. Another 9 goals from Paul, and Chris has found the recipe for success. Most goals scored for 12 seasons. I think Chris will find it harder next season though, but maybe mid-table?

Fetteresso Rovers (12th) Promoted 2nd
Fetteresso have been reignited! Having slumbered in bottom half of the table finishes for 6 seasons, boom – 2nd place. Most games won (17), fewest goals conceded (17) and most points (56) in the history of NSA15. Onwards and upwards, Dave.

Glenfield Colts (relegated 15th) Promotion 3rd
I’m not sure how Rob did it, but they escaped from Division 3 at the first attempt! Although they didn’t score that many, they recorded their best GD for 13 seasons. Alan Miller (8) helped them again this season. If Rob stays around long enough, they might do well.

Victoria Park (7th) 4th
Gareth has done a great job at VP, and an improvement of 3 places. In truth, they looked like they were going to get promoted. The only club, this season, with 3 players in the top 10 goal scorers list. Most games won, goals scored, points gained for 11 seasons, since the last time they got promoted.

FC Tayside (13th) 5th
A great season for Steve, with a much tighter defence and plenty of wins – a real force to be reckoned with. Not bad, considering they were triple ‘team 64’ just five seasons ago. Most club wins since they got promoted to the Premiership, but that last a LONG time ago (27 seasons!) I think Steve will be targeting promotion this time around which will stop a run of 20 consecutive seasons in the bottom flight (a record only beaten by Inter Academy/Dundee Rovers who had 24).

Ropery Rovers (5th) 6th
Another positive GD season, identical points, WDL figures to last year. Even the top ten goal scorers are the same Berryman (13) and Steele (8). I have high hopes that Steven will get these guys promoted soon.

Forest Row (9th) 7th
The sinking ship has been steadied and an improvement of two places, mainly due to those draws being converted to wins. David will soon have these guys back into promotion challenging form. Edwin Ariza looks like a bright spark in front of goal and that could be vital.

Round Hill (10th) 8th
An improvement to a top half finish is good enough for their manager. They only lost 8 games, but I think that was because the opposition had been bored to sleep. The tightest defence and highest points total for a number of seasons.

AFC United (6th) 9th
Although some had high hopes for AFC this season, they ended up losing their manager and fizzled out to midtable. Pretty tight at the back, but without a manager the high scoring performances of the last few seasons failed to happen. But there is light: Mike Taylor has returned to the NSA; so, has the Moles Rangers name from the earliest days of the NSA! Mike knows how to put a smile on my face. The Moles branding continues to be the most successful for NSA30 which led to their one and only season in the Premiership! Back in the days when the Chan and Racic strike force put the fear of God into all defences!

Eastcote FC (8th) 10th
Two places lower this season, but a steady mid-table position is nothing to be ashamed of in this highly competitive division. Henry Player enters the top 10 goal scorers’ chart was a plus point and a bit of hope for next season. The defence needs to get tighter though.

Dundee Rovers (Relegation 14th) 11th
A new name and new hope! Danny steadies the ship, but I can’t see them floating upwards too quickly. NSA49 seem to love this division.

Angus United (Relegated 16th) 12th
More goals and a better performance all-round, but there’s a lot of work before these guys go back up the divisions.

Anfield (15th) 13th
I was wrong; they weren’t in the bottom three – Wayne is back with the team I always associate with him. Quick improvements saw his guide them safely to 13th and time will tell how much more he can do for these sleeping giants. They used to have a massive stadium, but it has never seen Premiership football.

Brinsley Magpies (Team 64) 14th
As expected, it is another bottom three finish, but a new name next season (Everton Utd.) and recognition that the squad is developing, could mean a break into the top 12! They were much tighter at the back (best for 4 seasons) but need to find some firepower.

Barely Football (11th) 15th
One season playing something loosely described as football, and Brian’s bunch of headless chickens’ relapse. It is only a blip though, as a closer look at the team and improvements are visible. Another rebranding to Brora Rangers should take them closer to their roots – and who knows? – a top 10 finish?

Dynamo Eintracht (14th) 16th Team 64
The impossible task was just that – impossible. History repeats itself and NSA64 becomes T64 for the third time. 58 goals conceded, but that wasn’t their worst. Only 24 goals scored, but that’s not their worst either. An awful team who are likely to remain so for some time. Will be known as Harefield next year, as Richard has taken them on.

Allestree Allstars nsa35
Dark Alliance nsa10
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Season 38 – May 2018


Kirkdale Rovers (5th) Champions 1st
At last, they’ve done it! Having been top 6 for the last 8 seasons, they are Champions! Joint fewest losses in a season (4). Mark Hilton gets plenty of goals again.

Athlone FC (3rd) 2nd
Only missed the title by one point having had an identical GD with Kirkdale. Chris will be pleased with a 1-2 as he dominates the league. It is now 15 seasons in a row of being in the top 5. I wish I knew his secret. Chris MacKenzie could be his secret though: another 15 goals – but he has now retired. Do they have enough firepower without him? Nike, Modeste… yep, probably!

Partizan (8th) 3rd
Well done, Simeon: a highest league finish for Partizan! Still no big-name top scorer but plenty of goals and kept it tight at the back. Is this a sign of a consistent top 6 team, or a flash in the pan?

Isleworth Utd (2nd) 4th
Another comfortable top six finish, but never really looked like taking the title back. Reggae gets 17 goals and is the NSA top scorer for the season, but he didn’t get enough support from the rest of the team, or from the defence. They’ll probably be top 6 again next year. They also comfortably won the SLFA cup – again! Well done, Joe.

Dark Alliance (promoted 1st) 5th.
The aim was to try and secure mid-table status and this was exceeded with the joint highest finish for the club. Fewest goals conceded for over 20 seasons really helped the cause. The aim for next season surely has to be a boring mid-table finish, with an eye on the top 6.

Navenby (11th) 6th
As expected, the quality through this team helped to secure mid-table status and push on to the top 6. Five points clear of 7th and could be a surprise package next year. Silkovic gets 11 more goals in a very attacking minded season – only once have they scored more. Certainly, the most they’ve ever had in the Premiership.

Cork City (6th) 7th
Another steady season. Mid-table was expected, and that’s what they got. Lots of win – lots of loses – all or nothing really. A similar theme for the last 6 seasons of Premiership action.

Vale Veterans (7th) 8th
A bit tighter at the back than last season, but otherwise a very similar performance. It depends if your glass is half-full or half empty: 6 seasons in the top half of the Premiership; or the lowest position for 6 seasons – have they run out of steam?

Belton Raiders (1st) 9th
Poor Belton – last year they were champions (admittedly a bit of a surprise from the usual suspects) but now their lowest finish for eight seasons. Such a good team with so much history, they should be aiming for a top half finish next year.

FC Roquetas (10th) 10th
The obvious prediction of a mid-table finish comes true again. This team are too good to go down and yet don’t seem to have enough to push on from the 9th/10th/11th monotony. 10th again next year, Chris?

Tottenham Vale (13th) 11th
Like FC Roquetas, Tottenham are stuck in that band just above relegation. They were much more comfortable this year, but they have been 11th/12th/13th for the last four seasons. As teams get stronger, they could be possibilities for relegation. I said that last year and it spurred them on to prove me wrong though.

Torpedo Belper (4th) 12th
A big contrast in performance for Paul’s team. The all-out attacking, high-scoring style is loved by many, but they lost too many games – the most for 12 seasons. The newbie bubble seems to have burst. Is this a one-off or will next season be a battle for survival?

Olympic Sheffield (12th) 13th
Although 13th isn’t a great finish, they were 9 points clear of relegation and so weren’t too concerned. They could only manage 24 goals which isn’t what we would normally expect. They seem to be a yo-yo team: what we don’t know is whether they’ll be loitering near the bottom 5 or the top 5.

Locomotiv Leigh (Promoted 3rd) Relegated 14th.
What goes up, invariably comes down. Dreams of matching his highest finish of 7th quickly departed in the first couple of weeks and double promotion becomes relegation. The test for Dave will be on adjusting and bouncing back, and not tumbling further – which does seem to be happen in the NSA, with Division 1 being so strong. Most goals conceded for 24 seasons.

Poole T Panthers (Promoted 2nd) Relegated 15th.
“The last three times they’ve reached the Premiership, they’ve hung around for a couple of seasons – history says they’ll finish 12th next season.” OK, so don’t listen to my stupid ideas, Poole had a tough season and fall back with a disappointing 15th. Even a top 10 goal scorer, Lawrence, couldn't save them.

Caratonions (9th) Relegated 16th
Favourites to go down with a culled squad, so no shame in that. In fact, the shame should be on the two teams who were beaten by them. Obviously, there are a number of new club records (none of them good news): fewest games won (2), most games lost (23), fewest goals scored (8), most goals conceded (55) and fewest points (11). At least that has set a new benchmark for Wayne to work from.


Shawood CF (5th) Champions 1st
“A solid improvement and could be one of the top teams for promotion next year. Even tighter at the back – best performance for over 25 seasons. Come on, Chris, a few more goals scored, and you’ll be there.” Thanks for listening, Chris. ;-) A club record 49 goals scored, the player in the top 10 scoring lists for the first time in 15 seasons and at last back to the Premiership. It was close though, only a point clear of 2nd and 3rd.

The Vale (11th) Promoted 2nd.
At last, after far too many seasons stuck in Division One (an NSA record), they are back in the Premiership. It’s taken a long time to return – will they make the most of the chance?

The Rising Sun (7th) Promoted 3rd.
“History says this is the last season they’ll have in Division 1, but will they go up… or down?” And the answer is: Up! Well done, Ben. Sorry to have applied the pressure. Anyway, here’s some more: NSA51 have only had one season in the Premiership before, coming 14th… let’s see what you and Peter Hartley can do.

Sinjuns (10th) 4th
The much-fancied Sinjuns team keep on moving upwards and secure a very creditable 4th. Fewest goals conceded (21) and only 6 defeats (even the promoted teams couldn’t do better than that). Should be favourites to promote, but it’s a tough division.

Zakrese Rangers (9th) 5th
Baz is working well to turn this team around. A positive goal difference at last and a top 10 goal scorer – in fact, the highest in Div. 1 (Swales). Only lost 6 games, so just needs to convert a few of those draws into wins and promotion could be theirs. Probably the highlight of the season was a cup final appearance, losing to Isleworth.

Toothill Tigers (Relegated 15th) 6th
A good season of consolidation for Alan’s Toothill. They will be challenging again next season to return to the Premiership that they are so familiar with. Fewest games lost for 9 seasons.

Vale Fledglings (Promoted 2nd) 7th.
A bit of relief for this under-performing team; a no-frills, low-stress, mid-table finish. That’s better. Surprisingly, this is their highest finish in the NSA! Not what you would expect for a team known as the most expensive in NSA history (in the main) for a large number of seasons. Upwards from here?

Real Academy (6th) 8th
Another steady mid-table season for Simon. A bit of consistency isn’t a bad thing - Real Academy is the longest running name that NSA62 have ever had in their name-changing history.

Korova Milk (8th) 9th
A fourth mid-table finish and perhaps a slightly disappointing one for Ben. I thought a top-half finish much more likely with a few more goals. Alas, the main difference was the joint club record-breaking number of draws.

Allestree Allstars (Relegated 14th) 10th
A very disappointing season having been tipped for a top six finish. The only bright spot was Paul O’Laris getting in the top ten goal scorers’ chart for a third successive season.

Jetz (Promoted 1st) 11th.
Felix Tropjeune does well again with 9 – clearly, he is Jetz’s main man. This was a bit of a consolidation season; it would seem with no risk of being involved in the promotion battle, but a safe 5 points clear of relegation. A minus 13 GD will concern Matt.

FC Donny Toros (Promoted 3rd) 12th.
I thought Chris would have had a better season than this, but like the other two promoted teams, there wasn’t any real concern about troubling the top 6. A nasty negative GD and joint most games lost in the division this season will lead Chris to hoping for much better next year.

Madchester Utd FC (12th) 13th
The lowest goal scorers in the division and they drop another place. They survive relegation by one point and have to address the goalscoring so they can turn those draws (joint divisional highest this season) into wins. But then – lots of us are worried about that!

