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Author:  Guest [ Tue Mar 22, 2005 10:51 pm ]
Post subject:  FAQ

What is Extra Time?
Extra Time is a small program that allows you to run and view extra Soccer Star matches or tournaments, in addition to the league and cup games, or the friendly games, that are already a part of the game system.

Where can I get it?
The program can be downloaded from

How much does it cost?

What kind of games can be played with the system?
The options are almost unlimited. Matches can be friendlies, or competitive - full team or youth team (or a mixture of the two) - leagues or cups - single-league or inter-league. You could even run an under-21's league, an international league, or a league open only to teams from a certain area of the country.

Who arranges the tournaments?
Most tournaments will be arranged and moderated by a Soccer Star manager. Occasionally, there will be official SLFA moderated tournaments held.

How do I enter a tournament?
Most tournaments will be advertised on the forums. If your team is suitable for the tournament rules and you wish to take part, you just tell the moderator that you're interested.

I wish to moderate a tournament. What do I do?
Firstly, be aware that moderating a tournament involves a fair amount of work, and can be quite difficult, especially if the tournament involves alot of teams. It is strongly recommended that you start off with a very small tournament of 4 teams just to get the hang of it.

If you're happy to moderate a tournament, simply announce it on the forums (in the Extra Time forum if it's open to everybody, or in the specific league forum if it's only available to a certain league), and announce the rules, then wait for the entrants. Your tournament will need a 2 letter code, which must be the initials of the moderator. Tell the managers that they must include that code in brackets after their own name in the program. E.G If your tournament code is GC then they would type their name as 'Fred Bloggs (GC)'

Once you have enough teams interested, show the fixtures INCLUDING THE ID CODES OF EACH TEAM , and tell the managers to send their selections DIRECTLY TO YOU (not to Soccer Star).

You must check each and every selection to ensure that they've entered the correct details. To do this, double-click their selection file and check the top two lines of text. These will show the ID codes of the two teams involved in the match. Make sure that they've entered the correct ID code for their opponent (the second line) and that they've typed both ID codes correctly (no spaces or extra characters should be in the ID code). Please check that all players are listed by their ID codes and not by their names.

Once you have ALL of the entries in for that particular round, send them all directly to Soccer Star at (with a note explaining what they're for) and wait for the matches to be processed. This will usually take a few hours (possibly a day or two).

When the results are in, they will be all be sent directly back to you. You must check them all to ensure that they all worked correctly and that none of the managers broke any rules. For example, if you ran a tournament for under 18 players only, you'll need to look at each one to make sure those rules were followed (at the beginning of the tournament, you should make clear the penalties for breaking rules).

If a match went wrong for some reason, correct the errors and return a corrected set of entries to Soccer Star (explaining the situation).

Send all results to the managers and announce the results on the relevant forum, and then continue until the tournament is completed.

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