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 Post subject: End of season 42 notes
PostPosted: Sat Oct 17, 2020 3:30 pm 

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Shock horror!

I've actually typed up notes as I've inputted all the stats for last season. Notes were easier than trying to write somethings larger, but some are quite newsy and interesting.

It'll take me a while to alter the Hall of Fame, but at least there is something for you to read this season (I've still got last season's which never got re-ordered and published!)

If there are any inaccuracies, let me know. I might republish all my previous season reports as the thread was deleted (assuming because it hadn't been updated for a year).



1st – Partizan NSA39 – 2nd highest points total in the Premiership. Club records for most wins (22) and most points (71). NSA top scorer Valient (17). Cup win gives them the double – only the third team to manage this (Isleworth and Forest Row). They also become the fourth team to retain the title (Athlone, Isleworth and FC Tayside were Jacko’s XI). The doubters who thought last season was a flash in the pan, have been vanquished. Well done Simeon.

2nd – Belton Raiders NSA25 – Another runners-up trophy for Chris. That’s 27 seasons in the row in the top flight and 13 of those have been in the top 3. No top goal scorer though, so spread the goals around the team.

3rd – Athlone FC NSA59 – After a 3 season gap from a top three finish, Athlone are back. Eric Lavine keeps the goals coming, but it will need some of their old magic to stop Partizan who ended up 19 points clear of them. 300 wins in the NSA since they joined in s24 (52% win rate).

4th – Kirkdale Rovers NSA53 – 13 consecutive top 6 finishes is the third best in NSA history behind Athlone (15) and Isleworth (14). Not so many goals this season and no top 10 scorer, but their defence was tight.

5th – Korova Milk NSA24 – Huge improvement this season and the second highest finish in the club’s history (Academy FC once got to 3rd); however, most goals conceded for 8 seasons.

6th - Torpedo Belper NSA17 – third top 6 finish in a row. Club record for goals scored (61). Two top ten goal scorers. Looks solid for another few seasons in the topflight.

7th – Cork City FC NSA43 – seven seasons as a top half team helps us see that Simeon’s stable churns out good horses with pedigree. Same again next season, most likely.

8th - Poole Town Panthers NSA23 – 8th is their best finish for 15 seasons. 6th place is the best the team have done, although NSA23 did once get to 4th.

9th - Dark Alliance NSA10 – Zabla and Nibberson pile in the goals again, but the team slump to their worst finish for 5 seasons – normally in the top 6. New club record for most entertaining games with 110 goals.

10th – Zakreze Rangers NSA28 – 3 solid Mid table finishes in the Premiership now, with very similar records each time. I predict they will win exactly 9 games next season and score 30 goals. ;-) If
they get into the top half of the table, it will be a new club record.

11th - St Agnes Aces NSA13 – Survival in the Prem! These perennial Premiership runners-up’s (Glenfield Utd), slumped to T64 10 seasons ago, but they are back thanks to Dave Legg. Promotions after 4, 2 then 3 seasons is a good achievement with some very competitive NSA teams.

12th – Allestree Allstars NSA35 – Survival is always the first priority, but the team have stagnated just above the drop zone. Very low scoring (20) and another large negative GD mean that they could be favourites for relegation. They team is as strong as it has ever been though – they just need to score goals. 600 games / 20 seasons as Allestree – how time flies!

13th - Madchester Utd NSA20 – slips one place and survived relegation by one point. Most goals conceded for ten seasons – and that’s probably where they need to start if they are to continue in the topflight. Massive quality in the team though and now one of the most expensive in the NSA. Yet another youth team win too, so maybe there is more to come from Chris’s team.

14th - Shawood FC NSA6 – For the 3rd time in recent history, Shawood last 4 (or 5) seasons in the Prem before dropping down. Normally takes them 3 seasons to come up again.

15th – The Rising Sun NSA51 – Third season of yoyo. Joint club worst for wins (4). Always seem to score and do well in the first division though. Ruben Sammut failed to build on his spectacular season on promotion and will be looking to turn things around. The manager has threatened a pay cut to focus his mind!