Frog FC (Relegated 16th) 14th
Double relegation was on the cards, and it just shows what a long-term goal scorer can do for your team (and what it’s like when they retire). They haven’t been as low as Division 2 for 12 seasons – but the last time they went down they came straight back up.

Rockwell Rangers (13th) 15th
It hasn’t been a good time for Rockwell in Division 1. Three seasons and dropping closer to relegation each time. It was partially expected but still sad to see. They were only 1 point from safety in a very close finish to the season.

Stanford Rivers (4th) 16th
Shocking. This time last season, Stanford were licking their wounds having just missed the ticket to go back to the Premiership. This season they are commiserating themselves on going down to Division 2.


Northern Utd (Relegated 14th) Champions 1st
Last year I said: “Having ripped the lower divisions apart to get the Premiership they are back in Division Two. Mind you, this happened over 20 seasons ago… and they responded by winning the division! I like setting you a challenge, Paul!” Nice one, Paul. That’s the fourth time you’ve won Div. 2. I might need to start a new stat table for that… OK, here is another challenge. The three times you’ve got promoted to Division 1 you twice followed it with promotion to the Premiership...

St Agnes Aces (5th) Promoted 2nd.
A very comfortable season with loads of wins and goals. Eliakwu gets 11 goals and Acuna 9. Another 30+ were spread around the team! This is the first time the team have ever been promoted from Division 2 because most of their early life was spent in the Premiership. In fact, they’ve only ever been in Div. 2 for three seasons (winning it on 1 occasion)

Zebrahead (9th) 3rd
Still a very low scoring team but they’ve done it: division one for the first time in their history. They only lost 6 games the best in the division. I wonder if they’ve got enough to hang around in Division 1. It’ll be a new highest finish wherever they end up.

Dundee Madrid (6th) 4th
More steady improvement but not enough for promotion. Plenty of goals at both ends and the highest finish for ten seasons. There is a new manager in the house, and the steady hands of David C has rebranded them to the old favourite of Park Juniors, ending 21 seasons of Danny’s (and then Dorrie’s) Dundee Madrid.

Otters (12th) 5th
Something has happened in the Otter camp – 9 seasons of boring nothingness and then a 5th place finish only two points off promotion! Lots of wins; lots of loses – the fans have no fingernails left. Well done, Chris.

Ruislip FC (7th) 6th
Aguero is at it again (11) and helps Richard to improve on last year. They have a good-looking squad and should be in the race again next season.

West Craigs Wanderers (Relegated 15th) 7th.
It was very sad to see longstanding manager, Dorrie, leave the club and the NSA. I had enjoyed playing against WCW for many seasons. They are now going to be managed by Dave C who has rebranded them Castlebay in the hope of taking them back to division one.

Bury St Peters (Promoted 1st) 8th.
Paul Lowrie does it for a third season in a row – 9 goals this time. They were the best performing of the promoted teams with a respectable mid-table 8th. If Chris can keep the strikers doing their job, they could be surprise promotion challenger.

Fetteresso Rovers (Promoted 2nd) 9th.
The best of the rest – and a very good finish for a promoted team. Far too many loses to have higher aspirations and in need of a goal scorer if they are going to progress. A good season though.

Glenfield Colts (Promotion 3rd) 10th
Rob did his usual trick of disappearing ;-) but Wayne stepped into the breach. They will be known as Boston Colts for next season. It depends on culling, but I’d have thought a good mid-table.

Dynamo Saints (10th) 11th
Like last season, too many draws, and they ended up just keeping themselves out of a relegation dogfight. It was such a close bottom half of the division that a couple of wins made all the difference.

Bootle Boys (13th) 12th
A new name last year, but an identical record! One place higher this time. Darren Walker (9) is a bright point in the team, and he needs a whole load of support if the team are going to push into the top half of the table.

Baseball FC (4th) 13th
Normally a regular for a promotion push and then saved from relegation on GD! No top goal scorers and the worst finish for six seasons. Is this the start of the end or a curious blip?

Riverside Athletic (Relegated 16th) Relegated 14th
It’s double relegation for this culled team. They put up a good fight though and were only 6 points off 9th place! Ironically, Kris Boyd was the division’s top scorer with 13 goals – I’d need to check my records on how many times that has happened before! If they can keep this team together, I’m sure they will return.

Mearns Utd (8th) Relegated 15th
Woeful defending eclipses all the efforts at the other end of the pitch. If you let in 54 goals, you will lose a lot of games. After three seasons in division two, they are back in the bottom tier.

Badger County (11th) Relegated 16th
Badgers were culled and Richard didn’t hang around but there is new hope: Wayne has taken them on and rebranded them Lincolnshire FC after 23 seasons of Badger County. They will start afresh from division 3 and see if they can progress from there.


Anfield (13th) Champions 1st
Yes, you saw this correctly: From 13th to Champions. Wayne has the magic touch with his classic NSA team. To say the fans are ecstatic is an understatement! No fewer than three top ten goal scorers and first time being a divisional champion in their history. Other club records: most wins (19), fewest loses (5), fewest conceded (25) and most points (63). Not bad!

Victoria Park (4th) Promoted 2nd.
So close last year, the manager has done it! Victoria Park halt 12 seasons in the bottom tier. 51 goals in the league with Rose and Okazaki being the main contributors.

Staffs Rovers (Relegated 14th) Promoted 3rd.
Steve was quietly confident, and they do indeed bounce straight back to division two. A club record for goals conceded (20) was the basis for a great season. Having dropped like a stone from the Premiership, the question is: how quickly can Steve take them back?

Moles Rangers (9th) 4th
Mike’s magic so nearly got Moles out of this division of doom. A fine 4th place with plenty of wins and goals. It would be a brave manager to bet against them getting promoted this season.

Newtonhill (11th) 5th
An old name and an old story: stuck in division three. With so many good teams down in the bottom tier, it will take something special to get out of it.

Round Hill (8th) 6th
A great season for Round Hill – in fact, their best for ten seasons. Most wins, goals and points since that distant season when they got promoted to the Premiership with Dan Bell (or was that a dream?)

FC Tayside (5th) 7th
Another season in the bottom tier but a top half finish goes without saying nowadays. Club record for goals conceded with only 20. That is a great foundation to build upon, Steve.

Ropery Rovers (6th) 8th
Berryman makes it three seasons running in the top ten. This team are consistently in the top half and have to push on soon…

Everton United (14th) 9th
Their best season for 5 years and they easily glide into the top ten. The verdict is out as to how much further they can push next season, but they are certainly heading in the right direction.

Forest Row (7th) 10th
Not much to cheer about this season, as Forest Row sink to 10th place. Mundane in all aspects; never at risk of the bottom three; never at risk of surprising the top six.

Eastcote FC (10th) 11th
The trend is downwards but there was a big gap from 12th place. One of the also-ran teams that didn’t really get going at all this season. There’s always next year.

Brora Rangers (15th) 12th
Three places better but that top ten finish was an enormous eleven points away. This really is a tough division which needs a lot of patience to escape.

Harefield FC (Team 64 – 16th) 13th
Richard’s rebranding and careful handling takes the team up to the heady heights of 13th! Alas, that was too much excitement and Richard has stepped aside. Wayne steps in – and will have a lot of work on his hands! AFC Liverpool, next season.

Angus United (12th) 14th
This is an all-time low for Dave’s team. 62nd place. They only managed 16 goals last season which was only ‘bettered’ by Caratonions.

Lakeland Jags (Relegated 15th)15th
After last season’s surprise relegation, this season’s 15th is jaw-dropping. The first time Lakeland have ever been in the bottom tier and therefore their lowest ever finish. Let me just pick up my jaw… Mike has it all in hand folks, don’t worry. They’ll probably get themselves promoted next year!

Blackburn Olympic (Relegated 16th) Team 64
Mark didn’t hang around long with this pile of whatever – and they soon became the control team. Culled and team 64 for the first time in their history. I would wager that they will be again next year, too.

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Dark Alliance nsa10
Duffield Dynamos opal39
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Season 39 – Dec 2018


Navenby (6th) Champions 1st
“…and could be a surprise package next year.” Yes, but surely not to win it. Well done, Leigh – a truly magnificent season! 7 seasons ago they were in Division 3, but this is their 3rd divisional title since then (winning D3 and D2 on the way up). They are only the 14th team (by team code) to ever win the NSA Premiership. Kirkdale couldn’t defend the title last year and despite the huge quality in the team, I think that will be too much to expect of Navenby too. Top 6 very likely though.

Isleworth Utd (4th) 2nd
This is the 6th time the Isleworth players have claimed the runners-up prize – added to all those times they have won it too. Nevertheless, they didn’t look like seriously challenging for the title given the lead and dominance that Navenby had this season. One of many teams who will be first on the list for a top 6 finish.

Cork City (7th) 3rd
A fabulous example for all aspiring teams to follow, Cork have turned themselves into a consistent Premiership team. Even better this season though with their highest ever finish in the NSA. Only missed out on the runner-up spot on GD. A great season, Simeon.

Dark Alliance (5th) 4th
A second consecutive highest finish for the club. The faint hopes of another top 6 finish quickly developed with plenty of goals, especially from Soloman. He has been a top divisional scorer for three seasons in a row and shows no sign of stopping. At his young age, he could easily clear the 100 threshold and is one to watch. A serious contender for a top 6 finish again.

Kirkdale Rovers (Champions 1st) 5th
After all that time of trying to win the title, the next massive accolade would have been to maintain it – that’s not so easy. A tight defence (the best in the Premiership) wasn’t enough to compensate for the lack of scoring. Ended up 10 points off top spot. Consistently in the top 6, so I’m sure they’ll be there again next season.

The Rising Sun (NSA51) (Promoted 3rd) 6th.
What a great season! Ben’s team smashed their previous best finish of 14th to record a top 6 finish! There is talk of a statue of Ben being erected near the approach to the North Stand; akin to the one built for Bo after his double SLFA cup finals in s29 and 31. This team is enjoying its best ever period in SS.

Athlone FC (2nd) 7th
A genuine shock. Their worst performance for 16 seasons. Clearly their retired and celebrated striker MacKensie was the glue that kept this team performing. The question is: will their quality shine through and treat this as a blip year, or is there a more fundamental weakness in the team? Got to be top 6 still, surely?

Belton Raiders (9th) 8th
Only just in the top half, as expected, but really a disappointing mid-table finish. Having won the Premiership three seasons ago, and with their illustrious history, I hope Chris can inspire his troops to push back into the top 6.

Olympic Sheffield (13th) 9th
A rather mediocre season with an unentertaining number of goals at either end of the pitch. Still, an improvement on last season and probably enough to avoid any predictions of relegation.

Partizan (3rd) 10th
Some said last season was Partizan’s move to becoming a consistent top 6 team; others said it was a flash in the pan. Sorry if that was a curse… Either way, last season was back to normality – solid, unexciting, but a quality Premiership team. They excelled in the cup and got the final but were undone by an 88th minute own goal.

Torpedo Belper (12th) 11th
It was a long hard season for Paul’s team, but they showed true managerial grit and turned it around in time. An improved finish on last season but many doubt they will be able to push much higher up the table. They just didn’t score enough and relied on Teixeria as a top 10 scorer too much. To their credit, they have had a top 10 scorer for the last 7 seasons!

FC Roquetas (10th) 12th
As I’ve said before these guys seem to be too good to go down and yet never quite find enough to impress. Slipping to 12th is quite worrying with the increased quality of the top division. I think next season will be an all-or-nothing one and buck the trend: a surprise top 6 or relegation. Solid top 10 goal scorer in Aubameyang could be the difference – but he’s been surprisingly auctioned off with a number of other high-quality older players as Chris looks to lower the age of the squad.

Shawood CF (Promoted 1st) 13th.
Objective met: survival. I think Chris will have higher aims next season though and a mid-table finish is more likely.

Vale Veterans (8th) Relegated 14th
I secretly wanted VV to be the first NSA team to go from Team 64 to Premiership champions. After years of progress, they have now slipped away – like their beloved manager, Alan. They will be renamed PSV Caley for next season under the guidance of Dave C. who will try to reignite the club again. The did win the SLFA cup though, which could be a fitting finale for the VV era of the club.

