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 Post subject: Youth team control
PostPosted: Fri May 26, 2017 9:18 am 
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This one has just cropped up and I think a few people are coming to the same conclusion at the same time, myself included, but it's open for discussion for a while to see if anyone has any different opinions before I change it.

Firstly, let me point out that I like the idea of being able to control your own youth team and it was one of the most requested options for a re-write. However....

A lot of people are still stuck in the SS1 mindset (understandably) and are expecting their youth team selections to be done 'sensibly' by the computer if they don't do the selections themselves. In SS1, because you have no control over your youth selections whatsoever, the computer simply wipes last week's squad and picks a new squad from scratch. This allows it to pick a sensible squad in a sensible formation and because you have no say over it, you're not likely to complain about the results (it does 'mix it up' a bit in SS1 to give all players a chance to play but that's because you have no chance to play them yourself).

In SS2, the selections are open to the manager, which means that, if you don't make the selections yourself, or your squad is incomplete, the computer can't just wipe your selections and start from scratch. Imagine that you're taking the youth team seriously and trying to pick a certain squad, but for whatever reason you miss a week and the computer just wipes all of your selections and plonks it's own in instead. So what it does in this situation is, it tries to complete the line-up on top of what's already there. If there are 10 players currently in a 3-4-2 formation it'll probably try to put a defender in to complete a 4-4-2. This is fine if you don't care but it can lead to a couple of problems.

a) If the reason the squad is down to 10 men is because your best player was injured, it'll replace him (fine) but when he's uninjured, it has no instructions to put him back in the squad. Remember, unlike SS1, it's not picking your squad for you any more. So the only way he'll claw his way back in to the squad is when another player becomes injured / gets too old etc and a space is available.

b) If it can't find a defender, it'll put the 'best' defender it can find into defence. That might well be a player who's usually in attack, but for now, it has no choice. As with 'a' above, once it's made this decision, it has no instructions to 'tidy up' the squad next week.

Over time, this will lead to a messy line-up if you've paid no attention (as a lot of us have done after 70 weeks of the test). Players will be out of position, useless players will be in the squad, good players on the sidelines etc. Again, it has no reason to remove a £1,000 player because it's not doing your selections. The only reason the £1k player will be dropped is when he becomes injured etc himself.

So the solution I think is to have a check-box to allow the AI to take control of your youth team, if that's what you want. This will mean that the AI will now clear your entire youth squad for each match, then reselect the whole starting 11/7 with a more sensible choice similar to how it does in SS1. That's also what the unmanaged teams do right now with all squads, otherwise they'd end up in the same boat with their first team as well as their youth.

Again, it's a check-box so if you want to control your youth team, you can still do that.

Any thoughts, add them to this thread please.

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