16th - FC Donny Toros NSA9– what goes up, must go down. Chris loses two teams from the Prem, but gains one going the other way. FCDT set a club record for fewest wins (3), joint most losses (15), lowest total points (21) and most goals conceded (49) – which is actually quite respectable. Even managed to get a top 10 goal scorer with Blonski dazzling the defence with his flowing locks.

Division One

1st – FC Roquetas NSA29 – The patterns continue: just too good for division one spending only 2 seasons down. Last time they survived in the Prem for 7 seasons but never got in the top half of the table. Most club wins (21); most points (68); most goals (60).

2nd - Olympic NSA3– 15 goals from Woodward most in the division. Need to take goal scoring into the Prem (highest in Prem is 46 with an average of 30; division 1 highest is 68 with average of 56)

3rd – Greylees FC NSA56 – One place better than last season and the all-important place. Back to the Premiership after two seasons. They’ve got a new top ten scorer in Zenko, who might be one to watch.

4th - Isleworth NSA8 – First taste of Division 1 football left a nasty taste in Joe’s mouth; missed promotion by 2 points having been close all season. No top 10 goal scorer like there normally is which was a significant factor; however, the tightest defence in their history (15 goals).

5th – Eastcote FC NSA36 – UNMANAGED, as Richard left the game mid-season. It’s a shame, because it was the highest finish for 22 seasons. He’s left a very strong team that will be culled. Whoever sold him Crisp and Calcutta must be disappointed as they both weigh in with 11 goals.

6th – Northern Utd NSA31 – another one place improvement (5 successive seasons of this), although a very similar record as last season. Seem to be an outside bet for promotion.

7th - Locomotiv Leigh NSA18 – drops one place from last year. Most goals scored for 6 seasons, but not enough to improve the win percentage. Been in division 1 for four seasons since they dabbled with the Premiership. Safe Mid table next season most likely.

8th - Victoria Park NSA5 – Joint highest finish since this team was named VP back in Season 14. Their target is promotion to the Prem – never achieved before. Briefly unmanaged but still with DC.

9th – Zebrahead NSA40 – Same finish as last season, but lots more goals and more wins. Most goals scored for 19 seasons! They have found two good goal scorers too in Colugo and Mata who could propel them higher and surprise a few managers.

10th - Sinjuns NSA12 – UNMANAGED but they survive in Division 1 mainly due to decent squad. Most goals scored for over 30 seasons. Simon has taken them on for the new season.

11th – Moles Rangers NSA30 – Identical record to last season, although GD was a few better. After two successive championship titles, Moles have now got stuck in Division 1 for two seasons. Mike will be looking for a top half finish next season.

12th – Ruislip FC NSA54 – best finish for 12 seasons but lost their manager. Now being led by Simon. He has a top scorer in Ashcroft and a decent squad. Ruislip have a win percentage of over 40%.

13th - Rockwell Rangers NSA16 – survival after promotion, but well clear of relegation (12pts). Carl wants more from them this season.

14th – Real Academy NSA62 – Two consecutive relegations, but now have a new manager in the returning Simon. He’s got a job on here though – with a goal difference across the last two seasons of -105! Still it wasn’t their worst seasons ever…

15th – PSV Caley NSA33 – Awful season. The fans who remember the glory days of Toothill Tigers turn away in embarrassment. Fewest club wins (1); most losses (18); fewest scored (18); most conceded (56); fewest points (14). Their fourth rebranding in as many seasons to Fettercairn Utd is unlikely to stop them recording their lowest ever finish – they need to win Division 2!

16th – Dynamo Saints NSA45 – Worst season for a very long time. After three seasons in Division 1 they head back to the 2nd. Club fewest points (11) smashing their previous worst of 26 when they were relegated from the Prem. Fewest goals scored (15), most conceded (71), most games lost (23), fewest won (2). A real shock.