Tottenham Vale (11th) Relegated 15th
Always highly likely to go down after a number of low finishes but the loss of long-team manager, Alan, was the final straw. Team records for most losses (20), fewest goals (19) and fewest points (20). Will be managed by Wayne next season.

The Vale (Promoted 2nd) Relegated 16th.
What goes up, must come down. The Vale didn’t last long in the Premiership and now they have been culled, it will be a huge challenge for new manager, Gareth Shore, to keep them in Division 1. Only the ‘control team’ (Blackburn Olympic) scored fewer goals, so that will be a good place to start for the team.


Zakrese Rangers (5th) Promoted 1st.
“Only lost 6 games, so just needs to convert a few of those draws into wins and promotion could be theirs.” Another amazing season with only 6 losses again and lots of wins to easily take the title. This is NSA28’s first ever title. Club record fewest goals conceded (23) and joint most wins (18) for the fourth time.

Korova Milk (9th) Promoted 2nd.
Third season lucky for Ben’s Milk squad. Last time this team got promoted to the Premiership this finished in 3rd place! Surely that is unlikely again? Mind you, Ben has got The Rising Sun to 6th, so you never know.

Allestree Allstars (10th) Promoted 3rd.
A sixth promotion for NSA35 but only once have they been champions. Certainly, they were looking very strong, but periods of collapse left the manager feeling very relieved that they even got promoted. It’s their second chance to succeed in the Premiership, but they’ll need to do better than last time.

Poole T Panthers (Relegated 15th) 4th
A fabulous season that could easily have been a promotion party, given the rather inept end-of-season form of at least one team above. It all came down to the last game of the season which ultimately leaves Poole as firm favourites for promotion next season.

St Agnes Aces (Promoted 2nd) 5th.
So, that’s your season to adjust, Dave, now it’s time to get promoted to the Premiership. Well, that’s what you’ve done since dragging the team up from division three. All this talk about it being competitive in the NSA and you seem to waltz through the divisions! They will be hot favourites for promotion, along with stable mates Poole. A formidable duo.

Sinjuns (4th) 6th
Many fancied Sinjuns to promote this season but it’s a tough ask to escape. 6th place might not seem so good, but they were joint 4th and only 3 points off promotion. Seemingly stuck but still got to be amongst the favourites to go up.

Toothill Tigers (6th) 7th
One place down but a steady position given their loss of long-term manager, Alan. Alan led them to 27 seasons in the Premiership and two titles. Dave C will take over the reins and has renamed them Hazelhead United.

Real Academy (8th) 8th
Yet another mid-table finish for Simon. Never in danger of getting relegated or threatening promotion. It will need a special season to escape.

Northern Utd (Promoted 1st) 9th.
A settled year without getting promoted or relegated – good work Paul! A very solid season though and now for an attempt at the Premiership again! NSA31 have never stayed in Division 1 for more than two consecutive seasons, so they should be going one way or the other…

FC Donny Toros (12th) 10th
A big improvement for Chris’s team this season. Two places up but their best defensive performance for 11 seasons.

Locomotiv Leigh (Relegated 14th) 11th
Not a great season for Dave, but he has stopped the rot. Actually, quite hard to beat, with a joint record number of draws for the club (13) and the highest in the NSA this season. Looking positively, if Loco had scored a few more and converted just a couple of those draws to wins, they’d have had a much more relaxing season in the top half!

Zebrahead (3rd) 12th
Celebrations around the ground with Chris guiding NSA40 to their highest ever finish (their first season in division 1). It also signals five consecutive seasons of improved final positions. Chris will be feeling confident of making this six, as he looks to secure a mid-table finish.

Madchester Utd FC (13th) 13th
Chris holds his position. 2 points from safety isn’t as far away as he would like though. It’s the third season that they’ve finished 12th or 13th. With strong teams coming up, they may have to up their game. That might be helped by some tidy youths – given they won the youth league.

Jetz (11th) Relegated 14th
Another season of negative goal difference and it is relegation for Matt. Bizarrely they had two top 10 scorers, but too many draws and not enough contribution from the rest of the squad left them 2 points from safety. Should do well in Division 2.

Vale Fledglings (7th) Relegated 15th
Part of Alan’s ‘Vale’ portfolio calls time on the Fledglings name with relegation. They will be known as Fetteresso United for next season.

Caratonions (Relegated 16th) Relegated 16th
Probably favourites to go down again with the culled squad; there was little Wayne could do realistically. Double relegation it is. Wayne’s challenge now is to not let it happen a third time. Hopefully he’s had time to get the squad prepared. The worse this team have ever done is 3rd in Division 2 so anything other than promotion would be a new worse record.


Frog FC (Relegated 14th) Promoted 1st.
History repeats itself for Frog, as relegation to Division 2 ends with immediate promotion. They did it with some style too, matching NSA46’s points record of 60. They also set a new club record for their hotshot with 16 goals from Danny Devizes. History suggests they will adapt quickly and be in the top half of the table. Happy Days for Mark, who normally likens the NSA to Marmite.

Dynamo Saints (11th) Promoted 2nd.
Brian has pulled together a quality promoting-pushing team. What a change around this season! They piled the goals in (the joint highest for 28 seasons) and only had 6 losses all season. This ex-Premiership team are on the way up. I feel they could be a surprise package next season.

Victoria Park (Promoted 2nd) Promoted 3rd.
Double promotion was never expected, but this turned out to be the dream season for Dave C. Stephen Drew felt the same as he claimed the NSA Golden Boot award with 17 goals. Poor NSA5 haven’t been in Division 1 for 21 seasons, so this is new ground for their players. They are now on for the very rare triple-successive-promotions accolade that only a handful have managed. Good luck!

Otters (5th) 4th
So last season’s 5th wasn’t a fluke. Chris leads Otters to a fifth season of improvement – next stop promotion! Joint tightest defence in the division but not enough goals by a long stretch.

Fetteresso Rovers (9th) 5th
Dave C has done a great job with Fetteresso and gradually improved their finishes for four seasons. At one point they looked like promotion was on the cards, but they slipped away missing out by two points.

Ruislip FC (6th) 6th
As before, they were on the edges of the promotion chase for most of the season. The result was the same though: 6th place and disappointment. What’s in store next season Richard?

Anfield (Promoted 1st) 7th.
A good solid season from a promoted team. Their highest finish for 20 seasons. Perhaps they let in too many goals to warrant a higher finish, but this was a great season for Wayne’s first team. Jimmy McGlory bashes in 11 goals and is one to watch next season.

Bury St Peters (8th) 8th.
Paul Lowrie does it for a fourth consecutive season in being a top 10 goal scorer. He provides Chris’s team with many of the club’s goals, but they couldn’t push on sufficiently to properly challenge for promotion. It only takes one good season though…

Stanford Rivers (Relegated 16th) 9th
Stanford Rivers come to the end of their current format with the departure of long-term guide, Alan. Dave C will rebrand them PSV Santos for next season in a hope to turn this culled team into winners. It will be a bumpy ride and he’ll need to avoid relegation first.

Rockwell Rangers (Relegated 15th) 10th
Rockwell didn’t have a great season and were the lowest of the three relegated teams; however, Lorentz gave them reason to be optimistic with his third successive season of being a top 10 striker. He will be the lynchpin of their progress, it seems – along with their manager Mark.

Boston Colts (10th) 11th
A little bit of culling was needed when Wayne took on the team, but he has offered them some stability and a safe mid-table finish. It remains to be seen what these Lincolnshire lads have in them as to whether they will be able to muster a promotion push. Goal scoring is holding them back and it’s been 10 seasons since they broke the 40 barrier.

Park Juniors (4th) 12th
A bit of a downturn for this team after 8 steady seasons of improvement. The leakiest defence in the division but plenty of goals from Johnny Savage (10). Times might be better in the future, if some of those youths move into the first team – they came impressive runners-up scoring a huge 240 goals!

Bootle Boys (12th) 13th
For the third season in a row, NSA61 finish 12th or 13th. They will have a new slimmer name next season – Bootle. The fans were entertained well with goals at both ends – 95 in total.

Staffs Rovers (Promoted 3rd) Relegated 14th.
Shocking. No one expected this. From the solid defence performance of the season before, Steve’s team leaked goals for fun. The team have now experienced seven consecutive seasons of promotions or relegations. The fans just don’t know what to expect. The talent has been pulled together over a couple of seasons and really, they will be expecting immediate promotion – but it isn’t that easy in division 3.

Baseball FC (13th) Relegation 15th
After last year’s surprise slump, Baseball have gone two places worse – and relegated. They’ve been in division 2 for 15 of the last 16 seasons. The silver lining is that when they last got relegated, they promoted the following season. Let’s see if Paul Bailey can do the same again.

Castlebay (7th) Relegated 16th
Taking on a culled squad is always tough, and relegation was almost certain. It was an unrelenting season for Dave’s new Castlebay side and NSA34 return to Division 3 after 25 seasons!


Moles Rangers (4th) Promoted 1st.
“It would be a brave manager to bet against them getting promoted this season.” Firm favourites turned into champions of Division 3. McClusky scores a club record of 17 goals to help the team to only their second ever divisional title. A massive 75 goals is the second highest tally in NSA history and eclipses anything ever seen at the club. There are many within the club who feel that the team have what it takes to wind back the clock over 20 seasons to see Division 1 football again – or even to the Premiership!

Mearns Utd (Relegated 15th) Promoted 2nd.
The best performing of the relegated teams and an immediate return to division 2. After last season’s poor performances, it was good to see the extra training on defence paid dividends with a club record of only 20 goals conceded.

Riverside Athletic (Relegated 14th) Promoted 3rd.
After double relegation, a few believed that the quality still existed in this team to promote – and that’s what they did. Bill Maverick scored 12 which helped. It was such a tense end to the season, but they edged Ropery out by one point, with a poorer GD. It’s unusual to see two of the relegated teams bouncing back immediately.

Ropery Rovers (8th) 4th
Duncan Sidders gets 13 again this season and with Heidenstrom (12) made a formidable partnership; however, it was still not to be for poor NSA55. The set a new club record for the fewest losses (5), they’ve not scored as many points for 30 seasons (53) and it’s hard to think what more they could do to get promoted.

FC Tayside (7th) 5th
More of the same – so near, yet so far. Although it can seem frustrating, the fans are very happy. Attendance has increased, and they are a consistently hard team to beat. 41 goals scored may seem rather average, but it’s their highest for 30 seasons! Top 6 again almost without thinking.

Round Hill (6th) 6th
Same as last year, but the fans did enjoy more goals (at the correct end of the pitch). In fact, they scored more goals than for over 20 seasons. Hopefully this is a sign of potential that will mean escaping this division!

Eastcote FC (11th) 7th
Tenth season in Division 3 but progress at last. A top half finish and a little chink of optimism is creeping in. A healthy GD and plenty of wins. They could be an outsider for promotion.

Lakeland Jags (15th) 8th
A huge improvement for Mike’s team, in fact, most fans agree that this was the best season of football since their heady Premiership days. Don’t discount them for promotion.

Everton United (9th) 9th
A year of consolidation as Chris maintains Everton’s top 10 status. He has worked hard on their defensive capability, especially with their young players, and has returned with a positive goal difference for the first time in 6 seasons.

Newtonhill (5th) 10th
Not much to report – mid-table obscurity for this team again. Needs investment, a spark or bribery.

Angus United (14th)11th
Three more places better for Dave’s team, mainly due to efficient use of the very few goals they scored (21) which led to 10 wins!

AFC Liverpool (13th) 12th
Wayne moves the team up one place as they continue their slow progress after managerial uncertainty. Danny Royall’s 11 goals is a bright point in the season, and he could help guide them even further upwards.

Brora Rangers (12th) 13th
This ex-Team64 just can’t get out of the bottom 5. Needs a rather large bus in front of its goal too.

Lincolnshire FC (Relegated 16th) 14th
The rebranding couldn’t cover up the effect of culling and this team understandably slumped to 62nd position – a new lowest finish for NSA32. They could easily do better if they didn’t draw so many. The old name of Pickering Town returns in another rebranding, but this time the only way is up – isn’t it?

Forest Row (10th) 15th
A new club record for fewest goals scored (17) which sets the scene for you. The club have forgotten their illustrious past.

