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Right then, we have 15 entries into The Moa Open Cup.

Entry fee is £500,000. Please make sure you get the payment down in "misc" orders Weeks 5/6

This gives a total prize pot of £7.5 mil.

Winner gets £4.5M and a bril youth at the start of next season.
Runner up gets £2M
Each losing semi finalist gets 500k

Miss a game its a black mark against you ! miss the same fixture again and I'm affaid I will have to award the match a 3-0 loss , I hope I won't be doing this as I expect you all to make sure fixtures are kept to ! hell copy and paste the weeks and save them if you think you might miss being on the forum ! But all the fixtures will be posted in that weeks moa chat.

There are 4 groups 1 of 3 teams 3 of 4 teams.

Group Format , Quarter , Semi's and Final

Simple Group format 3 pts for a win 1 for a draw all teams will play all other teams within their group home and away to determine final positions.

All positions will be decided by the following factors in the order stated here : Points, Goals Scored , Goal Difference

The top 2 teams in each group qualify for the next round.

Weeks 12 and 13 are catch up if needed

Next round of 8 Will be two legs over weeks 14 and 15 , fixtures will be drawn at random to select home or away.

Game 1 Winner Group A v Runner Up of Group C
Game 2 Runner Up Group A v Winner of Group C

Game 3 Winner Group B v Runner Up Group D
Game 4 Runner Up Group B v Winner Group D

Semi Finals Will be over 2 legs over weeks 16 and 17 , fixtures will be drawn at random to select home or away.

Game 1 v Game 3
Game 2 v Game 4

Final Over two legs over weeks 18 and 19 , Fixture will be drawn at random to select home or away.


Weeks are subject to change if extra weeks are needed to complete fixtures.


Madchester City
West Brinsley Albion
Forest Cfc
AFC Scarborough
Berwick Hills
Trafford Rhino's
Tyldesley Panthers
Romford Dogs
Lochar Thistle
South Gyle Athletic
Beeston Town
Crewe PR
Vaga Valiants
Saints of Southampton

Group A


Berwick Hills------4---2---1---1---7---6---+1---7
Madchester City--4---1---2---1---5---5----0---5
Lochar Thistle-----5---1---1---3---5---8----3---4

6 Lochar Thistle v Berwick Hills 1-2
Galston (X) v Madchester City x-x

7 Madchester City v Lochar Thistle 2-1
Galston (X) v Berwick Hills x-x

8 Lochar Thistle v Galston 1-3
Madchester City v Berwick Hills 2-2

9 Berwick Hills v Lochar Thistle 0-1
Madchester City v Galston 0-1

10 Lochar Thistle v Madchester City 1-1
Berwick Hills v Galston 3-2

11 Galston v Lochar Thistle
Berwick Hills v Madchester City

Catch Up

12 Galston (X) v Madchester City

13 Galston (X) v Berwick Hills

Group B


West Brinsley Albion---4---3---1---0---8---3---+5---10
Saints of Southampton--4---2---0---2---4---4----0---6
South Gyle Athletic-----3---1---1---1---3---3----0---4
Trafford Rhino's---------5---0---2---3---1---6----5---2

6 West Brinsley Albion v Saints of Southampton 3-2
Trafford Rhino's v South Gyle Athletic 1-1

7 Saints of Southampton v South Gyle Athletic 0-1
West Brinsley Albion v Trafford Rhino's 0-0

8 Trafford Rhino's v Saints of Southampton 0-1
South Gyle Athletic (X) v West Brinsley Albion x-x

9 Saints of Southamptonl v Trafford Rhino's 1-0
West Brinsley Albion v South Gyle Athletic 2-1

10 South Gyle Athletic (X) v Saints of Southampton x-x
Trafford Rhino's v West Brinsley Albion 0-3

11 Saints of Southampton v West Brinsley Albion
South Gyle Athletic v Trafford Rhino's

Catch Up

12 South Gyle Athletic (X) v West Brinsley Albion

13 South Gyle Athletic (X) v Saints of Southampton

Group C


Forest Cfc-------------2---1---0---1---3---3----0---3
Tyldesley Panthers----2---1---0---1---3---3----0---3
Beeston Town----------

6 Tyldesley Panthers v (X) Beeston Town x-x

7 Forest Cfc v Tyldesley Panthers 3-2

8 Beeston Town (X) v Forest Cfc x-x

9 Beeston Town (X) v Tyldesley Panthers x-x

10 Tyldesley Panthers v Forest Cfc 1-0

11 Forest Cfc v Beeston Town

Catch Up

12 Tyldesley Panthers v (X) Beeston Town

13 Beeston Town (X) v Forest Cfc

14 Beeston Town (X) v Tyldesley Panthers

Group D


Crewe PR------------5---4---1---0---11---5---+6---13
Romford Dogs-------4---1---1---2---4---4----0---4
AFC Scarborough----5---1---1---3---4---7----3---4
Vaga Valiants--------4---1---1---2---3---6----3---4

6 AFC Scarborough v Vaga Valiants 1-2
Romford Dogs v Crewe PR 2-3

7 Vaga Valiants v Crewe PR 1-3
AFC Scarborough v Romford Dogs 1-0

8 Romford Dogs (X) v Vaga Valiants x-x
Crewe PR v AFC Scarborough 1-1

9 Vaga Valiants v Romford Dogs 0-0
AFC Scarborough v Crewe PR 1-2

10 Crewe PR v Vaga Valiants 2-0
Romford Dogs v AFC Scarborough 2-0

11 Vaga Valiants v AFC Scarborough
Crewe PR v Romford Dogs

Catch Up

12 Romford Dogs (X) v Vaga Valiants

Avlon Villa Wpl48
Everton Utd Nsa14
Madchester Utd Nsa20
Madchester City Moa6
West Brinsley Albion Moa17
Forest Cfc Moa19

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