Division Two

1st = Fetteresso Utd NSA57 – Immediate promotion and the 4th yoyo year. This time they mean business. The long term most valuable team in the NSA (Vale Fledglings for those of you who remember) set new club records for points (69), fewest conceded (14), fewest losses (3), joint most scored (54) and joint highest wins (21). This ex-Team64 have still never been in the Premiership. Are they ready?

2nd – Otters NSA63 – Yes! After 14 seasons stuck in division 2, they are promoted! Club record for most wins (19), most goals (55) and most points (64). Last time they got promoted to division one, they got a club highest finish of 4th. That’s your target, Chris.

3rd – Staffordshire Rovers NSA44 – Now under new management, as Steve kindly stepped to one side. Staffs have now been promoted/relegated 13 times in the last 15 seasons. Which way will they head this season from Division 1? Most points scored for over 20 seasons.

4th – Frog FC NSA46 – Although 4th seems close to promotion, there was a 10 point gap. A hard team to beat but couldn’t turn enough draws into wins. It was 25 seasons ago since they lost fewer games. Great season. One of only two teams to have never changed their team name since records began. Lloydy tells me it was named by one of his mates who was French. lol

5th – PSV Santos NSA60 – Steady improvement over 3 seasons with the most goals scored for 28 seasons (and the highest in the division). If they tighten up at the back, then promotion could be on the cards.

6th - FC Tayside NSA11 – Best finish for 26 seasons for this 5-times-T64 team (and ex-Prem champs)

7th - Fetteresso Rovers NSA15 – slipped a bit this season for one of the oldest clubs in the NSA (since season 9). 5 seasons in division 2.

8th - Anfield NSA19 – An improvement on the last two seasons, particularly with tightening up the defence. 4 seasons in the 2nd division and the first one with a positive GD. A few more goals scored and they could push into the top 6.

9th – Kingseat Utd NSA42 – a safe Mid table finish and the games were very entertaining (110 goals at either end). Will be known as Inter Dynamo next season.

10th - Bury St Peter NSA22 – worst finish in their 5 seasons in Div. 2, but Paul Lowrie hits the top 10 goal scorers for the 7th season running! Now run by Peter McKinney.

11th - Everton Utd NSA14 – highest finish for 25 seasons and having twice been T64 in the last 10 seasons, survival in the 2nd was the first priority. Walden Rooney seems to be a useful source of goals. Fewest draws for the club (2).

12th - Riverside Athletic NSA1 – Stopped the yoyo habit of the last five seasons with a safe midtable effort. Let in a huge number of goals though (worst for 22 seasons).

13th - Caratonions NSA7 – new record low for the ex-Premiership champions (Longfield). UNMANAGED for most of season.

14th – Park Juniors NSA52 – after seven seasons in division 2, Park Juniors return to the 3rd.The goals and wins dried up and the minnows start their quest to the Premiership all over again.

15th - The Vale NSA2 – most goals conceded 69. First time in Division 3.

16th - Vale Veterans NSA21 – Back into Div. 3 after 12 seasons which saw this ex-T64 team fly to 6 top half of the table seasons in the Prem only to crash back down. Worst season since they were last T64, 15 seasons ago. Now run by Chris McKinney.

Division Three

1st – Glenfield Colts NSA58 – New manager, John Ghent helps the Colts bounce back in style at the first attempt. Is this the start the return to the Premiership?

2nd – Ropery Rovers NSA55 – Steven has done it! 7 seasons and a few close calls and they escape. Bizarrely, they scored fewer goals than in ANY of those other 6 seasons! The difference was a tight
defence. Joint club record for most points (56).

3rd – Lakeland Jags NSA38 – Giles Garrety top scores for the division with 15 goals again, as the Jags get promotion. The dream is a return to the Premiership where Mike left them ten seasons ago. Club record for most goals scored (52).

4th – Mearns Utd NSA50 – Misses out on promotion on GD thanks to a cruel last day of the season – just as last season! Goals were harder to come back this season, but a very tight defence and are many people’s favourites to make it third time lucky.

5th – Castlebay NSA34 – Unmanaged for a while, but steered home to a very good season finish by John Ghent. With lots of change in division 3, they could be strong challengers for promotion.