Blackburn Olympic (Team 64) Team 64
The control team should always come bottom of the pile – well done to all those managed teams. Lots of new records for the team: 2nd time being T64; fewest wins (1); most losses (24); fewest goals (6); most conceded (75); fewest points (8).

Allestree Allstars nsa35
Dark Alliance nsa10
Duffield Dynamos opal39
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Season 40 – July 2019


Isleworth Utd (2nd) Champions 1st
What a season! It’s a league and cup double – for the second time! They first completed this feat in s10 (and Forest Row repeated it in s15) so it’s rare in the NSA. It is also Joe’s first Premiership title for 8 seasons but that’s now 12 in total. Although they weren’t the highest scoring team, they relied heavily on three players who got into the top 10 list.

Belton Raiders (8th) 2nd
And Chris is back. Loads of goals from across the whole squad and a confident runner’s up finish. In fact, 51 goals was the most they have scored for 16 seasons. Mind you, Belton have struggled for consistency in the Premiership since their glory days of 20 seasons or so ago, so don’t bet on them being a top 3 team next season.

Kirkdale Rovers (5th) 3rd
They may be in the shadows of teams like Athlone and Isleworth, but Kirkdale has been in the top 5 for the last 10 seasons! Add to that a fabulous cup run and a runner up spot means this was another successful season. They only lost 4 league games all season (joint best with Poole and Eastcote), but this wasn’t enough to push higher than 3rd. Same again next season.

Torpedo Belper (11th) 4th
Last season’s report was a red-rag to a Belper Bull – this season: a joint highest finish for the club! Again, they have top 10 scorers (this time Shanahan and McCann) and they were comfortably the most entertaining Premiership team to watch (98 goals in 30 league games). Paul, I don’t want to big you up too much, but a top 6 finish wouldn’t be a surprise again next season.

Dark Alliance (4th) 5th
Top 6 finish for a third season in a row as this team aim to become an NSA great. A spanner in the works is the loss of Peter Neqvist who signed out with 10 goals. Their attack minded play yielded the most goals for 12 seasons, but they also let in a fair number too. They will need to tighten the defence if they really want a top 3 finish.

Olympic Sheffield (9th) 6th
I’ve had doubts over Olympic for a number of seasons and they have proved me wrong again. Like last year, there was a distinct lack of goals at either end which made them very hard to beat. They only conceded 17 goals (a joint club record) whilst only scoring 22 (joint lowest in the Premiership this season). They appear to be here to stay.

Cork City (3rd) 7th
A safe mid-table finish for Cork who lost too many games to really threaten any higher. Fewest goals scored for 13 seasons though as a few of their top names move on or fall out of favour. Next season could be tough if they don’t address that.

Partizan (10th) 8th
2 places better but EXACTLY the same performance as last year. They found winning and losing as easy as each other and it rather depended what team showed up. They appear to be a solid mid-table team never quite in trouble enough and never quite consistent enough to push upwards (they have been 8th three times in the last five seasons).

Athlone FC (7th) 9th
A genuine shock – again. Athlone are on the slide. Many thought last year’s omission from the top 6 was a blip, but now they are definitely mid-table! They have goal scorers though: Eric Lavine and Gavin Boyle – but very little support from elsewhere. Next season will be very interesting.

Shawood CF (13th) 10th
“Chris will have higher aims next season though and a mid-table finish is more likely.” And so, it came to be. Solid and reasonably uninspiring, but sometimes that is a good thing! They did let a lot of goals in so need to watch that or they could be under a lot of pressure this season.

Zakrese Rangers (Promoted 1st) 11th.
A fantastic season for Zakrese, who performed the best out of the three promoted teams. Yes, they lost plenty of games but anything other than relegation is a success coming into such a strong division. With three more strong teams coming up, they will need to tighten that defence further if they are going to survive again.

Allestree Allstars (Promoted 3rd) 12th.
This season was tough, but a huge success for Allestree. This is the first time they have been able to survive in the Premiership and being 4 points clear gives them a glimmer of hope for next season. Apart from Olympic they were the most boring team to watch in the Premier and that probably helped them to grind a few draws out. Next season will be very tough.

Korova Milk (Promoted 2nd) 13th.
The success story of Korova continues, even to their manager’s surprise. All promoted teams aim for 13th position – the fact they survived on GD and got the points in the last game of the season to push their stable-mates down, just adds to the wonder. Surely, they can’t survive next season.

The Rising Sun (NSA51) (6th) Relegated 14th
What a season finale! Just at the end and a poor set of results in the final week and The Sun sinks back to Division 1. To be fair, they had the worst GD in the Premiership and let in the most goals. Peter Hartley takes retirement at the wrong time, and they will have much to do to Rise back again given the bed of talent waiting in the lower division all chomping at the bit of Premiership hope!

Navenby (Champions 1st) Relegated 15th
It is hard to defend the NSA title, but actually it is hard just to survive in the Premier division. Navenby become the second team to get relegated the season after taking the title (Olympic did the same in S33/34). They are a very strong team though and will likely challenge well in Division 1. They have been rebranded Al-Watani FC.

FC Roquetas (12th) relegated 16th
“I think next season will be an all-or-nothing one and buck the trend: a surprise top 6 or relegation.” Chris’s risk of auctioning off the best and oldest players seems to have not worked for FC Roq this season and their seven seasons stay in the Premiership comes to an end. History says that they will excel in the division one and return in the next season or two – hopefully stronger and ready to push into the top half.


Poole T Panthers (4th) Champions 1st
Poole were rightly firm favourites for promotion, and they did it in style! They set new club records for wins (20), fewest loses (4), goals scored (53) goals conceded (23) and points (66). Dave once took this team to 6th in the Premiership (s27), but their club record is 4th (s12, as Stanford Pirates). Survival first though…

Real Academy (8th) Promoted 2nd.
“It will need a special season to escape.” And so it comes to pass. Simon waves his magic wand, then with the help of caretaker manager, Carl, they push on to promotion. Only then do we hear the sad news that Simon has had to leave the game. This will be the third time that Real have reached the Premiership (having historically been a division 2/3 team). They’ve never survived yet. Without a manager, I think that probably makes them pre-season favourites for relegation. VACANT TEAM.

Madchester Utd FC (13th) Promoted 3rd.
After a couple of seasons at the other end of the table, Chris got this team playing beautifully. After last season’s youth league win, the revitalised team pushed the top two teams all the way. It soon became a three-horse race and promotion was decided well before the end of the season. They are Youth league winners again this and should be heartened that their 3rd place points tally of 60 would have been enough to win the division in the season before! Chris: you are aiming for 8th in the Premiership if you want to beat your club’s best finish…

St Agnes Aces (5th) 4th
I thought they would get promoted this year, but in the end the gap from 4th to 3rd was a massive 11 points! You’ll have to wait for next season, Dave, but I’m sure you’ll be favourites to progress.

Sinjuns (6th) 5th
Another season of so-near-yet-so-far. It’s their third season of finishing 4th-6th, but actually their points tally has been steadily decreasing. With the sad news that Simon has had to leave the game for now, that really calls into question what will happen next to this team. The ex-Premiership greats are no longer favourites to promote. VACANT TEAM.

Hazlehead United (7th) 6th
Dave C managed to keep these ex-giants in a solid mid-table position – pretty amazing considering the culling that would have been necessary from the old Toothill Tigers side. Next season they will change their name again to PSV Thistle. Well, it gets a bit of extra money out the fans for new kit, doesn’t it?

PSV Caley (Relegated 14th) 7th
A solid season for Dave Curtis, but that wasn’t enough for him to call time on his managerial role at this historic club (you may remember them as Vale Veterans). Anything is possible next season, depending on whether they get a manager, or not. VACANT TEAM.

FC Donny Toros (10th) 8th
Another couple of places higher for Chris’s team as Toros epitomise what a solid Division 1 team looks like. They might aim for top 6, but I think that’s going to be hard to push for without a major goal scorer.

Northern Utd (9th) 9th
This is the first time that Northern have ‘enjoyed’ a bit of static time in Division 1. Three seasons and solidly so. A few more goals sprinkled in as well and this has been a good season. Paul has been a bit hands-off lately, so with a bit more tlc, they could be outsiders for a promotion push.

Dynamo Saints (Promoted 2nd) 10th.
Brian has done a sterling job with the Saints. They were the best performing of the three promoted teams and secured a comfortable mid-table position. Scoring goals maybe a concern for next season, but that wasn’t the case in the youth league! 287 goals and still only second place to the mighty Madchester. If any of those little pocket-rockets hit the first team, then the Saints can only go up, up, up.

Victoria Park (Promoted 3rd) 11th.
I think the rare triple-successive-promotions accolade is so hard to achieve that it wasn’t really expected. Just being in division one is probably heady enough for Dave C’s team. This was their highest finish for 21 seasons!

Locomotiv Leigh (11th) 12th
Whilst Loco slip another place down the table, they were 10 points clear of relegation. Dave has been with the club for so long that this season will see him (hopefully) pass 1000 points under the Loco name.

Zebrahead (12th) 13th
Not the safe mid-table position that Chris may have been targeting, but it was survival and sees them complete only their second season ever in division 1. Their goal scoring rather let them down and with the strength of the teams entering this division, they might spend next season nervously looking downwards, rather than upwards.

The Vale (Relegated 16th) relegated14th
Gareth Shore knew he wouldn’t be able to keep them in Division 1 after the culling and this was a challenge too soon. In steps Dave Shepherd to try and rekindle their fortunes. It’s going to be really tough, and this is the first time in the club’s history that they are in Division 2. They are candidates for the triple drop!

Tottenham Vale (Relegated 15th) Relegated 15th
Even Wayne can’t do anything with a team so culled. Double relegation and a team record for fewest goals scored (18). They are one of two teams who are ‘on’ for the dubious record of three successive relegations. It’s going to be tough to stop the rot! They did come second in the Polaris though, if that is any comfort?

Frog FC (Promoted 1st) relegated 16th.
History suggested this promoted team would thrive in Division one, but unfortunately Mark left SS. Sad times; however, Craig steps in with his first NSA team. Not in time to be able to save them particularly after culling. Frog have now leapt up and down divisions for four consecutive seasons – make sure you jump the right way, Craig.


Moles Rangers (Champions 1st) Champions 1st
After destroying Division three, Mike only goes and wins Division two as well! A double promotion and he’s on for the treble promotion. George McCluskey was on fire again although their tally was understandably much lower than last season. It really will be a big ask to see them in the Premiership, but it’s got to be worth a go.

Fetteresso Utd (Relegated 15th) Promoted 2nd.
Dave Curtis rebranded the most valuable team in SS history and seemingly bought instant promotion! But be warned, Dave: The old Vale Fledgling curse has been hanging over NSA57 for many years and they rarely do well after promotion. You are aiming for 7th, if you want to match the club’s record. Tightest defence for 11 seasons is a great start.

Jetz (Relegated 14th) Promoted 3rd.
As expected, Matt did well with the team to make sure they got promoted immediately. It was the closest division in the NSA this season with lots of teams in with a shout, but Matt’s calmness beside the pitch brought results. Clearly, he wasn’t feeling the same calmness on the inside, as he hands in his resignation. VACANT TEAM.

Ruislip FC (6th) 4th
Just like the last two seasons, they were on the edge of promotion for most of the time. This time, unbelievably close, missing out by one point, when they had a better GD than Jetz. It all went wrong in the last match. They were amazingly high scorers, eclipsing everyone else in the division and setting a new club record (61). Only Round Hill scored more this season. They also managed to get three players in the top 10 scorers list.

Otters (4th)5th
5th, 4th, 5th – consistent, you have to give ‘em that. They were on the edge of promotion for most of the season but ended up missing out by 2 points. I can see no reason why they won’t be there and about next season as well.

Bury St Peters (8th) 6th.
Paul Lowrie carries on dragging this team upwards with his 5th consecutive appearance in the top 10 scorers list. Although Chris might find the team frustrating at times, they are slowly rising, and this is their best finish for 10 seasons.

Rockwell Rangers (10th) 7th
After floundering without a manager, Carl has stepped in. Actually, a finish of 7th is very respectable considering they could easily have plummeted. Carl will bring years of experience with him and try and turn this team back into one worthy of at least division 1 football.

Fetteresso Rovers (5th) 8th
It’s been a funny old season for Dave with this team. It depended which team turned up on the day; they were very hard to predict. Never in danger of relegation but never quite good enough for the top 3.

Caratonions (Relegated 16th) 9th
Bad news: worse ever finish for NSA7; only of the three relegated teams to not get immediately promoted; Good news: they didn’t get a triple relegation; best performance for four seasons as a decent squad pulls together. I honestly think they will be top 6 next season. No pressure, Wayne.

PSV Santos (9th) 10
As a culled team, Dave did well to stop any threat of relegation. 10th place is pretty good; however, it is the club’s lowest finish in the NSA, from the heyday of Stanford Rivers.

Anfield (7th) 11th
A rather subdued season for Wayne’s team. Marcus Allen was the division’s top scorer, but that’s where it stopped. There wasn’t much support from the rest of the team, and they lost far too many games to have any higher ambition.

Boston Colts (11th) 12th
Goal scoring continues to be a barrier for this team and this slip one more place. The pressure was too much for Wayne and he reduces his portfolio. This gives Gareth a chance to return promptly to the NSA and he hopes that the newly named Mercia Vikings and a relocation to the Midlands will help the team find success. It will be another tough season though, so be warned!

Park Juniors (12th) 13th
Park Juniors also slip one place, and they continue to be soft targets for attack minded opponents. Only Bootle and Blackburn let in more across the whole NSA. Their stunning youth team of last year clearly didn’t make the difference to them. They could be candidates for relegation.

Riverside Athletic (Promoted 3rd) Relegated 14th.
This team is like a yo-yo at the moment: four successive promotions or relegations. Probably the most uninspiring team to watch in division two this season with very few goals at either end. Can they bounce straight back up again?

Mearns Utd (Promoted 2nd) Relegated 15th.
Rather like Riverside, both teams have got themselves promoted only to get relegated straight away! They have been involved in 16 promotions and relegations in their history, the third highest in the NSA. Maybe they’ll come back up again soon?

Bootle (13th) Relegated 16th
The slimmer name didn’t help: Bootle return to Division three. They were even more entertaining than last year with 98 goals at their games instead of 95. Alas, far too many of them were in the wrong net. VACANT TEAM


Eastcote FC (7th) Champions 1st
“A healthy GD and plenty of wins. They could be an outsider for promotion.” Even when you type nonsense this like, you don’t always believe it! I remember persuading Richard to take this team on, as an ex-Team64 with ambition. It’s taken a few seasons, but he’s nailed it. A club record for points (64) and a joint club record of 19 wins. I think the team is mature enough to really take Division two by storm.

Castlebay (Relegated 16th) Promoted 2nd.
Unfortunately, Dave C has had to drop Castlebay, which is a huge shame considering the effort they made to make an immediate return to Division two. There was a rumour that Dorrie was being targeted for a return (ex-West Craig Wanderers), but this rumour appears to be a fabrication. By getting promoted, they survived the risk of setting a new worst finish for the club, so happy times! Even better if they can get a manager! VACANT TEAM

Staffs Rovers (Relegated 14th) Promoted 3rd.
The immediate return was on the cards and Steve made it happen. This team is a bit of a mystery really and hold the crazy NSA record of 20 promotions and relegations! This includes a record 8 in a row! Will it be 9 in a row, only Steve knows. He hopes it will be up to Division one though, and I really wouldn’t want to bet against him.

Everton United (9th) 4th
Chris continues Everton’s improvement under his leadership. Even more goals, more wins and were in the promotion race until the very end. With a better GD, just one point would have made the difference. To think they were Team64 four seasons ago and will now be touting themselves as promotion candidates.

Round Hill (6th) 5th
Another place upwards and a club record of 66 goals scored. Round Hill were definitely entertaining this year with over 100 goals in their matches. It wasn’t enough for John to continue managing them though and he step aside for young blood to take this ex-giant back up the division. VACANT TEAM.

FC Tayside (5th) 6th
Very consistent, but in a good way. The FC Tayside name in the past was only consistent in how well it propped up the rest of the NSA. Now they are a top 6 ever-present. If only they could push on to division two. Maybe next season, Steve.

AFC Liverpool (12th) 7th
This season’s surprise package. From nowhere to a fabulous 7th place. But this isn’t enough for Wayne, as he reduces his portfolio, and so they are managerless for a new season. I can’t see them progressing without guidance. VACANT TEAM

Lakeland Jags (8th) 8th
Although Mike’s team match their previous position, I thought that they would have climbed the table this season. The signs are there though with good goal scoring potential through Atkins and Nwoko, but they need to tighten that defence to minimise the large number of losses.

Baseball FC (Relegation 15th) 9th
Sad times: Paul Bailey has left Baseball FC and may have stopped playing a while ago. That must explain their sudden drop from Division two promotion hopefuls to poor mid-table Division three. They did manage a positive GD and as always had Paul Hardy to thank for the goals. They need a manager. VACANT TEAM

Ropery Rovers (4th) 10th
Duncan Sidders gets 17 this time and takes the NSA hotshot award. That is frankly the only positive thing about this season. Steve’s team has been known for consistently challenging for promotion but were out of it all season. 13 points off the pace and with no sign of any decent youth team players coming through, the fans are waiting and watching, hoping this is a one-off blip. Personally, I think they will do it this season. There, the kiss of death.

Newtonhill (10th) 11th
Pretty stagnant from Newtonhill. A few more goals but much the same as last year. Slipped one place mainly due to their defensive performances.

Pickering Town (14th) 12th
An improvement of two places is a good start, but it was another awful season. Wayne has moved on, so I have low hopes of them replicating this heady finish next season. VACANT TEAM

Forest Row (15th) 13th
Another awful season with very few goals scored. To think that they are the only other club to have completed the NSA league and cup double (apart from Isleworth)!

Brora Rangers (13th) 14th
They may have dropped a place, but they did achieve a couple more points than last year. This ex-team 64 outfit are struggling to turn things around. They can’t go any lower though, because the two team under them are so awful!

Angus United (11th) 15th
A club record of lowest goals scored (12) tells you all you need to know. A truly awful team without a manager to guide and develop them. You want a project – here it is. This team is famous for getting promoted from Division three to the Premiership is consecutive seasons (Belvoir Vale) only to get relegated in 3 seasons to where it is now (Angus). VACANT TEAM.

Blackburn Olympic (Team 64) Team 64
The control team should always come bottom of the pile – well done to all those managed teams. Lots of new club and NSA (shown by *) records for the team: 3rd time being T64; fewest wins (0*); fewest draws (2); most losses (28*); fewest goals (3); most conceded (101*); fewest points (2*). The most conceded eclipses the old record held by Foggy’s Fighters (now Ruislip) of 86 goals. That’s going to take some beating…

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Season 41 – Feb 2020


Partizan (8th) Champions 1st
Wow – where did that come from? I remember battling against Partizan in Div. 3 back in s23. Their rise was much quicker than Allestree’s, but despite a 3rd place 4 seasons ago, I don’t think anyone expected this. A stunning season. Highest ever finish for NSA39, most games won (19) and most points (62) for the club. So convincing was the season, that many now predict the same again next season. Well done, Simeon.

Dark Alliance (5th) 2nd
“They will need to tighten the defence if they really want a top 3 finish.” Defence tightened and even more goals scored this season (2nd highest for the club and the most in the NSA this season). A club record highest finish for NSA10 and a Polaris runner’s up cup just to add icing on the cake. If they can start the season better than last year, then they have potential…

b]Kirkdale Rovers [/b](3rd) 3rd
“Same again next season.” Yes indeed – a very solid finish. 12 seasons of a top 6 finish – maybe this year will be time to take the title, now Isleworth are down and Athlone have fizzled out. Rangel and Sigporsson are goal machines…

Torpedo Belper (4th) 4th
“A top 6 finish wouldn’t be a surprise again next season.” A fabulous season for Paul and a joint highest finish (with last year). They seem to have secured themselves as a solid Premiership outfit. Third highest goal scorers in the Prem with goals well spread around the team.

Shawood CF (10th) 5th
A fabulous season for Chris – and the joint best finish for 30 seasons! Surprising to see a negative goal difference, but they won the key games. Score more goals and the same again is possible.

Belton Raiders (2nd) 6th
“don’t bet on them being a top 3 team next season” – sorry Chris, I really shouldn’t say things like that. Actually 6th place is a great season and NSA25 holds the second best average league position in the NSA. If Isleworth stay down, this could change rapidly. Goals from Billy Adu helped to secure a comfortable top 6, 6 points clear of 7th. Same again next year, but could also be time for cup final.

Athlone FC (9th) 7th
Boyne weighs in with another 11 goals, but it looks as if Athlone are definitely a mid-table team now MacKenzie, Nike and Modeste have gone. A tough team to beat who could challenge for top 6.

Cork City (7th) 8th
Another safe mid-table finish. Looked wobbly at one stage but had enough in the tank to be 7 points clear of relegation. It seems all or nothing with lots of wins and then lots of losses. Which team will turn up next season?

Zakrese Rangers (11th) 9th
I doubted Zakrese could hold their own and I was wrong as they improve by 2 places. They were quite hard to beat (only 4 Prem teams lost fewer). 9th was a joint highest club finish! They enjoyed a fantastic cup run and were runner’s up, too (the first in their history).

Allestree Allstars (12th) 10th
Highest club finish! The most boring team to watch in the Prem (48 goals combined) and it was hard to know if the winning or losing team were going to turn up. 6 points clear of relegation though, so a fabulous season.

Poole T Panthers (Champions 1st) 11th
Poole perform the best of all three promoted teams with a secure 11th position. The had the seventh best GD in the Prem though and this goal scoring habit helped propel them to a fabulous SLFA Cup final win – the second time of doing so (s29). A strong team who are looking to establish themselves as a solid midtable team.

Madchester Utd FC (Promoted 3rd) 12th
“Chris: you are aiming for 8th in the Premiership if you want to beat your club’s best finish…” Well 12th is a good start on that club record breaking journey. Far too many loses and a large negative GD will be worries, but another great youth team finish hints at more young talent coming through the ranks.

Korova Milk (13th) 13th
2 points clear of relegation this season, but still just as tense for manager, Ben. They only won 7 games which was a massive concern. Some betting shops are suggesting they can’t survive for a third season.

Olympic Sheffield (6th) Relegated 14th
Having proved me wrong for a couple of seasons, the inevitable happened – relegation. Having a tight defence just isn’t enough to keep in the top division when they score so few. In saying that, they don’t normally stay down for long and could be favourites with some for a quick return.

Isleworth Utd (Champions 1st) Relegated 15th
What a season! From league and cup double to relegation! The third team to win the Prem and get relegated in the next season. This is a huge shock for Joe who has always been in the Premiership since the NSA began 41 seasons ago. Even Premiership top scorer, Samson, could save them with his 13 goals. New club records set: fewest wins (8), most loses (16), fewest scored (28) and fewest points (30). We watch eagerly seeing if instant promotion is possible.

Real Academy (Promoted 2nd) Relegated 16th
“They’ve never survived [a season in the Prem] yet. Without a manager, I think that probably makes them pre-season favourites for relegation.” Correct – bottom by some margin and without a manager will continue to drop. VACANT TEAM

[rest of report to follow]

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Season 42 – Sept 2020

1st – Partizan NSA39 – 2nd highest points total in the Premiership. Club records for most wins (22) and most points (71). NSA top scorer Valient (17). Cup win gives them the double – only the third team to manage this (Isleworth and Forest Row). They also become the fourth team to retain the title (Athlone, Isleworth and FC Tayside were Jacko’s XI). The doubters, who thought last season was a flash in the pan, have been vanquished. Well done, Simeon.

2nd – Belton Raiders NSA25 – Another runners-up trophy for Chris. That’s 27 seasons in the row in the topflight and 13 of those have been in the top 3. No top goal scorer though, so spread the goals around the team.

3rd – Athlone FC NSA59 – After a 3-season gap from a top three finish, Athlone are back. Eric Lavine keeps the goals coming, but it will need some of their old magic to stop Partizan who ended up 19 points clear of them. 300 wins in the NSA since they joined in s24 (52%-win rate).