6th – Forest Row NSA27 – A top 6 finish which is the best in their last 7 seasons of being in the bottom division. More goals and most games won since they were last promoted. This historic team could be one to watch for promotion.

7th – Tottenham Vale NSA47 – A 570 game era comes to an end, but the later years haven’t been happy. Having joined in the big merge and battled their way through the treacle of Division 1 into the Premiership, they tumbled down in consecutive seasons and log their lowest every finish for NSA47. They will be named Furneaux Spurs for next season.

8th – Inter Academy NSA49 – drops two places from last season but a top half finish. 6th season in the bottom tier. Great defence this season (best for 12 seasons) but a woeful number of goals for this number high scoring team. Under new management now with Dorrie at the helm.

9th – Cove Utd NSA41 – Cove drop a couple more places and their goals scored is reducing rapidly, now relying on M’Basi and Knight for over half those scored. Don’t look likely to challenge next season.

10th – Stonehaven NSA61 – Same finish as last year, but lots more goals. They didn’t translate to more wins though, with far too many draws (11).

11th - Baseball FC NSA4 – No draws (a team record). Most entertaining season in their history (110 goals at either end). Second highest goals scored for 28 seasons! Managed for the new season and called El Locko FC.

12th – Pickering Town NSA32 – Another team with a very similar performance to last season. They seem to be stuck in the bottom 6 with little sign of moving up. UNMANAGED

13th – AFC Liverpool NSA64 – Everything was just a little bit worse than last season: down one place, fewer goals, wins, points… but the squad is looking strong and Steve is looking for promotion! That will be impressive just six seasons after being Team64. Personally, I think a top 6 finish would be an impressive start.

14th – Brora Rangers NSA26 – very similar performance to last season; third season stuck in the bottom 3. Their defence was a bit tighter though but there’s a long way to go before heading upwards.

15th – Blackburn Olympic NSA37 – Mike surprised us all and took this team on for the season. All the ‘worst’ records were stopped, and they got their highest finish in 5 seasons (second from bottom!) Their 4 wins were more than the last 3 seasons put together and their 25 goals was 24 more than the season before. As the ‘control’ team though I can’t see much improvement on that.

16th – Angus United NSA48 – Team 64 for the first time in their history, but not their worst season in history. It is the 5th time they’ve come bottom of a division having now managed it in every division. This is possibly a record, but it needs investigation!

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PostPosted: Sat Oct 17, 2020 3:47 pm 

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Thanks for all the hard work John, hopefully we’ll wake up soon & start the season!! :lol:

Razor HAS the edge!!

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Wow, amazing report thanks John. Poole aiming for fourth next season!


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PostPosted: Sat Oct 17, 2020 7:01 pm 

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Thanks John - I couldn’t have summarised La Frog any better if I’d written it myself! Great to better understand the origins of the name - Vivre longtemps la grenouille! :lol:


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Hadn't realized we scored more than last time :shock:
Overall though same as at school, could do better :roll:

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woody wrote:
Hadn't realized we scored more than last time :shock:
Overall though same as at school, could do better :roll:

My new mission every season is to tell you something you didn't realise about your own team. :lol:

Glad you all enjoyed reading it. Some challenges have been set!

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PostPosted: Sun Oct 18, 2020 9:04 am 

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Excellent John. Thanks for all the hard work. Maybe rename Fetteresso Utd yoyo Utd next season the way they have started this one.


PostPosted: Sun Oct 18, 2020 10:49 am 

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Brilliant work John - some good insight into the NSA and how teams are performing.

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Great read John !! nice to know the ins and outs of the teams ! keep up the good work pal 8)

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PostPosted: Mon Oct 19, 2020 12:51 pm 

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Superb bit of work...

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Excellent as always John. Nice to read I gained promotion, thought it was just a dream :lol:

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PostPosted: Mon Oct 19, 2020 9:57 pm 

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Thanks mate
Just shows you im good just not that good... :D
Div 1 manager at best 8)

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