4th – Kirkdale Rovers NSA53 – 13 consecutive top 6 finishes is the third best in NSA history behind Athlone (15) and Isleworth (14). Not so many goals this season and no top 10 scorer, but their defence was tight.

5th – Korova Milk NSA24 – Huge improvement this season and the second highest finish in the club’s history (Academy FC once got to 3rd); however, most goals conceded for 8 seasons.

6th - Torpedo Belper NSA17 – third top 6 finish in a row. Club record for goals scored (61). Two top ten goal scorers. Looks solid for another few seasons in the topflight.

7th – Cork City FC NSA43 – seven seasons as a top half team helps us see that Simeon’s stable churns out good horses with pedigree. Same again next season, most likely.

8th - Poole Town Panthers NSA23 – 8th is their best finish for 15 seasons. 6th place is the best the team have done, although NSA23 did once get to 4th.

9th - Dark Alliance NSA10 – Zabla and Nibberson pile in the goals again, but the team slump to their worst finish for 5 seasons – normally in the top 6. New club record for most entertaining games with 110 goals.

10th – Zakreze Rangers NSA28 – 3 solid Mid table finishes in the Premiership now, with very similar records each time. I predict they will win exactly 9 games next season and score 30 goals. ;-) If
they get into the top half of the table; it will be a new club record.

11th - St Agnes Aces NSA13 – Survival in the Prem! These perennial Premiership runners-up’s (Glenfield Utd) slumped to T64 10 seasons ago, but they are back thanks to Dave Legg. Promotions after 4, 2 then 3 seasons is a good achievement with some very competitive NSA teams.

12th – Allestree Allstars NSA35 – Survival is always the first priority, but the team have stagnated just above the drop zone. Very low scoring (20) and another large negative GD mean that they could be favourites for relegation. They team is as strong as it has ever been though – they just need to score goals. 600 games / 20 seasons as Allestree – how time flies!

13th - Madchester Utd NSA20 – slips one place and survived relegation by one point. Most goals conceded for ten seasons – and that’s probably where they need to start if they are to continue in the topflight. Massive quality in the team though and now one of the most expensive in the NSA. Yet another youth team win too, so maybe there is more to come from Chris’s team.

14th - Shawood FC NSA6 – For the 3rd time in recent history, Shawood last 4 (or 5) seasons in the Prem before dropping down. Normally takes them 3 seasons to come up again.

15th – The Rising Sun NSA51 – Third season of yoyo. Joint club worst for wins (4). Always seem to score and do well in the first division though. Ruben Sammut failed to build on his spectacular season on promotion and will be looking to turn things around. The manager has threatened a pay cut to focus his mind!

16th - FC Donny Toros NSA9– what goes up, must go down. Chris loses two teams from the Prem, but gains one going the other way. FCDT set a club record for fewest wins (3), joint most losses (15), lowest total points (21) and most goals conceded (49) – which is actually quite respectable. Even managed to get a top 10 goal scorer with Blonski dazzling the defence with his flowing locks.

Division One

1st – FC Roquetas NSA29 – The patterns continue: just too good for division one spending only 2 seasons down. Last time they survived in the Prem for 7 seasons but never got in the top half of the table. Most club wins (21); most points (68); most goals (60).

2nd - Olympic NSA3– 15 goals from Woodward most in the division. Need to take goal scoring into the Prem (highest in Prem is 46 with an average of 30; division 1 highest is 68 with average of 56)

3rd – Greylees FC NSA56 – One place better than last season and the all-important place. Back to the Premiership after two seasons. They’ve got a new top ten scorer in Zenko, who might be one to watch.

4th - Isleworth NSA8 – First taste of Division 1 football left a nasty taste in Joe’s mouth; missed promotion by 2 points having been close all season. No top 10 goal scorer like there normally is which was a significant factor: however, the tightest defence in their history (15 goals).

5th – Eastcote FC NSA36 – UNMANAGED, as Richard left the game mid-season. It’s a shame, because it was the highest finish for 22 seasons. He’s left a very strong team that will be culled. Whoever sold him Crisp and Calcutta must be disappointed as they both weigh in with 11 goals.

6th – Northern Utd NSA31 – another one place improvement (5 successive seasons of this), although a very similar record as last season. Seem to be an outside bet for promotion.

7th - Locomotiv Leigh NSA18 – drops one place from last year. Most goals scored for 6 seasons, but not enough to improve the win percentage. Been in division 1 for four seasons since they dabbled with the Premiership. Safe Mid table next season most likely.

8th - Victoria Park NSA5 – Joint highest finish since this team was named VP back in Season 14. Their target is promotion to the Prem – never achieved before. Briefly unmanaged but still with DC.

9th – Zebrahead NSA40 – Same finish as last season, but lots more goals and more wins. Most goals scored for 19 seasons! They have found two good goal scorers too in Colugo and Mata who could propel them higher and surprise a few managers.

10th - Sinjuns NSA12 – UNMANAGED but they survive in Division 1 mainly due to decent squad. Most goals scored for over 30 seasons. Simon has taken them on for the new season.

11th – Moles Rangers NSA30 – Identical record to last season, although GD was a few better. After two successive championship titles, Moles have now got stuck in Division 1 for two seasons. Mike will be looking for a top half finish next season.

12th – Ruislip FC NSA54 – best finish for 12 seasons but lost their manager. Now being led by Simon. He has a top scorer in Ashcroft and a decent squad. Ruislip have a win percentage of over 40%.

13th - Rockwell Rangers NSA16 – survival after promotion, but well clear of relegation (12pts). Carl wants more from them this season.

14th – Real Academy NSA62 – Two consecutive relegations, but now have a new manager in the returning Simon. He’s got a job on here though – with a goal difference across the last two seasons of -105! Still, it wasn’t their worst seasons ever…

15th – PSV Caley NSA33 – Awful season. The fans who remember the glory days of Toothill Tigers turn away in embarrassment. Fewest club wins (1); most losses (18); fewest scored (18); most conceded (56); fewest points (14). Their fourth rebranding in as many seasons to Fettercairn Utd is unlikely to stop them recording their lowest ever finish – they need to win Division 2!

16th – Dynamo Saints NSA45 – Worst season for a very long time. After three seasons in Division 1 they head back to the 2nd. Club fewest points (11) smashing their previous worst of 26 when they were relegated from the Prem. Fewest goals scored (15), most conceded (71), most games lost (23), fewest won (2). A real shock.

Division Two

1st = Fetteresso Utd NSA57 – Immediate promotion and the 4th yoyo year. This time they mean business. The long term most valuable team in the NSA (Vale Fledglings for those of you who remember) set new club records for points (69), fewest conceded (14), fewest losses (3), joint most scored (54) and joint highest wins (21). This ex-Team64 have still never been in the Premiership. Are they ready?

2nd – Otters NSA63 – Yes! After 14 seasons stuck in division 2, they are promoted! Club record for most wins (19), most goals (55) and most points (64). Last time they got promoted to division one, they got a club highest finish of 4th. That’s your target, Chris.

3rd – Staffordshire Rovers NSA44 – Now under new management, as Steve kindly stepped to one side. Staffs have now been promoted/relegated 13 times in the last 15 seasons. Which way will they head this season from Division 1? Most points scored for over 20 seasons.

4th – Frog FC NSA46 – Although 4th seems close to promotion, there was a 10-point gap. A hard team to beat but couldn’t turn enough draws into wins. It was 25 seasons ago since they lost fewer games. Great season. One of only two teams to have never changed their team name since records began. Lloydy tells me it was named by one of his mates who was French. lol

5th – PSV Santos NSA60 – Steady improvement over 3 seasons with the most goals scored for 28 seasons (and the highest in the division). If they tighten up at the back, then promotion could be on the cards.

6th - FC Tayside NSA11 – Best finish for 26 seasons for this 5-times-T64 team (and ex-Prem champs)

7th - Fetteresso Rovers NSA15 – slipped a bit this season for one of the oldest clubs in the NSA (since season 9). 5 seasons in division 2.

8th - Anfield NSA19 – An improvement on the last two seasons, particularly with tightening up the defence. 4 seasons in the 2nd division and the first one with a positive GD. A few more goals scored, and they could push into the top 6.

9th – Kingseat Utd NSA42 – a safe Mid table finish and the games were very entertaining (110 goals at either end). Will be known as Inter Dynamo next season.

10th - Bury St Peter NSA22 – worst finish in their 5 seasons in Div. 2, but Paul Lowrie hits the top 10 goal scorers for the 7th season running! Now run by Peter McKinney.

11th - Everton Utd NSA14 – highest finish for 25 seasons and having twice been T64 in the last 10 seasons, survival in the 2nd was the first priority. Walden Rooney seems to be a useful source of goals. Fewest draws for the club (2).

12th - Riverside Athletic NSA1 – Stopped the yoyo habit of the last five seasons with a safe midtable effort. Let in a huge number of goals though (worst for 22 seasons).

13th - Caratonions NSA7 – new record low for the ex-Premiership champions (Longfield). UNMANAGED for most of season.

14th – Park Juniors NSA52 – after seven seasons in division 2, Park Juniors return to the 3rd.The goals and wins dried up and the minnows start their quest to the Premiership all over again.

15th - The Vale NSA2 – most goals conceded 69. First time in Division 3.

16th - Vale Veterans NSA21 – Back into Div. 3 after 12 seasons which saw this ex-T64 team fly to 6 top half of the table seasons in the Prem only to crash back down. Worst season since they were last T64, 15 seasons ago. Now run by Chris McKinney.

Division Three

1st – Glenfield Colts NSA58 – New manager, John Ghent helps the Colts bounce back in style at the first attempt. Is this the start the return to the Premiership?

2nd – Ropery Rovers NSA55 – Steven has done it! 7 seasons and a few close calls and they escape. Bizarrely, they scored fewer goals than in ANY of those other 6 seasons! The difference was a tight defence. Joint club record for most points (56).

3rd – Lakeland Jags NSA38 – Giles Garrety top scores for the division with 15 goals again, as the Jags get promotion. The dream is a return to the Premiership where Mike left them ten seasons ago. Club record for most goals scored (52).

4th – Mearns Utd NSA50 – Misses out on promotion on GD thanks to a cruel last day of the season – just as last season! Goals were harder to come back this season, but a very tight defence and are many people’s favourites to make it third time lucky.

5th – Castlebay NSA34 – Unmanaged for a while, but steered home to a very good season finish by John Ghent. With lots of change in division 3, they could be strong challengers for promotion.

6th – Forest Row NSA27 – A top 6 finish which is the best in their last 7 seasons of being in the bottom division. More goals and most games won since they were last promoted. This historic team could be one to watch for promotion.

7th – Tottenham Vale NSA47 – A 570 game era comes to an end, but the later years haven’t been happy. Having joined in the big merge and battled their way through the treacle of Division 1 into the Premiership, they tumbled down in consecutive seasons and log their lowest every finish for NSA47. They will be named Furneaux Spurs for next season.

8th – Inter Academy NSA49 – drops two places from last season but a top half finish. 6th season in the bottom tier. Great defence this season (best for 12 seasons) but a woeful number of goals for this number high scoring team. Under new management now with Dorrie at the helm.

9th – Cove Utd NSA41 – Cove drop a couple more places and their goals scored is reducing rapidly, now relying on M’Basi and Knight for over half those scored. Don’t look likely to challenge next season.

10th – Stonehaven NSA61 – Same finish as last year, but lots more goals. They didn’t translate to more wins though, with far too many draws (11).

11th - Baseball FC NSA4 – No draws (a team record). Most entertaining season in their history (110 goals at either end). Second highest goals scored for 28 seasons! Managed for the new season and called El Locko FC.

12th – Pickering Town NSA32 – Another team with a very similar performance to last season. They seem to be stuck in the bottom 6 with little sign of moving up. UNMANAGED

13th – AFC Liverpool NSA64 – Everything was just a little bit worse than last season: down one place, fewer goals, wins, points… but the squad is looking strong, and Steve is looking for promotion! That will be impressive just six seasons after being Team64. Personally, I think a top 6 finish would be an impressive start.

14th – Brora Rangers NSA26 – very similar performance to last season; third season stuck in the bottom 3. Their defence was a bit tighter though but there’s a long way to go before heading upwards.

15th – Blackburn Olympic NSA37 – Mike surprised us all and took this team on for the season. All the ‘worst’ records were stopped, and they got their highest finish in 5 seasons (second from bottom!) Their 4 wins were more than the last 3 seasons put together and their 25 goals was 24 more than the season before. As the ‘control’ team though I can’t see much improvement on that.

16th – Angus United NSA48 – Team 64 for the first time in their history, but not their worst season in history. It is the 5th time they’ve come bottom of a division having now managed it in every division. This is possibly a record, but it needs investigation!

Allestree Allstars nsa35
Dark Alliance nsa10
Duffield Dynamos opal39
Yorkshire Patriots rh7
Melwood moa4

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1st – Partizan NSA39 – Wow. There is something special in the water and Simeon’s got the whole squad drinking it. 3 titles in a row (Athlone 3, Isleworth 4, Belton 4 - are the only others who have managed this). Can they do it again? Runner’s up in the cup was a small disappointment to the fans, now their expectations are so high. The Stanford duo (Hill and Valient) both get into the top 10.

2nd (were 11th) - St Agnes Aces NSA13 – This really is the performance of the season (or a few seasons). 11 seasons ago they were T64. What a turnaround! This team have been runner’s up 8 times now, including 5 in a row. They are back.

3rd (were 2nd) – Belton Raiders NSA25 – This year, Chris had two top 10 goal scorers. who scored half of the team’s goals. They also had a much tighter defence (best in over 20 seasons). 13 seasons in a row with a positive goal difference. 4th consecutive top 6 finish and many will expect them to challenge for the title this coming season.

4th (were 7th) – Cork City FC NSA43 – now eight seasons as a top half team, improving on last year. Joint tightest defence for 11 seasons and joint fewest games lost in the same time frame. A few more goals and they could push on. The fans are hoping that a top two place is around the corner.

5th (were 4th) – Kirkdale Rovers NSA53 – 14 consecutive top 6 finishes is joint second best in NSA history behind Athlone (15) with Isleworth (14). Very similar record to last season. Not the highest scoring team, but so hard to beat. Now have over 1000 points at Kirkdale in their 20 seasons averaging 51 points per season.

6th (were 6th) - Torpedo Belper NSA17 – fourth top 6 finish in a row, but the season didn’t feel like that at all. Awful start with relegation looking really likely. Then Paul waved a bit of magic and ended up winning more games than he did last season!

7th (were 13th) - Madchester Utd NSA20 – A club record highest finish in the NSA, but this may feel like a season that ran out of steam. A great early start but then horrific form helped them slump. Yes, the defence was tightened, as it needed to (best for 17 seasons), but the goals dried up, too. Only 22 - the lowest in the Premiership. What team will come out of the starting blocks next season - the Madchester who started this season or the one that finished it?

8th (were 3rd) – Athlone FC NSA59 – Disappointing after last season. Always hard to score against but didn’t have the usual sparkle in front of goal. Lavine got another 8 though (4th time as a top 10 scorer). Joint fewest games won in over 20 seasons (to before Athlone merged in). Hard to predict for next season, but probably top 6 just.

9th (were 12th) – Allestree Allstars NSA35 – It felt like a long hard season, but actually got a club record highest finish. Scored a few more goals (but not enough - 27); harder to beat (but still too many - 11); better GD (but still negative). Despite this, there is a feeling that we can push to the top half of the table. 8th is the target.

10th (were 5th) – Korova Milk NSA24 – Not a great season, but 8 points clear of relegation. Luis Costa’s goals (11) were probably a key difference turning some of those tight games into wins. It seemed all or nothing and the supporters didn’t know which team would turn up. If Costa doesn’t fire this season, they could be in trouble.

11th (were 8th) - Poole Town Panthers NSA23 – After gradually improving finishing positions for the last 9 seasons, this was a little disappointing for Dave L. Vaguely involved in relegation nerves, but no one really expected that. Actually, more goals and fewer conceded than last season, but just didn’t turn enough draws into wins. Won the youth league with 87points scoring 245 goals!

12th (were 9th) - Dark Alliance NSA10 – All the goals have dried up and the team performed like relegation candidates for most of the season. A bad start slightly recovered somehow ended up 6 points clear of relegation.

13th (were promoted 1st) – FC Roquetas NSA29 – Ooh, that was a nervous end, but they survived. Only 23 goals scored (joint worst for over 30 seasons) and nothing like the performances of last season. They’ve only ever finished in the top half of the Premiership once before, and I’m not convinced it will be next season. Credit due: they were the only promoted side to survive.

14th (were promoted 3rd) – Greylees FC NSA56 – Oh dear, here we go again. Since they won the Premiership 5 seasons ago, they’ve been promoted and relegated 3 times. Awful goal scoring (by their standards) and the worst for 15 seasons. Leigh has it all to do again - and they will be one of the big two to beat next season. EDIT: Leigh has left SS and this giant team is now unmanaged,

15th (were 10th) – Zakreze Rangers NSA28 – After 3 really solid seasons, I said: “I predict they will win exactly 9 games next season and score 30 goals.” I was close, but I didn’t mention the huge number of goals they let in (joint worst for over 20 seasons) and the loss of 16 games. You have to remember that this team was a regular in the 3rd division not so long ago and they’ve come so far. Next year will be a test to see if they’ve got the fighting spirit to get back. Last time they were relegated, it took 3 seasons to recover.

16th (were promoted 2nd) - Olympic NSA3– Last year I said: “Need to take goal scoring into the Prem (highest in Prem is 46 with an average of 30; division 1 highest is 68 with average of 56)”. Well, they scored 28 goals, won a club (low) record of 5 games and let me 42 goals (the most for 20 seasons). Not a good season but will probably be favourites to return like they normally do.


With some big wage bills and huge fan support for the top sides, it was expected that the title race could well be very tight this season. It was, however, one of the promoted sides that set the back pages on fire in Week 1, with Greylees sending their fans wild with a 3-0 victory. Recent form should always be carefully considered, and it seemed ominous for the rest of the division as the league champions of the last 2 seasons, Partizan, recorded a 2-0 win away from home against Dark Alliance, in front of 37,000. The poster boys of the Premier, Belton Raiders, kicked off in front of 51,000, with a drab 0-0 draw against a resolute Poole Town Panthers.

As we headed towards the Cup week, with nearly a third of the season gone, the top two had opened up a massive gap of 8 and 7 points respectively, huge after just 9 games. The "money-men" at Madchester had dropped just 3 points in the first 9 games, and unbeaten Partizan and had only been held twice. Madchester's resolute defence had them with just 3 goals conceded after 9 games, but would the lack of goals come to bite them. Free scoring Partizan on the other hand were averaging 2 goals a game, helped on Week 9 with a back and forth 4-3 win at Poole Town Panthers. The reigning Champions had goals all over the park with 4 x Top 10 scorers by Week 9, Simone Larraisimo their top man in front of goal with 4 strikes.

At the other end of the table, Week 9 gave Torpedo Belper their first win of the season, a decisive moment, a comfortable 2-0 win away from home against fellow strugglers Zakreze. It was incredibly tight at the bottom with just 2 points splitting Olympic Sheffield in 10th place, from Zakreze in 15th. with Torpedo seemingly adrift despite the win this week.

By the halfway turn of the season, the league appeared to be a formality as Partizan had put their foot down, having secured 39 points from a possible 45!
Madchester's low scoring side had turned into a "no-scoring side" and had gone into free fall, now finding themselves in 4th place. Partizan's closest rivals were some 12 points back, and it was a shock... St Agnes Aces found themselves in the lofty heights of 2nd place, but were closely followed by Cork City, Madchester, Kirkdale and Belton. Torpedo Belper had a mini-revival and had dragged themselves up to 14th place, putting Zakreze down to the bottom of the division, with Korova in 15th place. The tightness at the bottom of the table meant just 8 points separated 7th place from 16th! Nobody was safe in this division yet and there were still 15 games to go.

The race for the Golden Boot and the elusive 20 goals in a season was headed up by Larraisimo from Partizan and Warren Woodward from Olympic Sheffield, both with 7 goals. Johannes Walmark had 6 and a glut of players sat on 5, including Pavkov and Sigporsson from Kirkdale, who had notched 10 between them in just 15 games.

As we approached the business end of the season, with 5 games to go, Partizan had all but secured the title, being 11 points clear. St Agnes had matched them stride for stride in the last 10 games, but the gap was just too big. Even the goals of Franck Ribary, 13 for the season after 25 games, couldn't get them any closer to Partizan. An incredible turnaround from Torpedo Belper, who had 0 wins in 8 games, they now found themselves in 6th place with 5 games to go, ahead of Madchester who had their stunning start to thank for not being involved in a relegation battle. With 5 games to go, it looked like being 3 from 7 for the drop with the league shaped up as below:
10th Poole Town - 29 points
11th Korova - 28 points, a great push had got them 4 clear of the drop.
12th Dark Alliance - 26 points.
13th FC Roquetas - 26 points.
14th Greylees - 24 points, who had dropped like a stone after looking good for a Mid table finish just 10 games earlier.
15th Zakreze - 24 points, they had spent most of the season in a relegation battle.
16th Olympic Sheffield - 23 points, a leaky defence was costing them dearly.

As we went into the final week of the season it was pretty much as you were at both ends of the table. Partizan had the title in the bag, despite a strong push from St Agnes, with Belton getting themselves clear into 3rd place. Torpedo were the story of the season, 4 points after 9 games, they now had 46 points, a minus goal difference, and were sat in 5th, quite incredible!!

Olympic Sheffield appeared to have given up hope with just a sole point gained in the previous 4 games, they were down, as were Zakreze who had just left themselves too much to do and averaging about a point a game across the season just wasn't good enough. And despite going into the final game with a slim chance of staying up on goal difference, it wasn't to be, as Greylees "freefall" from mid-table, despite a gallant effort towards the end, left them 3 points adrift going into the final week.

So... a procession from Partizan, a shock 2nd place for St Agnes, a resurgence from Torpedo, a fall from grace for Madchester, and a limp season for several towards the bottom end.

Ribary took the golden boot with 14 goals, followed by Alan Taylor of Belton with 12. Ramon Azeez fired Torpedo clear of relegation trouble with 11 goals, alongside Luis Costa of Korova. Partizan's league title was wrapped up with goals from all across the team, with Valiant and Hill both grabbing 9 each.

Division One

1st (were relegated 14th) - Shawood FC NSA6 – An immediate return to the Premiership for Chris’s team and they certainly took on Div. 1 in style. Only 5 teams in NSA history have scored more points (71). Club records smashed: most wins (22), fewest loses (3), most goals (61) and obviously most points. 3 top 10 scorers (not a record – they had 4 in s7) but it is rare for this low scoring team. Only Cenk Tosun has been in the top 10 list in the last 20 seasons, so good to see him there again, along with John Spriggs and Marko van W. Predicted finish of 11th (so the history books say).

2nd (were relegated 15th) – The Rising Sun NSA51 – Fourth season of yoyo. A fabulous season though, helped by Sammut’s love of division 1 and his new strike partner, Buhari. They both MUST perform in the premiership though and save Ben from the ups and downs. It was only 5 seasons ago that they came 6th in the Premiership though… which is a much more positive target.

3rd (were 11th) – Moles Rangers NSA30 – Similar goals scored, but the difference this season was the tight defence – and with it, a whole load more wins. It is back to the Premiership! They have only had one season there before, coming 15th. Survival is the first hurdle and if that happens the fans will go wild. 48.83 points per season is the best for NSA30.5 seasons ago, this team was winning the 3rd division – a rapid journey upwards.

4th (were 4th) - Isleworth NSA8 – Not again? 4th place and 2 points off promotion. A new top scorer has been discovered in Raymond Clark (17).

5th (were 6th) – Northern Utd NSA31 – another one place improvement (6 successive seasons of this), although a very similar record as last season. Look like a top 6 team just biding their time to strengthen the squad for Premiership. Santana Ray (13) has given them a talisman to get behind. Paul celebrates over 500 games with the team.

6th (were 9th) – Zebrahead NSA40 – Another club record highest finish and Chris inches them towards the Premiership dream. Not a scintillating season but managed to convert many of those draws into wins which made all the difference. Same again next year, I would imagine.

7th (were promoted 2nd) – Otters NSA63 – Second highest finish of all time for this lowly club. Unbelievably tight at the back – 22 goals was the joint best in the division. So why not finish higher? They could only manage to score 24! This is normal for NSA63 though who average 0.7 goals per game.

8th (were promoted 3rd) – Staffordshire Rovers NSA44 – At last a season is stability. The yo-yo team takes a breather. Andy McKinney has them playing a nice effective style of football that made them hard to beat (only two teams lost fewer in the division). This team have only ever been known as Pilchard City and then Staffs Rovers after the merger.

9th (were 16th) - FC Donny Toros NSA9– Blonski gets another top 10 for scoring 10 goals, but that’s the only highlight. A stable mid-table finish. But something different happened in the cup. Unbeaten and become the first non-premiership team to win for a number of seasons. Everyone thought Partizan would be claiming the double – great underdog work, Chris.

10th (were 7th) - Locomotiv Leigh NSA18 – As predicted, safe Mid table position. Actually, one more point than last season despite dropping 3 places. 27th season as Locomotiv Leigh and have averaged nearly 41 points a season. Their record is neither good nor bad: they have won 294 games and lost 293; scored 944 and conceded 949.

11th (were promoted 1st) = Fetteresso Utd NSA57 – A steady season but so frustrating for the fans.10 wins, 14 losses, they didn’t know which team would turn up. Certainly not the great performance of last season, but survival is the first target. They are targeting 6th place next season for a club record highest finish.

12th (were 10th) - Sinjuns NSA12 – Simon has steadied the ship and has clung onto division 1 status (by just one point), but it was a long hard season. Need a few more goals from somewhere or it might be another very hard season.

13th (were 13th) - Rockwell Rangers NSA16 – Carl has moved on, but Dave C has taken them on. They survived on goal difference, and with a bit of culling, it might be hard to survive for a third season. Will be called Albion FC.

14th (were 5th) – Eastcote FC NSA36 – Wayne takes on a good team, but the inevitable culling was too much, and they drop back to Division 2. They will be called Shed City next year. Wayne has many tools at his disposal though and the squad is already looking quite different. 63 goals conceded was by far the worst in the division, but not in their club’s history. The fans will never forget s24 when they let 81 in!

15th (were 12th) – Ruislip FC NSA54 – Always hard taking on a new culled team, so this was almost inevitable for Simon. This was the worst performance the club has seen since those record breaking 5 seasons as T64 when they were Foggy’s Fighters. Shudder.

16th (were 8th) - Victoria Park NSA5 – The dream of reaching the Premiership is now on ice. Club record for fewest goals scored and joint fewest wins. Four seasons in Div.1 is still good after over 20 seasons outside of it!

Division Two

1st (were relegated 16th) – Dynamo Saints NSA45 – And they are back – immediately. Brian surprised us all last year with the shock relegation, but they turn in a season the fans will remember for a long while. Two new top 10 scorers (Stewart and Carter) helping the team to a club record 62 goals. If they can carry this form over, they might surprise division 1.

2nd (were 6th) - FC Tayside NSA11 – Best finish for 27 seasons and back to Division 1! Club record for most goals (48). Ryan Gilbert helps with 11.

3rd (were promoted 2nd) – Ropery Rovers NSA55 – Lightning strikes twice – Steven, division 1 here you come! Just like last season but with more goals at both ends. Hard to beat (best in the division – 5 losses) and a new top 10 goal scorer (Waldstadt) meant they were able to hold off the challenges from a very tough top 5. Steven shows that he isn’t just skilled in the Polaris! 15th in division 1 is the club record, so even if you get relegated, please finish 14th lol.

4th (were promoted 3rd) – Lakeland Jags NSA38 – Giles Garrety gets in the top 10 again (3 seasons running), but double promotion was just out of Mike’s grasp – left 2 points adrift of Ropery. I would imagine that Mike will be hoping that next season gives them that top 3 place to continue the last 5 seasons of improvement.

5th (were 12th) - Riverside Athletic NSA1 – Good improvement this season. Kris Boyd is back on target after 5 quiet seasons and comes joint second top scorer for the club (15 goals). Only Dvorak has had more (20). Lots of promise in the youth team who didn’t lose a game all season and came 2nd with 83 pts.

6th (were 5th) – PSV Santos NSA60 – Much tighter at the back, but the goals dried up at the other end too. Otherwise, a similar record to last season and the team are looking like a safe mid-table team for next season.

7th (were 10th) - Bury St Peter NSA22 – A safe mid-table position for Peter McKinney’s team. 6 seasons of safe Division 2. Shocking to not see Paul Lowrie in the top 10 after being there for the last 7 seasons - instead, it’s Paul Ludkin with an impressive 13. Bury’s 20 seasons in the NSA has given them 7 promotions/relegations - this is the most stable they have been.

8th (were promoted 1st) – Glenfield Colts NSA58 – All three promoted teams did well this season finishing in the top half of the table. The Colts were the lowest of these, but John G will be happy enough with his first full season as it’s their highest finish for a number of years.

9th (were 7th) - Fetteresso Rovers NSA15 – slipped a bit further back this season, but actually a very similar record to last year. Solid midtable and with a fair wind, might challenge next season.

10th (were 4th) – Frog FC NSA46 – A shame for Craig, that the team just didn’t get going this year. The goals of last year vanished and they were too easy to beat. Never any fear of relegation – they are too good for that – but the division is hard. Might need another season of development before they will push higher.

11th (were relegated 15th) – Fettercairn Utd NSA33 – Rebranding didn’t stop them recording their lowest ever finish. Dave will change them back to PSV Caley next season, but he’s got a lot of work to do for them to go up and not down.

12th (were 8th) - Anfield NSA19 – Disappointing this season. Yes, they got more goals (the most for 19 seasons), but they let in more. Ron Francis has rediscovered his scoring boots, having first hit the top 10 list 11 seasons ago. They could have a nervous season, if they picked up injuries or drops in form.

13th (were relegated 14th) – Real Academy NSA62 – Simon does it! He saves RA from triple relegation. Huge tightening up at the back and more gaols than the last two seasons put together. McEvan is the highlight with 11 goals. Still, lots of work to do though.

14th (were 13th) - Caratonions NSA7 – Another record low for the ex-Premiership champions (Longfield) as they reach Div. 3 for the first time in their history; however, good news, Marc has re-joined them! The Longfield Rangers name is being resurrected. Just a shame he didn’t find them a few weeks earlier. I’ve set him the challenge to get the Premiership in 10 seasons. He won’t know that until he reads this though.

15th (were 11th) - Everton Utd NSA14 – After surviving last season, they could recreate it – much to the frustration of manager, Chris. They had plenty of goals from Marcus Greenwood (11), but the rest of the team struggled to help him out. Most goals conceded for 11 seasons.

16th (were 9th) – Park Vale F.C. NSA42 – Were going to be Inter Dynamo but a last-minute takeover changed them to Park Vale. Basically, the chaos off the pitch was replicated on the pitch. What is even more sad though: their awful performances aren’t the worst that NSA42 have seen. Hard to predict what they will do in division 3.

Division Three

1st (were 12th) – Pickering Town NSA32 – Wayne has picked up his old team from the depths of division 3 and turned them into a machine. Many stay stuck in this division for a number of seasons, so no one predicted this. Club records for goals (56), fewest conceded (26), points (64) and fewest lost (4). Awesome.

2nd (were relegated 15th) - The Vale NSA2 – Instant recovery from their first EVER season in the bottom tier. The new management of Andy McKinney is working well. Yves Gamin top scores with 14 goals (after 5 quiet seasons as they plummeted from Prem to Div. 3). Only Mister Bo has scored more for the club (15). New record for most club goals (53). Club record for fewest conceded (24). Most points scored (63). Most wins (20). Fewest draws (3). Joint fewest loses (7). Really, could only have been better if they hadn’t got beaten by Pickering to top spot!

3rd (were 13th) – AFC Liverpool NSA64 – Last season I said: “the squad is looking strong, and Steve is looking for promotion! That will be impressive just six seasons after being Team64. Personally, I think a top 6 finish would be an impressive start.” Steve was right to be confident! This club is on the up after 15 seasons in the bottom tier, including twice being T64. Club record of fewest losses (4) and fewest conceded (17), Actually, with Inter Academy, 17 was the lowest in the whole NSA this season.

4th (were 8th) – Inter Academy NSA49 – Dorrie brings some refinement to the club and hopefully some long-term stability. Last season was tight at the back, but even tighter this season (17, the best in the NSA). There will be more to come from the strikers, I’m sure, but 4th place will probably make them favourites for promotion. Cabrelli gets 11 but needs his colleagues to chip in more.

5th (were 10th) – Stonehaven NSA61 – Everything was better than last year: more/less goals at the appropriate ends of the pitch, more wins, two top 10 goal scorers and now a fine 5th place finish. Dave C is being coy about any promotion chances, but this must be his best chance?

6th (were 6th) – Forest Row NSA27 – Some thought this team would push for promotion; the signs were there: more goals, fewer conceded – but too many games fizzled out into draws leaving them to maintain their (excellent) 6th place. I think they could be in the top 3 next season.

7th (were 9th) – Cove Utd NSA41 – Never likely to challenge at the top but pleasing progress. Stuck in the ‘safe Mid table’ zone for 7 seasons now. Knight and Bell score plenty again and I think this is the best chance of promotion – score a hat full and pray the defenders keep enough out at the other end. This team has a history of goals at either end!

8th (were 5th) – Castlebay NSA34 – John Ghent had a mixed bag of a season. Perhaps unfairly tipped to do better, by unrealistic reporters (me!), but actually with lots of positives. Fewest goals conceded (22) for nearly 30 seasons and extremely hard to beat, losing only 6 games. If just 1 of those 13 draws had gone his way, John would be looking at 4th place. The fans have high expectations for the next couple of seasons.

9th (were 4th) – Mearns Utd NSA50 – After the heartbreak of missing promotion on GD, twice, the players collapsed. The worst finish for 18 seasons and not what Dave or the supporters were expecting. That said, the division was so tight that just 3 points separated them from matching their 4th place finishes of the previous seasons. It is a hard division to escape from.

10th (were relegated 16th) - Vale Veterans NSA21 – Chris McKinney has steadied the ship. Most points since they were in the Premiership 5 seasons ago (!) partly due to the fact that were hard to beat… something that hasn’t been easy to say recently.

11th (were 14th) – Brora Rangers NSA26 – 10 seasons since they did better than this, so maybe it’s time this team is going up? More goals than for a long while and a positive GD too. Quite hard to beat but loads of draws (the most in the division with Castlebay – 13)

12th (were relegated 14th) – Park Juniors NSA52 – Not a great season for Dave’s Park Juniors. The only glimmer of light was Peter Wright with 9 goals.

13th (were 7th) – Furneaux Spurs NSA47 – A new name didn’t work. Club lowest finish for this ex-premiership team, club record for fewest goals scored (16). Awful. Will be known as FC Scotia next season.

14th (were 11th) – Johnshaven NSA4 – Temporarily called El Locko FC but quickly became Johnshaven Athletic (harking back to s10 and 11) but it wasn’t enough to stop them posting a joint lowest position for the club. Hopefully a new kit and the Red Rovers FC branding will lead to a loftier finish? Lowest scoring for 24 seasons with 26 goals - bizarrely Bernie Camara scored 12 of them to continue the club’s habit of producing great goal scorers (e.g. Hardy, Halahan, Curtiso over the years)

15th (were 16th Team 64) – Angus United NSA48 – One place improvement, but it’ll be harder to go much higher than this. Still managed to lose 20 games, the same as last year. Almost certainly will be bottom 3 again.

16th (were 15th) – Blackburn Olympic NSA37 – Back to being the control team and normal service has resumed. 100 goals conceded and only 9 scored – neither of those were club records! 0 wins, again, like they did 4 seasons ago. Not sure if any team has done that twice… will be bottom again – surely?

Allestree Allstars nsa35
Dark Alliance nsa10
Duffield Dynamos opal39
Yorkshire Patriots rh7
Melwood moa4

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